The entrance to the Little Sun Kindergarten has already been filled with various luxury cars before the school time. Gu Yang went on a business trip for a month. When he came back in the morning, he specially came to pick up his baby son, Gu Xing, and the children were out of school.

This month, every time and Lin Cheng video, Xiaozizi will rely on asking him when he will come back. When he came back today, he did not let Lin Cheng tell the little nephew, just to surprise the little sister. I thought that when I came out and saw him, I would definitely surprise him and call my father and dad. When I rushed to him, his heart would be beautiful.

He looked at the watch and there were still a few minutes for the teacher to bring the children out. Feel free to glance at the window and see a familiar car, the right eye could not help but jump.

It won't be so bad, Qin Shen is still in the UK, and the people in the car should not be him. He touched his eyelids and comforted himself in his heart. Before I got off the bus, I opened the door of the kindergarten. The teacher led the little sisters and walked out. Gu Yang saw his son carrying a small schoolbag and was in the hands of the teacher.

Gu Yang quickly got off the bus, Gu Star saw his father in the crowd, and jumped up and waved at his father.

The little nephews were taken away by the parents one by one, and soon it was the turn of the stars and the river. Gu Yang was going to greet his son in the past. Jiang suddenly waved his hand in the other direction, and his voice shouted: "Dad."

Gu Xing is also happy with the tender voice: "Uncle Qin." Happy look is no less than seeing Gu Yang this relative.

Gu Yangqing turned his face and saw the side of the familiar car. Qin Shen was standing there.

Two little scorpions whispered a few words, Jiang screamed with a small bag and ran towards Qin Shen, Gu Xing ran toward Gu Yang, first gave him a bear hug, and then rushed: "Noisy about me to go to him Play at home, I will take the car of Uncle Qin, and Dad will go back."

Then he licked his face and kissed him. He turned his back to the Qin and ran over.

Although his son abandoned him, he still kissed him. Gu Yang’s heart was sore, but he was still a little gratified. Just comforted himself, he saw his son plunged into Qin Shen’s arms and took a kiss on Qin Shen’s face.

Hey, is this really his son? He is not a relative, but he is actually a wild donkey. Gu Yanghu’s tears, the heart of an old father broke into slag.

Qin Shen asked the driver to drive home with two small donkeys and bought an ice cream for two small nephews on the way. At the door of the house, the two little scorpions' mouths and noses and the dirty hands on their hands were smashed, and the river took the initiative to reach out to Qin Shen. "Dad, wipe me, I have to go home and hold my sister."

Gu Xing also reached out and said, "Uncle Qin also wiped me, the teacher said, to be a good baby who loves clean."

Qin Shen appreciated the two small scorpions' heads, took out the handkerchief and wiped them clean before driving the door and letting them get off.

"Sister, sister, I am coming back." Jiang screamed at the car, and Gu Xing hand in hand to run in the living room, Qin Shen carrying the two small bags to follow.

In the living room, Qin Mianmian children are wrestling with a talking toy dog. The little handcuffs are on the toy dog, watching the soft and tender little fists, but the toy dog ​​has been smashed.

Qin Shen came in from the door, and the corner of his eye couldn't help but smoke. His daughter, who is not the same as the average baby, has a lot of strength. The toys that were violently damaged by her were loaded with several bags.

"Oh, my sister, you broke the toy again." Jiang wrinkled his brow, turned and ran to Qin Shen, took out a small truck from the small bag, and then ran to his sister to sit down, milk Sonic said: "This is my favorite toy, sister, don't break it anymore."

Qin Xiaomian’s little hand took the small truck and smiled at her brother’s mouth. She moved her little **** to climb into her brother’s arms.

Because of the sight of the newborn, Qin Mianmian children especially stick to her brother. At the beginning, Jiang’s troubles and the abandonment of his sister’s birth took away the care and love of his two dads. Later, his sister became more sticky, and he gradually fell in love with his sister.

Jiang screamed like a sister sitting next to him, Gu star also took a tiger's cloth toy from the small bag, sat down to the side, and handed it to her, "Mother sister, I also send you toys, you and Let me play together."

The cotton grows cute, and the stars like her very much. On several occasions, she cried and asked Lin Cheng and Gu Yang to take home and give him a sister.

This is of course impossible. Gu Xing’s children also said that in order to be a younger sister, he did not mind going to Qin Shen and Jiang Yu’s family to be their sons, and Gu Yang’s anger was broken, and he took a scorpion. pause.

It’s screaming, screaming, bending over and reaching for it, then opening your mouth and biting.

"Sister, this is not eating, can't bite." Jiang made a fuss and grabbed it. A serious criticism of his sister, "How do you put everything in your mouth, my brother is not like you when you were a child, you have to learn like a brother."

Flat and flat mouth, please pull her brother's small arm.

"Brother forgive you, you have to be a baby." Jiang groaned and touched his sister's small head, and then said, "It's so hot, let's go to the pool and compete for the biggest fish."

"Okay, okay." In addition to going to kindergarten, Gu Xing loves to stay in the water. He will get caught up when he climbs up. "Sister, I will take you upstairs."

Strolling up and standing up, two small hands grabbed her brother, and the little **** leaned against the stars.

"Sister as long as I am holding." Jiang made a small chest with pride and proud, took the sister's hand and slowly went upstairs.

"Mother sister, let me hold it, the stairs are high, be careful to fall." Gu Xing followed the two brothers and sisters, whispering.

"Well, I can only get upstairs." Jiang looked at the high stairs in front and agreed to take him for a while.

Gu Xing was happy to pick up another small hand, and the three little nephews carefully climbed the stairs.

Qin Shen looked at the back and watched for three small scorpions falling. Dangling upstairs to the upstairs, Jiang troubled and Gu stars took off their clothes and went into the water, shaking anxiously to the front of Qin Shen, pulling his pants, but also to the water.

Qin Shen picked up her daughter, took off her clothes and put it in the water. The river was noisy. "Take care of your sister, don't patronize yourself."

"Know it, Dad, you are so annoying." Jiang wandered around to take care of his sister's little hand, licking the small tail, and rushing into the fish.

Jiang Yu finished the advertisement and it was almost nine o'clock. Qin Shen returned the mail on the sofa in the living room. When he saw him coming back to the computer, he got up and greeted him. He hugged him and kissed him. "Is there dinner? The kitchen has left the food."

"I am sleeping and sleeping all the time? I will go up and see them." Jiang Yu is going to see us, Qin Shen took his hand and went upstairs together.

We have already slept, and the three rows are lying on the bed, all covered with a small blanket, sleeping in the middle, and the noise and the stars are sleeping outside.

"How come the stars have come, Cheng Cheng told me that Gu Yang came back from a business trip today and will go to the kindergarten to pick up the stars." Seeing the stars, Jiang Yu was surprised.

When thinking of the stars on his car, Gu Yang’s face fell like a face, Qin Shen twitched his mouth, and smiled joyfully: “The stars are coming over and playing happily.”

The river was awakened by the voices of the two people, blinking, seeing Jiang Yu, Zhang Kaixiao said: "Little dad..."

Jiang Yu leaned over and took a sip on his forehead and reached out to cover the opened blanket for him. "Let's sleep well."

The river was also troubled and he raised his mouth and kissed Jiang Yu’s face before closing his eyes and sleeping again.

Jiang Yu also kissed each other on the forehead and the star's forehead, and then went out with Qin Shen and carefully closed the door.

The next morning, I came back again, and the posture of the three little sisters went to sleep. The white belly was lying with the white belly tender, and the little feet of the star reached the screaming mouth. The noisy calf rested on the star belly, clinging tightly to her brother's arm, and the little feet were beside the stars.

The star woke up first, reached out and dialed the ankles around his nose, suddenly slamming hard, "Wow", the stars cried.

It is full of strength, and the feet and nose are bleeding. Qin Shen held the stars for a while, and the stars were still crying and tearing.

I know that I have a curse, my eyes are screaming, and my fingers are hiding in Jiang’s arms.

"The stars don't cry, you are a man, the man can't cry. Let the sister kiss you, apologize to you, okay?" Jiang slaps the small hand of the star, the mediation of the little adult.

"I didn't cry." The stars sucked their noses and their eyes were red and licking Qin Shen's neck. "Well, my sister kissed me and I was not angry."

"Go to the star brother to apologize." Jiang Yu smiled, approached Qin Shen, patted her daughter's little ass.

The two donkeys leaned together and looked at the two dads. They grabbed Qin Shen’s arm and leaned over. They kissed the star’s cheek and kissed him.

The stars touched the cheeks, raised their lips, and smiled happily. "My sister, I am not angry with you."

When Gu Yang came to pick up his son and went home, he found that his son had a cotton ball in his nose and was shocked. "Son, what happened to your nose? Who was hit?"

He was tearful, and an old father couldn’t feel the pain. "I’ll be at home later, don’t come out and play, see you are hurt, and you are saddened to die.”

The star disliked and pushed him. "Dad, the man can't cry, I didn't cry when I was hurt, you didn't hurt, crying."

Gu Yang stunned, could not help but grind his teeth, this stinky boy, he was distressed by him, even turned himself away.

Going back to the car, Gu Yang’s sour question: “Is it fun at Uncle Qin’s house?”

“It’s fun and fun.” The stars nodded hard and took out the toy that Qin Qin’s business trip brought back to him in his small bag. “Uncle Qin brought me a toy, it’s fun.”

Gu Yangzhi became a lemon. "Dad also often brings you toys. Do you like the toy that Dad sent you or is Uncle Qin sent?"

Stars biting their fingers and hesitating, Gu Yang is sour, this still needs hesitation. As a son, shouldn’t it be said that the favorite toy that Dad should send immediately? !

Xu is seeing that his father is going to collapse, and the stars are very understanding: "The most favorite toy for Dad."

After that, he also took a special kiss on his father’s neck.

Gu Yang was not comforted at all. In his heart, he sighed with tears and blamed it. This shadow is really no good.

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