"Ascension? Really a good idea!"

Regarding Azir's proposal for ascension, Sivir took the lead in expressing his thoughts:

"However, I hope to have a place!"

"The right person!"

Aatrox just said coldly, he didn't care whether the ascension ceremony was on or not, but concerned who was going to soar.

It just so happens that the recent war has caused the Ascension Gods to suffer heavy losses and needs to be replenished urgently.


Azir mentioned the name directly, without any concealment.

At present, it is known that Shurima has no candidates for ascension, and there is no more suitable person than Thalia.

"She... is indeed a good candidate."

Sivir pretended to think for a while, and then gave his own answer.

Although Thalia has recently published articles praising Azir in Shurima's internal system, this has caused her a little unease.

But it was decided long ago, and she trusted her own and Cassiopeia's vision.

Also believe that in Thalia's heart, love Shurima above all else.

Thalia went to Ionia to study, and her teacher there would give her the right guidance. This was the common idea of ​​Sivir and Cassiopeia.

Besides, once they accepted Ionia's interests, it would not be difficult to find Thalia's teacher.

With the confidence to control Thalia, Sivir didn't mind giving him a chance.

"Thalia...the performance on the battlefield is not bad." Aatrox commented.

If he was asked to choose, he really couldn't choose anything.

But now Shurima lacks combat power, which is an established fact.

For him, those who have been on the battlefield with Protoss can already be used as candidates.

As for Shurima's tradition of selecting sages and saints, Aatrox thought it was worthless.

After the collapse of the Shurima Empire, the ambition and greed of these saints and sages were astonishing.

Of all the people, only Nasus knew how to restrain himself.

After all three expressed their opinions, they all looked at Nasus.

Although the three agreed that the order could be carried out, Nasus was the wise man of the Empire. Regardless of what Aatrox thinks, Azir and Sivir will still have some respect for him.

"Thalia is a good candidate."

Nasus spoke calmly, setting the tone for the matter first.

But anyone could tell that Nasus had something else to say next.

Nasus recalled the information sent to him by the magic net before, with a touch of toughness in his eyes:

"The Ascension Ceremony should still be started once, and I think Renekton deserves another spot."


Hearing this name, the eyes of the three people present flashed.

Regarding Renekton's current unstable situation, everyone present is well aware of it.

At the same time, they also understand...

In addition to Thalia, if there is another candidate worthy of ascension in Shurima, Renekton is indeed the only one.

Not that Renekton is a particularly suitable fit, but that there is simply no other option.

Renekton himself has already ascended once. Although the sequelae are serious, he has also fought for Shurima for countless years.

Even after the collapse of the Shurima Empire, the other party dragged Xerath into Setaka's tomb, so that the other party was sealed for thousands of years.

For this, neither Azir nor Aatrox could refute anything at this particular point in time.

It was just by taking this opportunity to return the Nasus brothers' love for the empire.

That was what Azir and Aatrox had in mind.

After Thalia became the first choice, Azir looked at the second choice very badly, and it was originally a bargaining chip.

For Aatrox, an ordinary ascendant who has just arrived at a demigod is obviously not as good as an ascended deity who may reach a mid-level demigod with a second ascension.

There are not many middle-level demigods in Shurima now.

Azir and Aatrox successively expressed their identities.

Immediately afterwards, everyone's eyes turned to Sivir.

Although Sivir became the crown prince, it was the first force that Aatrox supported to balance with Azir.

But the development of Shurima so far is inseparable from the management of Sivir.

Whether it is economy, people's livelihood, and politics, Sivir manages everything in an orderly manner.

Now Sivir's prestige among the people even surpassed that of Ascension God and the Emperor Azir.

Even though Azir and Aatrox didn't care about this, they still agreed with Sivir's ability.

Especially in this war with the protoss, although Sivir did not participate in the war, the large amount of weapons and resources transported to the battlefield were the capital they could persevere.

To put it an exaggeration, the armor on every Ascended God was taken from Sivir.

If it weren't for the Darkin's own weapons, even the weapons would have originated from Sivir.

Not to mention the ordinary army under Azir, all the individual armed forces are all from Sivir's Kang.

It can be said that Sivir's status in Shurima at this moment is no less than Azir or Aatrox.

And there are only two places for promotion, and one is not given to Sivir. It is difficult to say that she has no idea.

Facing the different eyes of several people, Sivir blinked and said strangely in his tone:

"What are you looking at me doing, Renekton is a good fit, and I'll definitely agree."

Seeing the puzzled eyes of Azir and Aatrox, Sivir smiled dumbly and said:

"I still have a long time in the future. Don't let me miss the quota next time. I still have a few good subordinates, and they need to be improved urgently!"

"The next place is yours." Azir said sternly.

Aatrox did not speak, but Pingdan nodded in agreement.

It stands to reason that the speed at which the solar disk is accumulating energy will take at least five years for the next ascension ceremony.

Five years is not a long time for the long history of Ascension God, but for the current Shurima, it is already a long time.

At least during this time, they and the Protoss have been able to decide the outcome.

No matter whether he wins or loses, the promotion will mean anything to Aatrox.

As for Azir, Thalia is his candidate, and in exchange, it is a common thing to belong to Sivir next time.

Nasus, who understood the minds of the other two, gave Sivir a deep look.

In the bottom of his heart, he had to admire this girl who was less than half a hundred years old. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

It is clear that the other party has not planned to fight for the quota this time, but it has long received the greatest benefit.

He, Aatrox, and Azir gave Sivir what he wanted most.

As for the promotion quota itself, for Sivir, who has a weak foundation, there is no chance for him to choose independently for the first time.

From what Nasus knew about Sivir's subordinates, the most likely candidate for ascension was Lucian, the former deputy head of the Ascension Pirates.

"The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons"

If you don't talk about the character and ability of the other party, you will be rejected by everyone because you don't come from Shurima.

But now the situation has been reversed. If Sivir ascends for the second time and nominates Lucian, perhaps Azir and Aatrox will have a little criticism, but in the end, there is a high probability that they will agree.

Of course, the premise of everything is that Shurima can persist until the next ascension starts.