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The Little Fairy Who Was Reborn As a School Grass Boss

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The rich and powerful Qin family, Qin Shao, is handsome and evil, incomparably arrogant, but he is the only one who cares for his little fairy.

Song Xiyue, “When my husband was young, he couldn’t get enough to eat and wear warm clothes. I would make money and be good to him.”

Everyone: “You are talking about Qin Shao from the top-tier wealthy Qin family?”

“When my husband was young, he was a man of excellent character and study, as gentle as jade.”

Everyone: “Our boss is the best at fighting. When did he become a gentle and good student?”

Qin Shao, “My baby is weak and kind, no one can bully her!”

“Master Qin, are you talking about the big guy Song Xiyue who smashed a big rock with one punch?”

Qin Shao, “My baby lacks love, you all have to pamper her.”

“Master Qin, are you sure you are talking about the group favorite Song Xiyue?”

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Alternate Title:重生为校草大佬的小仙女
Author:Fengyuan Candy
Weekly Rank:#37
Monthly Rank:#22
All Time Rank:#540
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Complex Family Relationships, Devoted Love Interests, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Gangs, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Abilities, Magical Space, Mysterious Family Background, Power Couple, Rebirth, Special Abilities, Superpowers, Wealthy Characters,
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18 Comments on “The Little Fairy Who Was Reborn As a School Grass Boss
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  1. It's a good novel. You will not feel frustrated. But at chapter 4++ ,when she suddenly got space and others ability, I was shock. The ending was too rush. Just like giving u the summary of the ending. They don't get to meet his parent eventho he was so excited when he know they alive. The third brother suddenly disappear. I was expecting him to appear and celebrate the new year together with them. And lastly , her feeling when her father died was not express well. She just sad for a while then move on.

  2. Aku baru baca dan merasa boring untuk alur nya. Ceritanya dari sudut pandang fl. Dimana fl nya kembali ke masa lalu. Dan berusaha bertemu lagi dengan ml. Dan yeah dari awal fl sudah menemukan cara, dan dia pindah sekolah serta jadi teman sebangku.. yg buat ku bosan yaituai fl terlalu polos dan berpatokan dengan ingatan nya dia dengan ml di masa lalu, yg mana dalam ingatannya si ml selalu baik dan memprioritaskan dirinya. Jadi dia selalu mengangap setelah dia reinkarnasi ke masa lalu, ml pun akan tetap memperlakukannya sama dengan ingatannya dia. Dan entah kenapa, plot ceritanya membuat si ml iya iya manggut aja dengan semua tindakan si fl. Yg mana padahal dicerit awal si ml itu tokoh yg cuek dengan perempuan, ngk suka sama perempuan yg dekat dekat dia. Tapi ketika fl tiba tiba muncul. Dunia ssakan akan berubah. Dia langsung suka denga fl karena fl itu lucu dan imut. Yg buat dia ingat kucingdan dia suka. Karena ml lemah sama yg imut. Hah... hello.. jujur aku kurang suka dengan plot dan cara bagaimana mereka ketemu di awal ketika fl kembali ke masa lalu.. karena gaje aja gitu. Maksa banget pertama bertemu langsung yaa begitu lah......

  3. I just read the authors note under. And she said the real people who will dote on her was from her grams side, lol the she shaid. It will be exciting, 😂 i also got excited 😆.

  4. Never mind. Im already at 500 and she still didn't meet this exciting people. Lol. I though it was just simple rebirth romance, turns out to be a fantasy and mystery genre. She suddenly has special ability.

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