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The Life After Marrying My Sworn Enemy

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The cousin isn’t called Biao Ge. He has his own name. His name is Cheng Jinyu. From the phrase—– Wo Jin Huai Yu (to hold and cherish a beautiful jade; a person with good moral values), it’s the name his father gave him.

But Chen Yuze calls him Biao Ge, so Biao Ge became his name.

Biao Ge has a sworn enemy, his name is Gu Bokai. Biao Ge doesn’t know how he provoked this person. He detested himself very much. Like being disgusted with sh*t in a garbage can.

However one day Biao Ge was told to marry Gu Bokai. As for the reason, an extreme pain in the ass, because Biao Ge’s life is hard!

Gu Bo Kai has married three times and now has three dead wives…

Gu Bo Kai: No, absolutely not!

Mother Gu: First cry, second stir up trouble, third hang oneself (throwing a temper tantrum). Continue to get married, or I die and let you see.

Gu Bo Kai: Why?

Mother Gu: He is tough, can avoid being killed by you and can also have children.

(Shou and Gong have no kinship. Biao Ge is what others call this person. It’s like a name)

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Short Title:
Original Title:跟死对头的婚后生活
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#1963
Monthly Rank:#2123
All Time Rank:#1940
Tags:Arranged Marriage, Bickering Couple, Complex Family Relationships, Enemies Become Lovers, Modern Day, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Tsundere, Wealthy Characters,

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