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The Male Protagonist and the Villain Are Both My Cubs

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I heard that Ling Zixi is beautiful and charming, with a blue face and troubled waters, and she can’t match the most beautiful women. She is an uncompromising vixen.
I heard that Ling Zixi is mean, jealous, and treats his younger siblings harshly, which is a disgrace to the Ling clan.
I heard that Ling Zixi robbed his younger brother’s things since he was a child, robbed medicine pills when he was young, and robbed men when he was old.
I heard that Ling Zixi forced her to die and asked her cousin to give him her fiancé, to marry his younger brother, and to marry the once-in-a-million-year young genius Bai Moheng.
I heard that Bai Moheng refused to touch Ling Zixi, so Ling Zixi gave Bai Moheng medicine.
I heard that Bai Moheng hated Ling Zixi so much that Ling Zixi gave birth to three sons for him, and he could not get any pity from him.
Everyone thinks that Ling Zixi deserves what he deserves, and he deserves it to live in the Bai family alone with three children of extremely poor aptitude!
Ling Zixi, one of the five best young men in the world who entered the book and became the male supporting role of the cannon fodder with the same name, looked dumbfounded at the three babies in front of her.
These three babies are all male protagonists in the series, and there is one more in his stomach, who is the villain in the future!
How to do? Raise a baby! Dad only comes back once a year, no matter what, isn’t this widowed parenting?
So Ling Zixi wrote the He Li book and waited for Bai Moheng to come back.
Bai Moheng: Madam, I was wrong, please give me a chance to make up for your father and son!
Ling Zixi clutched her lower abdomen and held the three babies: Haha.
Bai Moheng: Madam! ! ……
Being a father and a mother pulling three babies, someone has the property of a wife.
Shou has the bloodline of the nine-tailed demon fox, and his face is pure but in fact very charming and seductive and unconscious.
Gong is the first young genius in Immortal Realm, and he immediately chases his wife’s crematorium at the beginning.
There are separate attacks, but this article is 1V1.
The three children are the madman who protects the father: father is always right.
If Daddy is wrong, please refer to the first article.
What is the father, can you eat it?

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Alternate Title:男主和反派都是我的崽[穿书]
Author:Yan Liu Ruoyun
Weekly Rank:#14
Monthly Rank:#119
All Time Rank:#5085
Tags:Childcare, Cultivation, Cute Children, Demi-Humans, Demons, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Mpreg, System, Transmigration,
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  1. so the novel is about our mc who got transmigrated to a cannon fodder who died after giving birth to his fourth child, the husband doesn't like him and is only at home once a year (lol), his husband is a genius that is found only once in a thousand of years (i think? it's a bit confusing cause sometimes i read once in a millenia). 3 of his kids are protagonists because the world he was in was written in a book and the youngest was the villain and it was unexplained still abt why he became a villain because i'm only at chapter 90. tbh, i kinda hate the ml at first but then he said something that made me think about his character and yeah, on the later parts you'd like him (well, for me i do kinda). oh yea, and the original owner of the body of the mc was framed by a white lotus b-tch so throughout the beginning he was deemed as a vixen (which was funny because the mc is a half demon, a nine-tailed fox.) for seducing the ml even though he just loves the ml and was actually kind, he was only misunderstood because of that b-tch. All in all, i like the story- it is good to read but it just confused me a bit (the translations i mean.)

  2. Damn im stressed to what to novel to read😵‍💫 i found a site with so many interesting summary novel but i cant read it and insisting to find other novel😭and my tabs have many unread novel🥺 ahh im getting bored even though i have a lot of games😭 i dont know what to do anymore👾 i just scroll through yt short everytime☹️ (What are you guys doing if youre in this kind of situation??)

  3. Ah I've the same situation, I'm so bored and I dont like any of the new updated novels so im just rereading what I've already read or re-watchimg anime 🤐😬🤭

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