"I'll go get it for you." Qin Shen turned and went out and took in a loaf of bread for him.

Xiao Jiangyu curiously looked at the bread and said, "Hey," he opened his mouth and would bite.

"Wait." Qin Shen quickly stopped him, teared open the bag, and then re-feeded to his mouth, "so you can eat."

Xiao Jiang was careful to take a bite, soft and fragrant, his eyes lit up, and he took a big bite with his hands and took a big mouthful.

Worried that he was squatting, Qin Shen went outside and poured a glass of water in.

Xiaojiang was so happy that he had finished eating the bread and rubbed his fingers. He said with pleasure: "It's delicious."

Poor children, there is no good food in the sea, a loaf of bread is happy to be like this. Qin squatted on his head and promised: "There are more delicious, I will take you to eat tomorrow."

“Really?” Xiao Jiang Yu smiled happily, his eyes bent into crescents.

Qin Shen couldn't help but poke his soft face and asked, "Do you have a name? My name is Qin Shen."

Xiao Jiang nodded, "My name is Jiang Yu."

"Jiang Yu, little fish, the name is really for you." Qin deep music, "You call my brother."

Xiao Jiang was screaming, "Qin Shen brother."

Qin Shen’s heart is more beautiful than the brother who heard his half-brother called his brother.

Outside the door, Josin knocked on his door and called: "A deep."

"Hey, don't make a sound, my mother is back." Qin Shen whispered his fingers and then went out to close the bathroom door and open the door.

"How can you not scream in the room." Josin’s son’s head, taking him to the living room sofa, asked, “Where did you go today?”

Qin Shen and Josin sat on the sofa for a while, and it was nearly ten o'clock. Thinking about the children in the bathroom, Qin Shen urged his mother to say: "Mom, go to rest, you have to make a movie tomorrow."

"Then I go to sleep first, you go to bed early, don't play too late." Josin's son said a few words and went back to his room.

Qin Shen also hurried back to his room, Xiaojiang was in the bathtub, his eyes closed and closed, and he fell asleep. Hearing the voice, looking up and yawning: "You are back."

"How do you sleep at night? Can your fish tail become a leg?" Qin Shen asked him so sleepy and asked.

"No, you can change in adulthood." Xiao Jiang was shaking his head and said, "I can sleep in the water."

"Not cold?" Qin Shen worried.

"I am a fish, this is not afraid of cold." Xiao Jiang said with a wink, "You can sleep too."

Qin Shen was finished washing, and Xiao Jiang was happy to go out to bed and go to bed. Woke up the next morning, remembering the last night, I felt like dreaming. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom door. He saw that the bathtub was awake and the child who was playing with the shower gel bottle was awake.

Xiao Jiang was pinching the bottle, pinching it and pinching it. When he looked up, he saw Qin Shen standing at the door and smiled and said hello. "You are up."

Qin Shen sighed, washed his face and brushed his teeth and went outside for breakfast.

Josin has already gone to film, and he and his children are left in the room. He called the waiter to send breakfast, and when he sent it, he took it into the bathroom.

He still remembers saying that he would bring a child to eat a lot of delicious food yesterday, so he gave the same meal for breakfast. A small table was placed on the bathtub, and the table was full.

"Wow, so much." Xiao Jiang was looking at a table and eating, his eyes were round. Qin Shen took a small stool and sat down next to the bathtub to teach the children to eat.

Too many points, Xiaojiang Yu has eaten up, and he can't swim in the bathtub. Qin Shen took the end of the meal and said: "This is only a small part, there are still many, I will take you to eat at noon."

Just a small part just now? Xiao Jiang was surprised and wide-eyed, and admired the sigh. The shore is so good, there are so many delicious food every day. It’s like they are in the sea, they can only eat fish every day. Although they like to eat, they sometimes get tired.

Qin Shen accompanied Xiao Jiang in the room for a day, fed him delicious, showed him on the flat screen, and taught him to play games. Xiao Gao came to take him out to play and he refused.

For two days, Qin Shen did not go out. Josin knew, and asked him, "What are you doing in the room every day? The weather is so good outside, go out and go."

Qin Shen was able to agree, and when he closed the door, he sighed Xiaojiang. "If you can change your legs, I can take you out to play outside. It is much more fun outside the room."

Qin Shen told him what fun outside, Xiao Jiang is listening to the longing, he bites his lips and thinks for a moment, to Qin Shendao: "In fact, it is not impossible to become a leg..."

There is a kind of plant on the bottom of the sea. After eating it, the tail of the fish can be turned into a short leg. He saw it when he was lost in the sea.

"Really? I will take you to the beach at night." Qin Shen said with pleasure.

Josin is going to shoot a night show tonight, saying that it may be until eleven o'clock. When the sky was dark, at nine o'clock, the people at the beach basically went back to rest. Qin Shen wrapped the child in a coat and sneaked out of the hotel.

Next to the stone where the child was found, Qin Shen turned to hold the child's bare feet and stepped into the beach where the waves were flowing. When the sea reached the waist, he let go of the child in his arms.

"You go to the beach and wait, I will be back soon." Xiao Jiang Yu said, and then fell into the water and disappeared.

Qin Shen waited for almost an hour on the beach before he saw a small head on the sea and swam over him. He hurried on the sea and hugged the child out of the sea. "Found?"

"Yeah." Xiaojiang nodded and the plant had been eaten by him.

Qin Shen returned to the hotel with his child back. He just put the child on the bed. Before he could change his clothes, there was a voice coming from outside. Josin returned.

Josing kicked off the high heels and saw his son's room door open, and walked over and said: "A deep hasn't slept yet?"

When she reached the door, she saw her son standing wet at the bedside.

"So late, have you gone to the beach?" Josin frowned and went to see the quilt on the bed behind his son, and there seemed to be something inside.

"Go to the beach for a swim, Mom, go out first, let me change clothes." Qin Shen wants to push his mother out.

"What is hidden in your quilt?" Josin blocked his son and bent over and smashed the quilt on the bed.

Qin Shen was shocked, and the fish tail of the child had not yet become a leg, if it was discovered by his mother...

When I saw the child in the quilt, he saw that the fish tail of the child was gone, and replaced by a pair of white and tender legs. He squatted on the bed and looked at Qin Shen.

"...Who is this child?" Josin was shocked and looked at his son. "How do you bring back a child?"

Qin Shen: "...hey."

Josin: "Hey?"

"Yeah." Qin Shen quickly thought about the reason. "I went to the beach to swim and found that he was crying alone at the beach. He should have been separated from his parents and brought him back."

Josin looked at Xiao Jiangyu, who was barely ass. "What about his clothes?"

Qin Shen: "...too dirty, I took it off and threw it away."

Qiao Xin frowned, "His parents must be anxious, I will go to the police."

Qin Shen quickly grabbed his mother. "It’s so late, and it’s abroad. Are you safe to hand him over to the foreign police? It’s better to stay with him for one night and help him find a parent tomorrow.”

He looked at the child, Xiao Jiangyu heard that Josin wanted to send him away, reached out and grabbed Josin’s skirt with a thin finger, and said, “Please don’t send me away... brother...” He is pitiful. Look to Qin Shen.

"Mom, he is so pitiful, just help him." Qin Shen also grabbed his mother's skirt and shook with the child.

Josin’s youngest son is only eight years old. This child is smaller than her younger son. Such a beautiful and well-behaved child, the foreign country handed over to the foreign police, she is really not at ease. She compromised: "Leave him to stay for one night and help him find his family tomorrow."

"Thank you mom." Qin Shen said with pleasure.

Let the waiter change a clean sheet quilt, no clothes that children can wear, it’s too late to go out and buy it so late. Qin Shen put a t-shirt of his own for the child to wear a skirt for a night, and then go to buy the right clothes tomorrow.

Qiao Xin originally wanted Xiao Jiang to sleep with her. Xiao Jiang was happy with Qin Shen. Qin Shen had to sleep with Xiao Jiangyu. Josin did not reluctantly let the two children sleep together.

Xiao Jiangyu sleeps on the human bed for the first time and can't sleep. Qin Shen was annoyed by trouble, and directly put him in his arms, and licked his head and said: "Hurry up."

Xiaojiang Yu leaned on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat, his eyes closed and closed, and soon he slept.

Josin got up early to film, opened the door of Qin Shen, and saw that the two children slept together and slept. She gave the two men a quilt and sneaked out.

Qin Shen woke up at eight o'clock, and the child was still sleeping in his arms. He pushed the person to wake up and said with enthusiasm: "Get up, take you out to play."

I heard that I went out to play, Xiaojiang was blind, and quickly climbed up.

After the two had just finished washing, Josin let the assistant Xiaogao buy clothes for Xiao Jiangyu. Qin Shen helped him to change, and sent a small high, and the two were happy to go out.

Xiao Jiang’s head came ashore once and saw everything strange. Qin Shen took his little hand to prevent him from running around. The two played for one morning, Xiao Jiang was so red-faced that Qin Shen bought him a straw hat to cover the sun.

After lunch at noon, Qin Shen found another ice cream shop and bought two ice creams. They were one by one and sat in a chair under a parasol.

Xiao Jiang’s mouth was on his nose. Qin Shen wiped him with a paper towel and dismissed it: “Little dirty cat.”

Xiao Jiangyu looked up and smiled at him.

The two had been playing until the evening before returning to the hotel. Jiang Yu was reluctant to walk, and Jiao Jiao asked Qin to recite him.

Qin Shen carried him along the beach and slowly walked to the hotel. Xiao Jiang was leaning on his back and was sleepy: "Qin Shen brother, you are so good."

When I returned to the hotel, Xiao Jiangyu was already asleep. Qin Shen put him on the bed and pulled it over the quilt. Qiao Xin came back very early today, leaning on the door frame to see his son's movements, waiting for his son to come out and said: "I have asked people in various hotels around, I have not heard of someone who lost a child. Go to the nearby police The bureau also asked, no one reported that the child was lost."

Qin Shendao: "It is better to stay here for the time being, and his parents may have something to delay, and they will definitely find it."

A few days before I came to the island, my son was still listless. The child came, and the son became much more spiritual. Josin saw that he liked the child so much, no objection, and agreed.

On the second day, Qin Shen took Xiaojiang to go out to play. In the evening, the two men walked hand-in-hand with ice cream and walked on the beach. Xiaojiang Yu suddenly stopped and looked at the sea.

"What's wrong?" Qin Shen asked the ice cream three times and asked.

"Grandpa, the grandfather of the patriarch came to me." Xiao Jiangyu looked at the sea and muttered.

Qin Shen also looked at the sea, under the dark night, nothing was seen.

"You are waiting for me here." Xiao Jiangyu broke away from Qin Shen's hand and ran to the beach.

Before he went to the beach, the grandfather of the patriarch came up from the sea. Seeing his legs, he immediately understood what he did.

The grandfather’s grandfather was furious. “How can you eat that kind of thing casually?”

Although the plant can temporarily make the fish tail into a leg, it has strong side effects and suffers from unparalleled pain when it fails. This pain can even make a part of the memory missing.

Xiao Jiang was relieved, and he said that he was rescued by Qin Shen, and then said: "Grandpa, if there is no leg, I will be discovered."

Grandpa’s grandfather’s distressed sigh and said: “Fortunately, I am here today. That kind of thing can only last for two days. You should talk to the child and go with me now.”

Qin Shen waited for a while, only to see the children come back. Before he asked him, Xiao Jiangyu opened his hand to him. "Qin Shen brother."

Qin Shen squatted down and put the child into his arms. He had a bad feeling in his heart. "What happened?"

Xiao Jiang lost his way: "The grandfather of the patriarch came to pick me up."

Qin Shen was shocked and hurriedly said: "You can play for a few more days and let your grandfather stay for a few days."

Xiao Jiang is shaking his head. "My legs are about to change back to the fish tail. I can't stay on the shore."

Qin Shentou had such a strong disappointment once, and wanted to leave people behind, but he also knew in his heart that children could not stay in the bathtub forever, and he would not stay on this island forever. Josin’s play is over and they have to return home.

"Can we still meet in the future?" He asked the child with a dry question.

Xiao Jiang said: "When I am an adult, the fish tail can become a pair of legs. When I get to the first thing, I will go to you."

"Tick the hook." Qin Shen let him go, stretched out his little fingers.

Xiao Jiang Yu also extended his small fingers, and the two men's fingers hooked together.

"Qin Shen brother, goodbye." Xiao Jiang was stunned and blinked, tears fell, and fell into the air and became a pearl.

He picked up the pearl and put it in Qin Shen’s hand. "You have to remember me. If I went to find you, I found that you forgot me. I will put a pearl around you every time until you remember me." ""

"Yeah." Qin Shen clenched the pearl and nodded. "You must remember me."

Xiaojiang Yu could feel the pain of burning in his leg. He endured the pain, grabbed Qin Shen’s neck, kissed him on his face, then turned and ran towards the sea.

He couldn't stand the pain in his leg. Every step was like walking on the tip of the knife. He didn't want to be found by Qin Shen behind him. He didn't find the grandfather's grandfather, but his legs were soft and fell into the arms of the grandfather. in.

After standing at the seaside for a long time, Qin Shen went back to the hotel. Josin had never seen him and Xiao Jiangyu come back, and he didn't pick up the phone. He was eager to come out and look for it. When she saw Qin Shen, she let out a sigh of relief, and then she asked: "That kid, aren't you going out with you?"

Qin Shen headed down to the room, his right hand was pinched into a fist, and his voice was low. "His family came to pick him up."

In the next few days, Qin Shen began to be listless. The pearl that Xiao Jiangyu left for him was placed under the pillow and he had to take it out for a while before going to bed every day.

On the day of Qiao Xin’s killing, he bought a ticket and returned to China. At night, I went to Linghai Airport, and it was raining outside.

There was another interview on Qiao Xin TV station. She asked Xiao Gao to drive Qin Qin back to the Qin family house on the mountainside.

In the old house, only Qin Shen and Qin Yunshan lived. When he went back, he found out that his father Qin Zhentian came with his younger brother Qin Ze and was quarreling with his grandfather upstairs.

Qin deep frowns, holding the pearls that Xiaojiang Yu left for him, and went upstairs to Qin Yunshan, and hit Qin Zhentian a few words, let Qin Zhentian and Qin Ze leave.

Qin Zhentian was angry and raised his hand to beat him, and he reached out and blocked him. Qin Ze came over to pretend to persuade, but in fact he was not prepared, and pushed him to the stairs with force, he could not help to roll off the stairs.

He lay on the ground, could feel the thick blood flowing down the forehead, the pearl rolled from his hand, he moved his fingers and wanted to pick it up, but the eyelids became heavy and lost consciousness.

On the azure sea floor, Xiao Jiang opened his eyes, and Xiaolin Chengzheng was playing with him at the side of the water. When he saw him woke up, he said with pleasure: "You are finally awake, worried about dying."

Xiao Jiangyu got up from the shell bed and asked, "What happened to me?"

Xiaolin Cheng was surprised. "You don't remember what you haven't seen yet?"

Xiao Jiang was surprised by his face. "I am missing? I remember playing in the sea, suddenly encountering a big storm, then..."

He thought about it and couldn't remember it.

Seeing the small face he thought was wrinkled, Xiaolin Cheng quickly said: "Oh, don't think about it, it should be no matter what, you should come back safely."

"Come with me to find the little shark to play." Xiaolin Cheng took his hand and cheerfully licked his tail to find the shark.

Xiao Jiang has a good eye for Emei. Is there really anything important?

I always feel that I have forgotten something very important.

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