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The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

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The Explorer, Wei Chi Li accidentally fell off the cliff and when she woke up, she was on top of a peerless Beauty in messy clothes and was covered in bruises.

She has Transmigrated? Becoming a vicious female supporting character in a cruel novel.

Female Supporting lead married the male lead, but was used by the male lead to abuse the female lead: Liu Luo Yi. In the end, the kingdom was destroyed and was stabbed to death by the fallen female lead.

In order to survive, Wei Chi Li decided to prevent the female lead from falling in love with the male lead.

Hence, the male lead forcefully kisses the female lead. Wei Chi Li rushed forward; Male Lead tortured the Female Lead, Wei Chi Li hit his head; the Male and Female lead chamber room, Wei Chi Li trick the others and slipped into the female lead’s bed.

In the end, the female lead did not fell in love with the male lead but fell in love with the vicious female supporting lead.

One Day, Wei Chi Li finally divorced the Male Lead and was exhilarated to prepare to run away but was stopped by Liu Luo Yi.

Liu Luo Yi who had always been cold and indifferent, undressed and her face flushed. “I will give myself to you, don’t leave.”
There was a rumour in the Capital City, countless nobles came to propose to the princess who had married a Fifth-tier official. But was beaten up by a beauty. “Where did this shrew come from, so aggressive!”

Wei Chi Li handed a stick to the beauty then leaned on the door and smile: “Sorry, she is spoiled by me.”
After Liu Luo Yi met that man, her family died tragically and was bullied so she took it as it was her fate.
Unexpectedly, one day, the woman who had tortured herself, changed. The facts had proven that the one who rode a white horse to rescue you may not necessarily be a prince but could be a vicious female supporting lead.

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Short Title:MLBOF
Alternate Title:男主后院着火了
Weekly Rank:#3001
Monthly Rank:#3018
All Time Rank:#4080
Tags:Abusive Characters, Ancient China, Female Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  1. Quede muy satisfecha, solo dulce, amargo, pero dulce, no tuvieron miedo de amarse y el matrimonio fue genial y sin problemas en la familia de ambas para época antigua, ahora solo quiero saber que pasó con la relaciona de la hermana de la MC, solo de pensarlo, me emociona.

  2. Started with a bang! Love it. The MC is BAMF and FL is just.. I want to hide her in my pockets and love her. Great work. Kudos

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