In an alley not far from the middle school of Yaohua, a few punks with colorful hair and shredded clothes surrounded two girls in short skirts.

"Little sisters, how did you sneak out during class time? How much money is on your body? Let's borrow some of your brothers." The first sturdy head looked at the two girls, and the eyes fell on the right side of the little face. Beautiful girl, could not help but linger.

The **** the left looked at the little punks and whispered: "I advise you to let it go. This piece is covered by Mian Sister and will not be robbed."

"Ha?" The mixed-headed head laughed and looked around exaggeratedly. "I am afraid of her, where is it? Where can it be that Mianjie can suddenly come out?"

Yaohua Middle School is the oldest key middle school in Linghai City. The children in the school are all good children who have achieved good results in reading. From time to time, there are gangsters who robbed these children.

A few months ago, this film appeared a person named Mian Sister. I heard that the long one is the tiger's back, the height is one hundred and five, and the weight is one hundred and five, and the fight is fierce. The robbery of the robbery meets her. The robbery.

There are only a few of them in this alley. The girl is staring at the **** the right. It looks so beautiful. It’s a little old, and the undeveloped figure is like a washboard. If you are a few years old, it’s fine. The punking head was pity, and smiled and said: "Little sister, seeing that you are so beautiful, your brother will not be violent, and he will take out the money in his bag."

"Okay, take it yourself." The pretty girl, who had been expressionless, smiled at him, reached out and handed him the bag, then turned his slender neck and squeaked his fingers.

The girl next to it quietly stepped back to the back.

The mixed-headed man took the bag and looked at the slender and beautiful girl in front of him. She couldn’t help but feel a little weird. In the next second, a soft, white fist appeared in his pupil. He slammed out and the bag in his hand came out.

"Get it well." Mian Mian took the bag and threw it to the girl behind, rushed into the mix, punched and kicked, and "嘭嘭嘭" all fell to the ground, mourning.

"Come here." The mixed-headed head that fell to the corner of the wall hooked the slender fingers, and the mixed head trembled and climbed up to run, but was caught by the collar, and said with no expression, "called Mian Sister."

The mixed-headed head suddenly widened his eyes and did not dare to set the channel: "... Mian Mianjie."

"Yeah." Nodded with satisfaction, asked, "How much money is there? Take it out."

The mixer shook his hand and quickly took out his wallet.

I took a piece of fifty from the inside, and then put the wallet back into his pocket and said, "We have a poor student in our school who needs a donation. I will donate it for you. Just do it well. This piece of me Cover it, don't know if you come back later, or you will see you once."

She waved her white and tender fist toward the head.

The head of the gang was busy and nodded, leading the younger brothers to rush and rush.

From the hands of friends, I took the bag and went out. The two little girls groaned and went out of the alley. They saw a tall, tall and straight-eyed teenager standing at the school gate.

"After, your brother Anan." The little **** the left pulled the sleeves.

Anan turned around and saw the cotton coming out of the alley. He was surprised: "Why are you not in school?"

"Her mathematics book was accidentally left outside yesterday, I will help her find it." I quickly rushed through the little girl and said.

Secretly skipping classes to buy a small skirt can not be found by An An brother.

The girl nodded very well. "Well, I am going to help me find a book."

Quickly turn the topic away, "How come you, An An brother?"

An An has been in the second year of high school. He lives in the school. The school is still a little far from here. They have not seen each other for a month.

An An reached out and scraped the nose of the little girl. "I am on vacation, come over and pick you up."

Flying into the boy's arms, I was happy: "Then you come early, I still have a class to go to school."

"I am waiting for you at the door." An An's little girl's head, watching the two little girls fly like butterflies and flew into the school gate.

In the classroom of the third and second classes, it was the class time, and the pen was in the middle of the class. A cute little girl was sitting on the seat next to him by the sisters, holding a book, red face, small channel : "Squad leader, I have a question, can you tell me?"

"Which question?" Raised his head and cheered.

The little girl put the book between the two, and took a look at it, and she told her seriously with a pen.

"咚", the table was slammed hard, and the pen in the hand was smacked. He looked up, and Gao Hao held basketball in one hand, and sweated in one hand, and looked at the little girl next to him. Bad voice: "Who will let you sit in my place?"

The embarrassed face of the little girl was red, and when she picked up the book, she hurriedly ran away.

The sorghum threw the basketball to the back table of the younger brother, sat down in the position, reached out and hooked the noisy neck, and said with a face: "What have you been doing, huh? Hook up the little girl?"

"What are you talking about? I am giving her a question." I want to break away from his arms, but the sorghum is like a hormone, and his strength is big, and the small body is in his eyes. Not enough to see.

Gao squatting on his arm and slamming his face into the chest, he said: "Is not enough to tell her every day? Are you busy?"

Jiang’s sullen face was red, and he managed to make his face struggle. He said, “You are all sweaty, don’t yell at me.”

"Brother is masculine, is it good?" Gao Yao started his jersey and wanted to pack people in. Jiang rushed and said, "You come again, I will let the teacher change seats on Monday."

Gao smashed his teeth and gave up on this plan. He reached out and squeezed his noisy face, feeling that the slippery soft feel was good, and he squeezed his hand and threatened: "You will not be able to give others a question later, I will let you go."

The river is very angry, and I feel that this person is too overbearing, and even whoever he wants to talk about. From elementary school to junior high school, I always bully myself and follow myself. It is too bad to be too bad.

Seeing that the river is noisy, he still screams at him with a pair of black and white eyes. The sorghum is a little itchy. Stretching his face and pinching his face, he opened his hem, and the palm of his hand reached in to pinch the soft meat on his waist, threatening, "Ask you not agree? Well? Answer?"

The troubles of the river were struggling with him, and the tears of itching were coming down quickly. He hung for mercy. "If you don't talk, don't talk, I promised me to promise."

Sorghum reached out and squeezed his waist, then took back his arm, let go of him, licked his head, and said with satisfaction: "This is what you are."

Jiang moved his stool away from him, and he swears in his heart, must tell the teacher to change seats, Monday, no, go to the teacher before school.

After the junior high school, the stars and the troubles are not in a class. The two usually don't see much, only go home together every day after school.

The stars liked the cotton, but he found that he liked Anan more. At the beginning, there was some loss. Soon he saw it because he found a more young lady who was chatting with him on the Internet.

Miss Sister is only one year older than him. He is added to a secret hacking website. He likes computers and has talent for computers. After Gu Yang’s discovery, he invited a special teacher to teach him and bought him a lot of computer equipment. Originally, Gu Yang’s father liked to show off him, but once he used his computer to black out Gu Yang’s mobile phone, and found that Gu Yang’s father had taken a lot of photos and Lin Cheng’s father’s shame, Lin Cheng’s father’s one week. Riding him, Gu Yang’s father confiscated his computer and prevented him from getting mad.

Hey, he doesn't have a computer, he has a mobile phone. He secretly discovered the hacking site. On that hacking site, he and Miss Sister are the youngest and the most powerful.

Miss Sister is particularly gentle, he complained to her with bitter love, and Miss Sister comforted him. The two chatted every day and had been talking for three months. He found that he liked the young lady. I revealed the address with Miss Sister and found that both of them are in Linghai. He was happy and broke, and the young lady met tomorrow.

When I go home from school, the stars throw the bag away, and then open the cabinet and try the clothes one by one. It is obviously the first time I met Miss Sister, and I must give her a good impression.

When Gu Yang came home from work, he found his son hiding in the room. The bed was full of clothes and he was so smug in front of the mirror.

"How do you have a son, do you have a date tomorrow?" Gu Yang came over and saw it at a glance, holding his arm against the door frame and asking.

The stars nodded shyly.

"Come on, Dad will help you pick." Gu Yang rubbed his hands and sighed in his heart. It was not easy. This silly son did not run behind Qin Shen’s daughter’s ass. He has been worried that his son will be transferred to the Qin family, but fortunately.

The father and son picked up the clothes in the room. The next morning, the stars got up and packed up, and they were happy to go out.

Meet the Miss Sister at the ice cream shop in the downtown square. The two agreed to take a book as a contact signal. He went to see a circle and did not find the young lady who had the book in hand. The little brother who took the book, there is one.

The little brother looks pretty good, Sven's look. The star looked at him, and the little brother got up and walked over to him.

The little brother stopped by him and said his nickname on the website. The star was taken aback and quickly asked: "You, are you not a young lady?"

"That is my sister. She is in poor health. Although she wants to see you, but I don't want to go out, I will come for her." The little brother smiled softly and said that the younger sister who chatted with the stars was a twin brother and sister. It’s exactly the same.

The star was originally angry because the younger sister became a little brother. I heard that it was a twin sister, and I was exactly the same as my little brother, and I was uplifted. The little brother looks so good, Miss Sister is definitely better.

He was happy to talk to his little brother for a long time, and added contact information when he was separated. Go back and send a message to the younger sister. "Miss sister, I heard that you are in poor health, take a good rest. When you are in good health, let's meet again."

The little brother who had just been separated soon saw the news, and when he returned the news, he smiled at the corner of his mouth. "Well, I look forward to seeing you~"

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