Chapter 322 The chain reaction caused by the dress

  According to the occasion, she is dressed cool tonight, with a suit draped over her body, and her chest is cool.

  Louching softly beside Wen Fucheng, the man hugged him with one hand.

   bowed his head and kissed Ying Jing's forehead.

  Feeling the temperature of skin contact, the person in his arms raised his head slightly to look at him.

   They couldn't let go of anything else in each other's eyes.

  The paparazzi who blocked Lu Yuan outside the venue got nothing.

   Lu Yuan brought a lot of bodyguards and several luxury cars. No one knows which one he got on.

   After waiting for dozens of minutes, I realized that I had already arrived at the airport.

  The wave of people who also wanted to take pictures according to the scene didn't get any good.

  Following Ying Jing's car, he finally found out that Ying Jing wasn't in the car at all.

   A group of people stared at each other, looking at each other.

  Could it be...

   Ying Jing and Lu Yuan quietly went on a date behind everyone's back?

   But this idea was quickly dispelled by the news that came back.

   Lu Yuan's team flew directly to other provinces, but Ying Jing disappeared after leaving the venue.

   The two were never together at all.

   It's all guesswork.

   Yingjing didn't even eat lunch in order to put on a slim dress, for fear of accidentally revealing her belly.

  At this moment, the hungry chest is pressed against the back.

  Wen Fucheng asked Zhang Yang to drive to a nearby place to eat.

  When getting off the car, Mr. Wen put on a mask for his female star.

  Zhang Yang got out of the car ahead of time, and handed over the clothes that had been prepared in advance on the front seat.

   When he got out of the car again, Ying Jing had already changed his clothes.

   "Boss, the seat has been reserved."

   Know who is coming, and there are already people waiting to receive you at the door.

   "Boss Wen, the upstairs private room is ready, please come here." While speaking, the manager couldn't help but look at the tightly wrapped woman beside Wen Fucheng.

   Those eyes looked familiar no matter what.

   I can’t remember it for a while.

  It is not easy for them to inquire about the private affairs of the big boss, so they warmly welcome them into the room.

   In response to the situation, he tugged at the man's arm. "Just eat whatever you want, won't it be too wasteful to come here!"

  He squeezed her hand, reassuring her.

   "I haven't eaten well all day, so I'll bring you something to satisfy your cravings. In front of your husband, you don't need to tighten your stomach."

  With his words, I really couldn't control the scene that night.

   I'm full.

  The restaurant I hiccupped out of.

   After they left, several service staff muttered in the lobby.

   "Do you think that woman is a bit suitable for the occasion!"

   "What? The occasion. Shouldn't it be at the awards ceremony? Why did it appear here? Did you read it wrong!"

   "Not sure. It feels very similar. Didn't you deliver food to that room just now? Didn't you see it?"

   Speaking of this!

  The waiter was also feeling emotional.

   "I wore a mask the whole time, so I couldn't see it. No one was waiting inside when I was eating."

   "There is such a shame, it must not be that kind of relationship!"

   Who knows.

  Like their restaurant, the guests who come are either rich or expensive.

  Which of those men didn't have a female companion, whether it was true or not, no one knew.

   Just be a conversation piece after dinner.


   "Wen Fucheng, do you think those people look at us very strangely!" When we went out, there were fewer people around.

  Speak out what's on your mind.

   "What's wrong?"

   "I must have misunderstood our relationship and thought I was your little lover."

   "Nonsense." How could Ying Jing be his little lover. Wen Fucheng frowned and forbade her to say that.

   "You! You still don't understand women's thoughts." Ying Jing stretched out his hand and lightly touched the tip of the man's nose playfully, then quickly retracted.

  Wen Fucheng squeezed it for a while but failed to hold it, letting the softness slip through his fingers.

   "Knowing you is enough."

  Walking and walking, in response to the situation, he suddenly turned around, tiptoed and blew in his ear. "How do you want to understand? Where do you understand?"

  Wen Fucheng's hands on Ying Jing's waist became heavier.

  Bolder and bolder, he dared to hook him on the street.

   "If you don't want to get out of bed tomorrow, be good."

  Looking at the man beside me, I didn't take the bait at all, and I looked very calm. Ying Jing really wanted to tear off the mask on his face.

   Forced the serious Wen Fucheng to be unreasonable.

   What was puzzling was the call from Xie Weiss, who spoke very loudly on the phone. "The occasion! I know you are very happy and excited tonight. I can't help but celebrate with Xiao Chengcheng. When you throw him down, you can take it easy and don't leave traces in conspicuous places. Tomorrow, I will fly to Shanghai to record Ah! Hey, hey, hey, are you listening to me?"

  Xie Weisi's Chinese is getting better and better.

  According to the situation, he hung up the phone not very happy.

   Does she look like the kind of hungry woman?

   Quietly glanced at the appearance of the people around him.

All right! She is.

  It's a pity that Ying Jing's throwing plan didn't succeed, and Wen Fucheng returned to the company to work overtime after sending her home to put her to sleep.

  I was also extremely tired due to the situation, so I could only think about the plan in my heart, and I fell asleep not long after touching the bed.

   Even makeup remover and pajamas are changed by the man himself.

   Xavies came at ten o'clock in the morning.

  Brought her breakfast.

   "Where is Wen Fucheng? I went to the company so early, and I didn't stay to have breakfast with you."

   "He didn't sleep at home at all, he went to the company to work overtime last night."

   In response to the situation, he took out the steamed stuffed bun from the bag and took a bite.

  Sit at the dining table and scroll through Weibo.

  There is nothing new recently, and last night's Youth TV Festival is still listed on the trending searches.

   There are several articles about the occasion.

  Red Carpet Replay?

  Most Popular Actress.

  A occasional dress?


   Not interested, subconsciously wanted to swipe away, caught a few words out of the corner of the eye, and swiped back.

  【Yusheng BABY: Does the occasion have no money! Can't even afford to wear it. Wearing such cheap street stalls. [picture]】

   Said her clothes are cheap?

  Popular goods?

  Can’t even afford to wear couture?

   Have you ever seen cheap clothes worth more than 300,000 yuan? This is all disgusting. People who make such remarks do not speak through their brains, and they are simply mentally retarded.

  The clothes worth more than 300,000 yuan are cheap, what kind of life does a person live.

   In response to the situation, he stuck the phone in front of Xie Weisi.


  Xie Weisi took a few glances, and immediately took out his mobile phone to contact the people in the studio.

   "I looked at the trending search before I came here, but there was no such thing. When did it pop up." It was obviously a black person.

  In order to avoid the longer the delay, the greater the negative impact.

  Xeves immediately contacted the people in the studio to deal with it.

   In response to the situation, he knocked on the table, signaling him not to worry. Not necessarily a bad thing!

   Looking through the comments, it seems that everyone's comment style is a bit crooked.

[what? The dress that Ying Jing is wearing is very cheap, so beautiful and cheap, I want to buy one too. ]

  [Secretary, I want to know all the information about this dress within three minutes. ]

  [My wallet is about to move. ]

  [Chinese New Year is coming soon! I want to attend the company's annual meeting, but I am worried that I can't find a beautiful dress. Thank you blogger for sharing...]

  [Nima, this blogger is really good at bragging, so I searched for it. A dress from the official website of the KL brand costs more than 300,000 yuan. You tell me it's cheap? We are not living in the same world! ]

  [Tested, the blogger is showing off his wealth. ]

  [300,000 cheap stalls? It was an eye-opener. ]

  [Confirmed the eyes, it’s something I can’t afford. Thirty thousand yuan is synonymous with cheap among bloggers. It seems that bloggers must be super rich. ]


  【Stable update will be available tomorrow! Get some of the front stuff done tomorrow. I have been waiting for a long time. 】



  (end of this chapter)

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