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The Leisurely Life of Infinite Gods

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Three years after graduation, Chu Mo, who could barely maintain his most basic life, opened the Shenhao system, and an unlimited and safe bank card appeared in front of him. start a company? to invest? buy stocks? These in unlimited banks…

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Short Title:TLLIG
Alternate Title:无限神豪的悠闲生活
Author:the pinnacle
Weekly Rank:#733
Monthly Rank:#481
All Time Rank:#3391
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Harem, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Sudden Wealth, System, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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19 Comments on “The Leisurely Life of Infinite Gods
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  1. Ad yang tau judul novel yg kayak gini gk? Yg protagonis nya kalem gk kayak orang kaya baru tp berkharisma? Kl ad yg tau tolong kasi tau dong judulnya..thanks

  2. Ok, i will give my review here In my opinion this novel has much detail compared to other chinese shenhao/system novels It took me couple of minutes to understand whats going on in each chapter Unlike other shenhao/system novel that has many repeated face slap that i think a bit boring.. so i dont need much time to understand At first chapter the system only give 2 benefits before entering sleep mode The mc is very logical (in my opinion) Oh yes theres some unexpected joke here that made me laugh Ive been reading this novel until chapter 66 and will keep reading Thats all from me People like me just have different taste

  3. es un cliché igual a otras novelas que he leído. soy mas fanático del genero urbano puro este tiene wuxie y cultivo de la cultura china.

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