On the plane, Qin Shen covered his head with his headphones and slept. Josin watched the script next to him and heard the radio reminder. She took the script and patted her son. "A deep, wake up, it's coming."

Qin Shen did not move in the blanket, Joshua simply pulled off the blanket, took off the earphones on his ear, and called it again.

Qin squinted his eyes and opened his eyes, leaning against the back of the chair.

Josin looked at his son. The teenager's face was sharp and clear, only a corner of his mouth. It was Qin Zhentian who played in the first two days, in order to be the son of Lu Keying.

She knows that her son is in a bad mood. This time he went to the island to film, and specially brought him, just to be able to accompany him more and let his son happy. After all, she was too little as a mother to accompany her son.

"There are a lot of fun on the island. When I filmed, I let Xiao Gao take you to play." She touched her son's hair and said warmly.

Qin Shen looked at the cotton-like white clouds outside the window, and nodded his head.

At the airport, the crew of the crew sent a car to pick up and arrived at the hotel half an hour later.

The hotel set by the crew is not too far from the beach. Qin Shen and Qiao Xin lived in the suite on the top floor, and opened the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows to see the sea not far away.

When I arrived, it was almost at night, and I took a few hours of airplanes. After I washed it, I fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Qiao Xin went to film and took Qin Shen together. After watching the film, Josin let the assistant Xiaogao take him around.

The island they came from is very beautiful and the natural scenery is very good. Qin Shen followed Xiao Gao for a morning, had lunch at the seaside restaurant, and went back to the room to change his swimming trunks and went to the beach.

The beach is very lively, there are beautiful girls from all over the world wearing bikinis, and the high-slung look is inconspicuous. If Qin is innocent, he rents a skateboard and goes to the sea to surf.

After playing for a while, he came out of the sea and took the towel from Xiao Gao and wiped the water on his face. The 16-year-old boy, who has reached a height of one meter eight, has wide shoulders and long legs, and the contours of the abdominal muscles are obvious, and there is a man's appearance. He walked to the beach, and a few handsome young girls looked at him all the way, his eyes hot.

It’s boring to play, he is desperate to go back to the hotel, lying on the bed and playing games to pass the time.

Until it was dark, Josin did not come back. Qin Shen was preparing to go to the studio to see, the door was ringing, Xiao Gao gave him dinner, saying that Josin had several night scenes to shoot, let him Sleep first.

Qin Shen sat on the sofa for dinner, and played a few games. He threw the phone away and walked to the window. He watched for two seconds. He picked up the lighter and the jacket and went out to the beach.

The seaside at night is quieter than during the day, no one. He walked slowly along the beach that was hitting the sea, and he walked a little far, and there was no one around.

He looked around, took out a lighter and smoke from his pocket, took a sip, and coughed up fiercely.

Which stupid person said that the smoke is so good? He wants to throw away the smoke, there are no trash cans around, but there are big stones that are almost as tall as people. He walked over to the big rock and prepared to extinguish the smoke on the stone.

In addition to the sound of the waves around, there is only his footsteps. He smothered the smoke on the stone, and was about to turn and leave, and saw something moving in the shadow behind the stone.

Looking like a fish tail, is there a fish washed up by the waves? The head seems to be quite big. Qin Shen left the footsteps and took out his mobile phone to illuminate. He walked around the stone and stayed.

What is hidden behind the stone is not a fish, but a child, saying that the child is not very accurate, because the lower part of the child is not a leg, but a fish tail.

Is this the legendary mermaid? Qin Shen’s round eyes looked at the child unbelievably. The child looked pretty good, just leaning against the stone, and a pair of round and big eyes looked at him with fear.

He swallowed, swallowed and couldn't help but reach out and touch the tail of the child's fish. The tentacles were cool and cold. It was true, not deliberately dressed like this.

The child was crying scared by his actions, shrinking with a stone, whispering, "I beg you to let me go..."

"You can talk? Chinese?" Qin Shen was shocked. He said that this child looks like an Asian, but he did not expect it to be a hometown fish.

"...How are you here? Can your tail become a leg?" Qin Shen whispered.

Jiang Yu smoked and twitched. He used to play in the sea. He traveled a little far. As a result, he encountered a super storm. He was dizzy by the waves. When he came back, he was already in this strange sea. It is. He has never been to a distant door and does not know how to go home. When I was wandering, I was stared by a bad shark. He escaped here to get rid of it.

Qin Shen listened to some sympathy. This small fish is very pitiful. From the domestic to such a far foreign country, I still don’t know the way back, and the bad guys stare at the sea.

"Don't worry, your family will come to you." Qin Shen comforted him, such a small child was gone, his parents must be very anxious, will come to him.

Seeing that he comforted himself, Jiang Yue’s eyes flashed, and the fear of fear was slightly calmer.

There were footsteps and voices coming from afar, and someone came here. Qin Shen quickly turned off the light of the mobile phone, and squatted down to Jiang Yuxiao: "Your parents have not come back, it is not safe to go back to the sea, do you want to go to me? I will protect you before your parents come."

He reached out to Jiang Yue.

In the darkness, his eyes were bright as stars, Jiang Yu looked at him, and he could not help but hold his hand.

Qin Shen wrapped the child in a coat. His coat was large enough to cover the child from the shoulder to the fish tail. Then he squatted and took him to the hotel.

Qin Shen quietly entered the room, but fortunately, Qiao Xin has not come back, he put the child back to his room and put it on the bed, then locked the door.

Jiang Yuxi was on the bed and the fish tail patted it. He was curious to look around, and the place where humans live is like this.

"I am going to give you water." The fish can't leave the water, Qin Shen quickly went to the bathroom to release water.

Both he and Josin's room have their own bathroom. When the bathtub was filled with water, he came out with the child and put the child into the bathtub.

Jiang Yu Xinqi’s swim in the bathtub, Qin Shenyi looked at him next to him and couldn’t help but praise: “Your tail is beautiful.”

"...Really?" Jiang Yu stayed staring at him, his face red. "You are the first human to praise me."

Qin Shen couldn't help but say: "You haven't met a few humans?"

Jiang Yue stunned and smiled sillyly.

The child laughs too well. Qin Shen stretched his face and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Jiang Yue touched his stomach and nodded embarrassedly.

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