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The reason why Yunchuan will be promoted to a half-step dominance, and the strength is still rising, in addition to Yuntian's sacrifice, the role of golden scrolls, and Yunchuan's own accumulation, it is even greater. One of the reasons is that he fascinated the disaster-stricken star ascended to a half-step dominion, attracting all the avenues in this universe, and the ten breathing times that Yuntian trapped him, Yunchuan directly took him Stealing results without effort.


In other words, he previously ruined the opportunity to be promoted to dominate the realm, and attracted all the avenues in this universe, but all this was a living dress for Yunchuan, allowing Yunchuan to step on Got over his shoulder, and asked about the supreme realm.


Thinking of this, this sacred cataclysm star, the origin of darkness, the more the dark will become more and more mad, the horrifying star is heading towards Yunchuan again: "To want to be promoted in front of my eyes is simply a wishful thinking. You kill, maybe this time, I have the opportunity to be promoted to dominate again! "


This glowing red star is like crazy. As it heads towards Yunchuan, darkness from all directions flows into the star, letting its breath rise again.




But the next moment, there was another dull voice, and on top of the stunned star, there was another translucent palm print.


"I do not believe!"


This shimmering red star roared inside and went towards Yunchuan again, but when Yunchuan wanted to smash it again with one palm, suddenly, this shimmering red star It was getting darker and darker, and seemed to disappear from this universe.


"Want to hide in that overlapping void again? You can't do it."


Yunchuan shook his head and saw the intention of this dark will. He wanted to hide it and wait for it to come back in the future. However, Yunchuan's current strength has been strengthened by the power of the Tao in the universe. Beyond this dark will, the setbacks allowed him to completely crush this previously dark and evil, invincible existence.


Of course, although he now says that the blessing of the power of the Tao in the entire universe can be invoked because of the golden scrolls, with the blessing of the million in the universe, it can be said that the current Yunchuan, although still half-step dominates the realm , But it is almost able to exert the power of dominance.


The dark will, too, saw this, and wanted to hide in the previously unpredictable void. In that void, the power of the Tao in the universe would not be able to bless Yunchuan. The power contrast will be reversed again.




At the moment when this dark star wanted to be hidden again, all the Taos in the entire universe swarmed towards this area, like a giant web, directly entangled the scourge disaster star, Immediately afterwards, the giant web formed by the power of this one rule continued to shrink.


Yunchuan stretched out his hand and held this star, a red star, the source of the dark age, and the place where the dark willow was held. This star, which confuses the disaster, is like a little Ryukyu, no matter how it struggles, Can't escape Yunchuan's palm.


"Is it over? It's over."


There is complexity in Yunchuan's eyes. Throughout the universe, the blessing of countless powers makes Yunchuan, like a demon, sigh, and then clenches his hands.


Kakah Kakah.


A series of shattered sounds came, and the stunned star was directly broken into dust, and the dark will and the unwilling roar also stopped abruptly and died with the wind.


With the annihilation of the dark will, the endless darkness also lost control, and rushed away in all directions, but then Yunchuan opened his breath and the wind and clouds surged. All the darkness was sucked into his mouth.


Yunchuan's original atmosphere has grown to the peak of the half-dominated realm. At this moment, the growth has started again, and the dark will has been destroyed by Yunchuan. Among these magic qi, there are complete rules of the magic path and dark rules. All were absorbed by Yunchuan's comprehension and became the last straw that Yunchuan broke the barriers of that realm.


The next moment, there seemed to be a broken voice in Yunchuan's body, and Yunchuan's previous horrible breath suddenly completely dissipated, just like an ordinary person.


But in the distance, when the Lord of Forgotten Rivers, the Lord of the Other Shore, and the Lord of Heavenly Ghosts looked at Yunchuan, an illusion appeared. It seems that Yunchuan is now integrated into the universe. In other words, the entire universe is changed because of Yunchuan's will. The universe is Yunchuan, but Yunchuan is not the universe, but the highest will and master of the universe.


This is the realm of **** and control of everything.


"From today, the darkness dissipates, and I am the master."


Yunchuan whispered softly, stepped out one step, and walked in front of the Lord of the Forgotten River, the Lord of the Other Shore, and the Lord of the Heavenly Ghosts. One of the three Godheads that had been severely damaged previously has been restored for a period of time.


He didn't stay, like a **** walking towards the world, towards the heavenly world and the Umbra, all the surviving martial arts, all ordinary people, looked up at the sky one by one, looking at the black clouds that had dissipated, Looking at the long-lost blue sky, and looking at Yunchuan, there was fanaticism and respect.


Many of them have already died in the tragic battle. The two worlds of Umbra and Celestial World are also a wasteland and a hundred wastes awaiting prosperity, but everyone's eyes are no longer like before So lifeless, but full of hope for life.


In the horizon, the last cloud dissipated, and the sun appeared, shining on everyone, warm.


"We won this battle. Everyone is a hero. It is your succession. You cast your head and blood. Let the sacrifice of many ancestors and sacrifice die well, so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy peace and death. , The immortal soul will have monuments to record their deeds, and disciples will inherit their heritage. They will never forget. Living people are responsible for rebuilding their homes, inheriting civilization, maintaining order, and creating a permanent peace for all ages. "


Although Yunchuan's voice was not loud, he remembered in everyone's ears. Everyone's eyes had a firm, blood-stained face, showing a gratifying smile.


"Set your heart for the heavens and the earth, make your life for the living people, sacrifice your studies for the saints, open up peace for all the worlds, Yuntian, what you want to do, I do it for you."


Yunchuan murmured, and suddenly he felt something, looked back, and looked at the Emperor of the Heavenly Emperor, in front of the Emperor of the Heavenly Emperor of the Emperor, the true **** of Arakawa, all the elders of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Emperor, and Dao Tian, ​​Dan Ling, Everyone in the Yun family had a smile on their faces, all in unison, and said loudly: "Master Yun, it's hard. Welcome home."


"Chuan, go home."


Yun Qinger stepped towards Yunchuan step by step, with a picturesque look and a smile, like flowers blooming.


Yunchuan's heart warmed and Yunqinger was embraced in her arms. For the first time, a warm smile appeared on her face. She felt relieved and let go of all the burdens in her heart, saying, "Qing'er, these years, I have suffered for you. , Now all darkness has dissipated, and I will always be there for you ever since. "


Yun Qing'er shook his head and embraced Yunchuan tightly. He seemed to want to embrace the whole person into Yunchuan's body. Shaking his head, tears fell down, but his voice filled with happiness: I ’m bitter, not bitter at all. In order to protect us, Brother Chuan, no one moment can be wasted in this hundred years. It's cheap. "


Yuntian's face also showed a smile, and the sun was as bright as it was then.


"That's all I need to guard ..."



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