Chapter 321 The Most Popular Actress

  He also came to the scene?

  It is self-evident who this he refers to.

   "Want to know? Just send a message and ask yourself."

  Looking at her clothes in a bit of embarrassment, she thought, the phone is not by her side.

  When he was in trouble, Lu Yuan had already passed the dialed phone number to Ying Jing.

   It happened that a man's deep voice came from the receiver.


   In response to the situation, he quickly took the phone with both hands and stuck it to his ear. "Wen Fucheng."

  The gentle voice caused a short pause on the other side, as if to confirm who was answering the call.

   Lower your voice and speak softly according to the situation.

   "Ms. Lu lent my phone."

   "Yeah." He knew that now. "Aren't you afraid of being discovered?"

yes! Ke looked around in response to the situation, and said in a rather helpless tone. "It seems to have been discovered by many people."

  Lu Yuan handed the phone to Ying Jing, but the call was still connected.

   Those who are a little closer can hear the voice of the scene.

  The tone of voice is gentle and gentle, and very patient.

   I don't know what the person on the other end is talking about, and she occasionally shows a shy smile.

  Knowing that she was still there, Wen Fucheng didn't say much. "Find me in the parking lot when it's over."

"it is good."

   After saying a few words according to the situation, he returned the phone to Lu Yuan.

   "Please trouble Mr. Lu."

   "Easy to do."

  The grand ceremony officially began, and the lights on the scene were much dimmed.

   Except for whispering and whispering, most people are sitting upright.

  The camera will also scan the guest seats from time to time. If the camera accidentally records the unsightly side, it will be a proper black history on the Internet.

  Tonight is destined to be an unusual night.

  Lu Yuan's appearance drove a lot of traffic.

   This made this grand ceremony, which was not valued by most people, occupy several hot search lists in an instant.

  The occasional red carpet photos also climbed into the top ten, and the data is still soaring.

  The two hosts talked freely on the stage, presented some awards, and performed some programs.

  Artists and directors came to the stage to give speeches.

  Process These are similar to other awards ceremonies.

   "That Year, Time" also won the most popular online drama of the year at the Youth TV Festival.

  Xu Haihai received the award on stage.

  Thanks to all the crew members, including the male and female leading actors who were also on the scene.

  The camera swept across Han Jinying, and there was another burst of screaming at the scene.

  At the corner of the eye, I caught a glimpse of Lu Yuan sitting in the first row getting up and leaving.

   Soon the camera turns back.

   "Director Xu is very happy tonight." Han Jin said from the side.

   I can see it.

  Xu Hai couldn't get together with Wang Chengan, and his ideas were different.

  He is very satisfied with the status quo and is trying to get better.

   No matter how small the award is, it is still a kind of affirmation.

   is a reward for giving.

  Xu Hai stepped off the stage holding the trophy like a baby.

   Ying Jing and Han Jin whispered congratulations in the audience.

  Xu Hai also asked the two to have dinner together when they had time.

   Several people were still talking about something, and the surroundings became quiet.

   Yingjing seemed to hear her name, and Han Jin scratched his ears in disbelief.

   "Did I hear you right! The most popular actors and actresses are me and you?" This you are naturally talking about the situation around you.

  Compared to Han Jin's astonishment, Ying Jing seemed calmer.

  Standing up straight, she straightened her skirt slightly, and her eyes fell on the front of the stage.

  The photo of her and Han Jin was displayed on the big screen.

   "You heard me right."

  The most popular actor Han Jin.

  Most Popular Actress for the occasion.

  The award presenter turned out to be Lu Yuan.

   Seeing that there was no reaction from the two, Lu Yuan on the stage patiently called their names again.

  Han Jin pinched his arm, not dreaming.

  A gentleman should let the scene go first, and he will follow.

  The two came to the stage, Han Jin was still a little restrained.

   His debut time is not too long, but it is not short. In addition to being relatively young, it has not been tepid so far.

   Until the year when Ying Jing starred together, time.

   Get attention like never before.

   Never thought that one day, he would become the most popular actor.

stand right here.

  Although the stage is not big, even though there are not so many celebrities sitting under the stage.

  Han Jin choked up when he spoke excitedly.

"I don't have any talent, and I'm often told by netizens that my acting skills are poor. Compared with other senior artists, I may not be able to meet the passing line. Because I like it, I have persisted until now. I have never regretted that my acting skills are poor, so I have to study hard and practice repeatedly to improve my acting skills. I can’t change the public’s mind all at once. But I believe that when you see an actor named Han Jin in the next play in the near future, you will say that the actor’s acting skills are much better. To me, it is a great affirmation. Thank director Xu for giving me this opportunity, thank my partner for the occasion. Thank you to all the fans and audience who affirmed me. I am Han Jin, I am working hard, and I will continue to work hard.”

  Han Jin's eyes were moist.

  He knew that being able to stand here today is not an honor for one person.

   It is inseparable from the efforts of the entire crew.

   There are still so many people working hard without a name.

  He walked faster this time with a trace of luck, and I don't know if he will be so lucky next time.

  Han Jin also understands that good luck will not always be with him, and he still has to work hard in the end.

  The occasional acceptance speech is relatively simple, and it is more official if you listen carefully.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to stand here with the trophy in hand. Thanks to the organizer, director Xu Hai, and my partner Mr. Han Jin. There are also fans and audiences who have always liked me and those years. It is the beginning, but it is not It’s over. Opportunities and challenges coexist, and I hope that every future work will live up to the encounter with you. Don’t forget the original intention and forge ahead. I am Yingji, from Dynasty Entertainment.”

  There was thunderous applause at the scene.

   Lu Yuan also applauded and congratulated.

   That year, Time became the biggest winner of the Youth TV Festival.

   Another wave of free publicity.

  The data rose again that day.

  Netizens also opened a voting channel on whether Lu Yuan went to the grand ceremony for the occasion.

  The number of voters is not small.

  Because of that year, time. Because of Lu Yuan. The traffic of the Youth TV Festival was extremely high that day.

   Even the other artists and Internet celebrities who went to the show received a lot of attention.

  As for the rest of those who didn't go, they regretted it.

  Unknown to these occasions, she went straight to the parking lot after leaving the scene.

  Ziyue and Yan Wei cover her from behind.

  An unremarkable commercial vehicle was parked in the corner.

  As soon as the door opened, he quickly got in.

   Before she could speak, a blazer with a man's unique temperature had already wrapped her body.

  Wen Fucheng ordered Zhang Yang to drive.

  The car leaves the underground parking lot quickly like a sword that leaves the string.

  Ying Jing lay in Wen Fucheng's arms, holding his hand.

   "Why did you come here so early and wait for a long time?"

   It has been several hours since Lu Yuan said he was here, so has he been here all this time?

   "There are paparazzi everywhere around here, and every car that enters or exits may become their target. Miss Ying, you should get down a little when you leave the gate later." Zhang Yang did not forget to remind him when he was driving.

   What he hasn't said yet is that the number of reporters nearby has doubled because of Lu Yuan's appearance. Those who are close will rush over early when they hear the wind.

   Not only came to stop Lu Yuan, a small part of them came for the occasion.

  (end of this chapter)