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The Lord of the Rings: Lords of Middle-earth

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When Roland crossed Middle-earth with the Lord of the Rings system, Gandalf was organizing an expedition, the king under the mountain still did not return to his throne, the Hobbit’s adventure had not yet begun, and the world was still shrouded in shadows…

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Short Title:TLRLM
Alternate Title:魔戒:中土领主
Author:Dragon God Gan Xia
Weekly Rank:#1628
Monthly Rank:#1988
All Time Rank:#4444
Tags:Adapted to Game, Adventurers, Alchemy, Archery, Army Building, Beautiful Female Lead, Blacksmith, Cheats, Dragon Riders, Dwarfs, eastern fantasy, Elves, Evil Gods, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Farming, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Kingdoms Knights, Knights, Loyal Subordinates, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Mythical Beasts, Nobles, Orcs, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Summoned Hero, Sword And Magic, System,
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30 Comments on “The Lord of the Rings: Lords of Middle-earth
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  1. Not lotr book, seems like lotr pc game. MC got a ridiculously OP system, summoning troops. In chapter 2, he already killed one dragon etc, you can guess what will happen with the rest of the story; typical wish fulfillment kill everything on the path.

  2. nah, thats because you didnt read enought, the cheat is only giving good rewards in the beginning (Like a novice gift) after mc settles down and start the kingdom building the novel has a very good pace. You should give another chance by reading 50-70 chapters

  3. Brother he didn’t kill a dragon, he killed an earthbound dragon which is a basically a giant lizard with dragon bloodline, not a real dragon with wings

  4. This is actually not that bad.The mc is not a warmonger who wages war left and right with no regard to his people, the summoning system is not that op, and the people that's summoned actually feels like a human being.

  5. The truth is that I am quite disappointed, the system is very rotten, the mc is too powerful, since from the first episodes he has the best weapons and armor for himself and for all his summons, simply absurd, I expected a slower growth, but this story it's too rushed

  6. ufff... as I would like a fanfic of the lord of the rings without any type of system appearing, and that the protagonist grows and becomes powerful only with his hard work T_T

  7. Yeah, he has the best weapons and armors, but unlike other novels he didn't instantly become God of war incarnate. and for the troops, sure, they are powerful, but at least it tried to limit them by giving few soldiers or even killing many of them, something most book too much of a pussy to do. And for the system, I 100% agree with you. I dropped the book because of the system.

  8. Kinda similar to lotr but different, Kingdom’s bloodline, start with the translated one and finally the mtl. https://www.mtlnovel.com/kingdoms-bloodline/

  9. Tibber shadow bear journey, in that FF MC build kingdom, joint with dwarves to make firearm and befriend with goddess that create lord of the ring world... well this ff is world hoping/travel...

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