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The Leisurely Countryside of the Farmer’s Daughter-in-law

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Modern agent Yang Lan’er has time-traveled to a peasant woman whose father-in-law was conscripted and raised a pair of twins alone.

It was a time when the Daying Country was suffering from drought year after year, and faced with the villagers fleeing famine with their families, they were not afraid or afraid! I have space in hand!

Yang Lan’er went the opposite way and resolutely took her family into the depths of the mountain.

From then on, go hunting in the mountains, fish in the river, farm, do business, and bring your family to make a fortune!

The new book “Abandoned Women of the Ages: Getting Rich from Space Warehouses” welcomes all book lovers to read~

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Short Title:LCFD
Alternate Title:农媳的悠闲田园
Author:Fortress Fangfei
Weekly Rank:#115
Monthly Rank:#123
All Time Rank:#482
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Familial Love, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Pregnancy, Transmigration, Twins,
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22 Comments on “The Leisurely Countryside of the Farmer’s Daughter-in-law
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  1. I thought it's alright. But it's really boring and redundant. I've read other farming novels too with a light and peaceful plot, like with almost no face-slapping and almost no villain, but I still enjoyed those stories. But this is really boring and the amount of flirting is unbearable that I skip that off. The story is almost childish for me.

  2. Eu amei a história 🥰. Ñ gostei do irmão mais velho da protagonista ter uma concubina 🤦🏻‍♀️🖕🏼. Já tô no cap 441 o pai do protagonista masculino foi encontrado, ele tava sem memórias e já era casado com outra e tinha filhos. Depois q ele recuperou a memória e soube q sua primeira esposa morreu praticamente o Foda-se, e ficou falando bem da nova esposa na frete do filho q ele ñ ver a anos 😤😤😤😤

  3. Does anyone know the title? I remember a little bit about the details. I believe the male lead is a ceo. His parents passed away so his grandpa took care of him growing up. His grandpa chose someone for him to marry but he secretly married the fl. I believe the ml and fl were each others first love but the grandpa doesn’t approve of the fl. After the ml and fl got marry, the fl becomes pregnant and they use the ultrasound picture to lure the grandpa to accepting the fl.

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