Title: Little Mermaid

Author: come alone.


Jiang Yu is a small mermaid who can't sing. He has always been very inferior to this. He went to the shore to find the cockroaches of the fish in his stomach. He discovered that his ethnic talent turned out to be acting. Since then, he has smashed the scum man, rushing all the way on the road of acting, and screaming toward the cause.

Qin Shen:? ? ? If you sleep so much, I will run, but I am also embarrassed to call me a scum?

Knowing the beginning of Jiang Yu: Oh, it is also a little star who wants to hug his thighs.

After contact with Jiang Yu: Zhenxiang.

Qin Shen found that things around him often disappeared, first handkerchiefs, then ties, and then his shirt. And every time you don't see a thing, there will be more pearls around you.

One day, he caught all the things he didn't see in that room, and he used his shirt as a little thief in his pajamas.

The little thief Jiang Yu is not too happy, pointing to the jar of pearls: I am not a thief, I have money for you.


Mr. Qin had a car accident. It was said that he had injured an important part. The big family business was not inherited. The seven aunts and eight aunts all went to the door, and they had to pass on their children to be his son. Mr. Qin was angry, and picked up the little mermaid baby who was swimming in the bathtub: I have a son!

The little mermaid baby yelled at him and snorted a bubble.

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