Just when Shurima confirmed the Ascension Ceremony, the war with the Protoss was also announced to be suspended for a short time.

The Protoss was so frightened by Noxus that he would not even be able to open the Gate of Heaven for a short time, let alone fight Shurima.

And only the remaining Atris found Noxus again through the bracelet.

Once again, he came to the Trifary Assembly Hall in the Land of Nothingness, and Atreus' expression darkened.

This time there were not only Orianna and Ryan that he was familiar with, but also many figures he didn't know.

Some seats were obscured by gray fog, and apparently there were also some MPs who did not want to be identified.

"Atris, it's an honor to meet you all!"

Atreus looked around without timidity, he was sure that everyone here had the strength to defeat him.

But here, he no longer represents himself, but also the entire Rakkor tribe.

"Mr. Atreus, I'm glad you contacted the Empire again. What do you think of the Empire's proposal?"

Orianna looked at Atris with a smile, and asked out loud.

When she communicated with Atres, the others also withdrew their gazes, and the pheromone passed between the others, and Atres couldn't hear anything.

Obviously, these people were here to discuss matters, and the arrival of Atreus was just a coincidence.

Atreus retracted his gaze and looked at Orianna solemnly:

"I don't have the right to refuse the land and power you promised. But I want to know, where will the Rakkor tribe eventually migrate to?"

After the Protoss receded, Atreus obviously did not have the idea of ​​living and dying with them.

On the contrary, taking advantage of the present opportunity to transfer the clan in time, this is the most important thing in his opinion.

Because of the previous war, he has a very high reputation in the Lakor tribe.

This prestige is enough to lead the current Rakkor tribe and make them choose to give up the Giant God Mountain.

"There are many locations, you can choose."

Orianna smiled and stretched out her hand to nudge, and the map of Runeterra slowly opened in front of Atreus.

The continent of Valoran in the center, the continent of Shurima in the south, the continent of Ionia in the east, and countless islands around the continent together make up the beauty of Runeterra.

Watching Atreus staring at the map in a daze, Orianna tapped her finger:

"If you are willing to accept the protection of the empire, there is a newly developed land around the immortal fortress, which is very short of population."

As Orianna spoke, a dot lit up in the center of Valoran.

This is the location of the new city surrounding the Immortal Citadel, and the Empire welcomes anyone to become a Noxian.

Atreus shook his head, rejecting the idea without thinking.

Although the Rakkor tribe adheres to tradition, even he has no confidence not to be assimilated by Noxus.

In the end, the Rakkor tribe may no longer be a pure Rakkor tribe, but the Rakkor tribe of Noxus.

"Bilgewater is a good choice if you're willing to go to sea."

"If you are willing to accept nature, Ionia can be an option."


Orianna didn't care either. Following her words, the map lights up one by one.

As long as it is within the reach of the imperial power, Rakor can be given a place of his own.

Naturally, this preferential treatment is not because of Rakoer, even if the Rakoer tribe is full of warriors, the strong are like clouds, and there is even such a force as the Sect of the Sun, but it is not worth it for Noxus.

The Empire is willing to give this preferential treatment, but it is only optimistic about the potential of Atris.

Although the future Runeland agent appointed by the Protoss has grown crooked, even the Empire recognizes the future potential of the other party.

"I choose here! I don't think the Empire would mind!"

In the face of so much light, Atreus completely ignored it, but clicked on the continent of Shurima.

Orianna showed a rare surprise when she saw the spot where Atreus was pointing.

It's not that he pointed to non-optional locations such as Nerima Jie, but Atreus's thoughts made Orianna a little confused.

"Choose where, what you need to undertake, are you sure you understand?"

Orianna took a deep look at Atreus and asked in a serious tone.

The location that Atres pointed to was the southeastern corner of the Shurima Continent, where Icacia was located.

It's a forbidden place full of Void creatures, and this is common sense known to all demigods in Runeterra.

"I'm sure that Raquol has no cowards!" Atreus said in a serious tone.

He thought better than anyone else.

Moreover, this is also the consensus that he and the rest of Raquol have discussed.

Raquol would not accept unconditional goodwill, and instead of owe Noxus favor, he would instead stick to Icathia for the other party.

Even if Rakkor was destroyed by the Void, they would have died in the battle to defend Runeterra, not in the meaningless war between Protoss and Shurima.

Orianna squinted her eyes, and through the analysis of the big database, she also understood what Atreus was thinking.

For Atreus' thoughts, the corner of her mouth raised a small smile instead:

"The Empire is willing to respect your decision. But at the same time, there is one more thing Mr. Atreus needs to know. The Empire has always had 2-4 demigods stationed in Icacia."

"The Rakkor tribe is willing to wait for the dispatch of those demigods." Atreus said in a condensed voice.

He believed that since Noxus was willing to give preferential treatment to the Rakor tribe, he would not let Rakor make a move to die.

Protoss and Noxus, in his view, one is already in the tiger's mouth, and the other is an unknown future.

At least he was willing to give it a try.

Orianna smiled and nodded, "Three days later, the Empire's airship will go to the Rakkor tribe to pick you up."

"Three days... enough time." Atreus said.

The follow-up communication between the two was very smooth, and all the details were quickly finalized.

Soon after, Atreus had a satisfied expression on his face, and his figure slowly turned into nothingness.

"I really look forward to seeing Leona's expression in Icacia."

After Atreus left, Morgana in the black mist dissipated to cover her, with a smile on her face.

Although the deputies are discussing the follow-up arrangements, they have also listened to the exchanges between Atreus and Orianna.

"At least when they go to Icacia, UU reading www.uukanshu.com will actually accept the empire more sincerely." Camille said sternly.

"It's the same whether you go or not, Leona will know sooner or later, and they will be under Leona's sooner or later." Ryan said calmly.

From the very beginning, Raquol and Atreus were bound to join Noxus.

It's just that Atreus' choice is even more appreciative.

At least the person chosen by the Protoss has a quality that the Protoss cannot match.

"For Your Majesty, let's be more optimistic about the other." Morgana teased.


With a chuckle on Ryan's face, he looked directly at the location of the mountainside west of Targon on the map.

For him, there is a Protoss that is more worthy of his expectation.

It's a pity that the fire this time is not enough to affect that person.

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