In Yuying Primary School, the children in the second grade of the first grade are taking physical education classes. Qin Mian’s stomach hurts to go to the toilet and just ran into the bathroom. The girl was blocked.

"Qin Mianmian, you will not be entangled in the schoolmaster in the future, I want to be the girlfriend of the schoolmaster." For the first single ponytail, the little girl with a shiny diamond hairpin on her head, forked, and sighed.

The **** in the mouth of the little girl refers to An An. The four monks are all in the same school, the fifth grade of Anan, the third grade of the stars and the third grade of the stars. Anan learns well, is polite and handsome, is the school's schoolmaster and school grass, many small girls like him.

Qin Mian smoked his stomach and hurriedly glanced at the little girl. "I didn't get rid of An An's brother. Anan brother said, he has to study hard and not fall in love with the little girl."

Her stomach hurts, she can't help it.

"Hey, I said that I was not entangled, but An An’s brother was so intimate. I saw that you took the student’s hand home several times.” The little girl screamed.

"It’s An An’s brother who took the initiative to take me.” I couldn’t help myself, and when I stumbled, I would go through a few girls.

"If you are not entangled in the seniors, the seniors can not take the initiative to take you. If you do not agree, I will not let you go to the toilet." The little girl stretched her arm to stop her, not let her go.

There were people who didn't go to the toilet, and they were so angry that they couldn't bear it. When they reached out, they took the little girl's back and opened her hand. It ran into the toilet cubicle like a wind.

Quiet outside for two seconds, "wow", the little girl cried the earth-shattering cry.

Jiang Yugang came out from the film awards scene and received a call from Qin Shen. He said that he had beaten his classmates at school and the teacher asked the parents to go to school. He can't walk away from the meeting and ask if Jiang Yu can go.

Jiang Yu sighed and sighed with great strength. When he was not paying attention, he would cry the children. He and Qin Shen have been squatting many times, but there are still frequent accidents.

Usually Qin Qin sent two children to school, Jiang Yu was not familiar with the school, asked the way, delayed for a while before going to the teacher's office.

When I first arrived at the door, I heard a woman’s voice groaning. "Teacher, we are not willing to play at home. It will take a lot of strength to make our round hands like this. Apologizing and medical expenses are all necessary. I said that her parents are still not coming? It will not come."

"Sorry, I asked for a delay in the school, and it was late." Jiang Yujin went, sorry.

"Dad." Seeing him, the original head of the original pull straight up, his eyes sparkling and he ran to his side, holding his hand.

Next to the little girl is a woman in her thirties who has some wavy hair and a blessing. She has a diamond necklace on her neck, a gold bracelet on her wrist, and a bag of clothes and shoes. It is a luxury item, but it is not awkward. Household taste. She looked at Jiang Yu's eyes and dissatisfied and frowned. "You are the father of Qin Mianmian? I said how do you teach your daughter, she knows that my daughter's hands are swollen?"

"Mother round, the two children have not said it, you should not worry." Xiao Zheng stood up and looked at Jiang Yu with doubts. "You are a daddy? Then I used to pick up the person..."

"He is also a daddy." Jiang Yu took off his mask and smiled at the teacher.

Looking at Qing’s face, Xiao Zheng’s eyes widened and the mother was shocked. In the past few years, Jiang Yu was a familiar face on the big screen. The domestic film and television awards have been won all over the place. The red ones are not good. On TV, his advertisements are on the road.

" are a daddy..." Xiao Zheng is a fan of Jiang Yu, and his excited face is a little red.

After the mother was surprised, she saw the teacher’s reaction and immediately warned: "Teacher, you will not protect his child because he is a star?"

She despise these stars most. Without any culture and quality, she relies on a face to swindle money. It is no wonder that Qin Mianmian is a violent and unqualified child.

"No, no, no matter what the identity, for me, you are just the parents of the children." Xiao Zheng quickly waved his hand and bent over to touch the heads of the two children. He asked softly, "Talk to the teacher." what happened?"

The flat mouth was flat and said: "She stopped me from letting me go to the bathroom. My stomach was sore and I had to open her hand."

She looked up at Jiang Yu and succumbed: "Dad, I really didn't work hard, not intentional."

"I didn't make it?" The round mother rushed to pull up her daughter's hand. "It's all swollen like this, and it doesn't make sense. If it's a force, is it necessary to interrupt my daughter's hand?!"

The round mother said it was scary. In fact, the little girl’s back was only slightly swollen.

Jiang Yu glanced and said: "The cotton is not intentional. It is not her intention to hurt your daughter. I am willing to pay your daughter's medical expenses."

The round mother is aggressive. "Is there an apology? She must apologize to my daughter."

"Why? It is her first to provoke me." Agrily, angry and indecent.

Jiang Yue touched her daughter's small head and calmly said: "You heard it, my daughter was the first to provoke my daughter, I can pay for the medical expenses, but let my daughter apologize, can't do it."

"She said that my daughter first provoked my daughter?" Yuanyuan anger pushed her daughter, "What the **** is going on, is she deliberately playing you?"

The little girl sucked her nose and pointed at the mouth of the mouth, "I just deliberately beat me."

It’s broken, “You lie!”

Yuan Yuan proudly said: "Teacher, my daughter said that she is deliberate, how do you see it?"

Teacher Xiao Zheng is hard to live, the bathroom is not monitored, and I know what happened. Although she has been with her for so long, I believe that she is a good child who never provokes others, but she can't say that she would definitely say that she is partial.

"I believe my daughter, she can't lie." Jiang Yu looked serious.

Seeing Jiang Yu’s apology, the teacher didn’t say anything, the round mother was angry, took out her mobile phone, and turned on the camera and said: “Well, it’s not that you are a star, bullying us. Don’t apologize. I sent the video to the Internet and let the netizens comment on it."

Teacher Xiao Zheng is anxious. If it is sent to the Internet, it will cause online discussion. Regardless of the facts, the school leaders will certainly pursue her responsibility.

She hadn't had time to stop it, and a big hand suddenly reached out and took the phone from the round mother.

Teacher Xiao Zheng stunned and turned around and saw the office. I don’t know when I came in again. It was the father who often came and went.

"Mrs. Huang's wife? My daughter can't apologize. If you are not satisfied, even if you go online, the teacher is innocent. Don't involve him." Qin Shen deleted the video he just took and threw the phone back to the circle. Round mother.

Seeing Qin Shen, the mother's legs were soft. In the past two days, her husband had spent all his time talking about a project under the Qin family, and signed the final step. When she took her out for dinner yesterday, she met Qin Shen and took her past passion to talk. I didn't expect to see it again so soon. He turned out to be the father of Qin Mian...

Her husband's project will not be embarrassed because of her. Yuan Yuan regrets it.

From the office, it is almost time for school. I am very happy: "Dad father, I am going to find my brothers to go home together."

Jiang Yue touched her daughter's head. "We are waiting for you at the door."

Jumping back to the classroom, the bell rings. She packed her bags and went upstairs to find a few brothers.

She first ran to the first floor of Anan, squatting on the window sill and waving to Anan, "An An brother."

An An packed up the workbook and put it in the bag. The girl refused a few girls who had a problem, went out of the classroom, squeezed a small nose, and took her bag and asked: "How come so soon today? Have you not studied well yet?"

"My dads are coming, I really hate it..." Mian Mian went downstairs with him, and talked about the matter just now.

The troubles and the stars are in one class, and the two are not in the same position. The noisy table was a little boy who had been transferred to school for a month. He grew up with a tiger and a brain. He bought a few younger brothers with money and fists, and asked his family to call him a brother.

My brother heard that it was from Beijing. The family thief has money and strength. Grandfather and father are big officials and have high rights. My brother didn't learn well at a young age. He secretly watched several young and confused movies, and he had a big brother's dream in his heart.

In addition to collecting the younger brother in the class, what he likes most is to bully the river. Pulling his hair, poked his cheeks, and provoked the river to scream at him, he was happy.

Jiang’s troubled cheeks are really soft. He pokes and wants to poke the second. The boys in the class said that the little girl sitting at the front was growing up, but he felt that his soft little table was the best.

When I was in class, my brother didn’t pay attention to the teacher, secretly bullied the river, and poked his face for a while, pulling his little hand for a while. Jiang was so annoying that he was so annoying. He just wanted to study hard. He decided to wait for the teacher to change the table when he went to school on Monday.

In the class, Jiang didn't want to look at the table at the same time for a second, and packed up the bag, then went to the hands of the stars and went out together in the classroom.

The boy is ashamed and shy, holding hands. My brother snorted angrily and decided to hold hands with Jiang on Monday.

When the noise and the stars came out of the classroom, they saw An An and the waiting for them. The stars are happy to run over, "Mother, I will help you with your bag."

"An An brother helped me to take it." Mian Mian took his brother's hand. "Brother, let's go out, Dad is waiting for us at the door."

"How did Dad come?" Four of them went outside the school and asked.

I also said the round thing again, the stars clenched their fists in anger, "Mother sister, I will help you teach her a meal tomorrow."

An An calmly said: "Uncle Qin and Uncle Jiang have already dealt with it, you should not add chaos."

Mian Miandao: "An An's brother said yes, Yuanyuan seems to be afraid of Dad, and I should not dare to provoke me again after the round."

The stars put down their fists and they should scream, "Oh."

The four squatted on the car and called people in turn. Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Will the weekend take you to the playground?"

The star raised his hand first. "Okay, okay."

I was also happy to say: "I want to play bumper cars."

I am also happy to clap my hands.

Only An An calmly said: "Thank you, Uncle Jiang, I am not going, I will take the final exam next month. I have to review my homework at home."

Jiang thought about it and didn't say: "I won't go there. I have to take the test in a month. Anan brother, I will go to your house tomorrow. Can you tell me the topic?"

Mian Miandao said: "Then I will not go, I will study with my brother."

Anan nodded and looked at the stars. He said seriously: "The stars are coming. You didn't pass the last exam. Uncle Gu is jealous of you. Don't just remember to play, you must study hard."

The stars whimpered, tears in their hearts, he didn't want to learn, he just wanted to play.

He is only eight years old, why should he suffer from such painful learning, hehe.

The author has something to say: An An: Learning makes me happy, if I am not happy, there are not enough exercises to do.

Stars: My sister chose me, I am super sweet.

Noisy: The same table is too annoying, I have to change the table.

Mian Mian: What's wrong with strength, dare to mess with me, I am jealous of you.

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