"Killing battlefield ?!"

The bones of the Lord of the Heavens' ghosts have whistled and trembled, forcibly condensed again, and looked at the radiating light from afar. I saw that it was an irregular, crater-like continent. The magic crater above the stunned disaster star is generally the same. At the moment when it appeared, the magical energy in all directions scattered directly from both sides, forming a channel.

The killing battlefield was originally a falling magic crater on the Ghost Disaster Star. It is of the same origin as the Ghost Disaster Star. These magic energies will not have too many obstacles to the killing battle field. Even when the killing battle field exploded, it was in all directions. Part of the magic is poured into the killing battlefield, making the killing battlefield even more powerful.

Above the killing battlefield, Yuntian's deity became extremely vast. Standing in the middle of the killing battlefield, the eyes of madness and calmness, two distinct miracles, flickered separately.

"A part of my body, I said why I didn't have any previous feelings. It turned out to have been taken away by you little bug. Now that you have appeared, please return a part of my body!"

The advent of cloud sky and the killing battlefield made the dark will face transformed by the stunned star, but there was no obstruction. Instead, it opened its mouth and directly put the killing battlefield and the above. Yuntian swallowed it.

Kakah Kakah.

However, at the moment when the dark will of the stunned astronomical star absorbed Yuntian, suddenly, a series of clicking sounds like the cracking of porcelain came, and then, the voice of Yuntian came out.

"Yunchuan, I can stop the ten breaths of the stunned star, and I will leave it to you. The stunned star, after all, is not really the master now. The golden scroll, which is the treasure of the universe, was born. Maybe it can interrupt the process of his integration with the universe. Previously, I planned to try, but now it seems that you should be able to do better than me. "

When Yun Tian's figure was submerged in the whole fainting star, Yun Tian's eyes were clear and he looked at Yun Chuan. His voice had vicissitudes and peace. The memory of Yun Tian, ​​who lost his madness and lost his madness in the previous life, was in this world. Always aiming at Yunchuan, the stubborn and strong memories of Yuntian are fused together, with expectations in the voice.

Immediately afterwards, the scourge disaster star completely absorbed into its killing battlefield. At this moment, it completely collapsed. At the moment of collapse, all the fragments directly entered the inside of the scourge disaster star, so that many magical qi on the scourge disaster star, This moment was completely dispelled.

"You! You are actually fused with my **** body, unforgivable, unforgivable, want to occupy my **** body, there is no possibility!"

When the killing battlefield collapsed, Yuntian's **** body, Yuntian's will, along with the pieces of the killing battlefield crashing into the enchanted disaster star, and constantly contended with the dark will within the enchanted disaster star.

The previous Yuntian prepared for a long time, and wanted to use the killing battlefield as an opportunity to seize the stunned star, but Yunchuan thought it was impossible, and now the huge background shown by the scourge of the stunned star will dominate the realm in half a step. The tyrannical power also confirms this, Yuntian can't take away the will of the disaster star.

However, after so many years of preparation and so many years of planning, he is not useless. Although he can't take away the will of the disaster star, but with the killing battlefield and the full power of his two lives, he can use his own life. , To stop the dark will of the half-dominated realm, about ten breaths.

"The Emperor Yuntian, I saw it again, the emperor Yuntian who was exuberant in the past."

Yunchuan saw the scene from a distance, his eyes were reddish, and he took a deep breath. Then, without any hesitation, he headed towards the confusing star again.

Yuntian used her own life to stop Yingying the stunned star, and to prevent the dark will for about ten breaths. During these ten breathing times, the horrifying half-step of Yingying the stricken star dominated the realm of power and could not be exerted at all. The will of the two is constantly entangled, vying for control of the confusing star.


At the moment when Yunchuan was heading toward the confusing disaster star, the golden scrolls burst out, welcoming the storm and covering the confusing disaster star.

The moment the golden scrolls covered the star-stabilizing star, the star-stabilizing star was completely isolated and dissipated from the resonance of the entire universe because he was promoted to a half-step dominance. This is exactly the cloud Sichuan's biggest killer, this golden scroll, can be said to be the entire universe, because of the emergence of fascinating disaster stars, dark will, which is equivalent to a malignant tumor on the human body, and was thus born of self-help Now, although it is said that because the dark will sweeps everything, it destroys most of the world in the universe and most of its life dies, but with the appearance of the golden scroll, there is still luck in the entire universe. It was also at this moment that they all converged on Yunchuan. Even the dark wills born on the Strange Star, which was previously in a state consistent with the entire universe, were forcibly interrupted at this moment.


Yunchuan's vine avatars exploded at this moment, and the power of Yuanyuan Dao diffused on each vine and penetrated into the star of the confusing disaster.

Yunchuan's Yuanshi Dao is inclusive of all things, and it can be used for digesting all the Taos. For the former Yunchuan, Yuanshi Dao has a part of the dark roads under his control. The reason for the dark will has been promoted to half-step dominance, and even control the rules of the entire universe.

Now, due to the combination of Yuntian's death and the power of the Golden Scrolls, all the conditions have let the monstrous power of the previously confusing stars be suppressed ten times for the breath.

A vine containing Yuan Shidao and Will will pierce directly into the scourge of the scourge, and the power of Yuan Shidao absorbs the power of the dark and magical rules, and soars, adding up in the previous specific conditions, Let these ten breathing times become a great opportunity for Yunchuan.

In the entire universe, all Taos have previously been attracted by the promotion of the stunned star, and all the Taos have been attracted. It is not only the Dark Taos and the Magic Tao rules. The vine vine clone comprehends and absorbs at an extremely fast speed.

A vine grows out, and on each vine, there is a Dao of Yunchuan comprehension, and all Dao in the entire universe are being madly understood and refined by Yunchuan. The breath on him is also With this realization and continuous enhancement, the realm of the realm has been directly advanced to the late stage of the Lord's realm, the peak of the Lord's realm, at the time of the first breath.

And this is not the end. The second breath time, under the power of the golden scrolls, in all directions, the power of all the Taos in the entire universe that have been sucked in, is at the beginning of Yunchuan. The Tao is assimilated and comprehended, and the breath of the whole person is also rising at an extremely fast speed.


In the entire universe, a strange wave came. All Taos and avenues in the entire universe poured into Yunchuan at this moment, and continuously poured into Yunchuan's deity, which was the same as the previous Yunchuan. The passive absorption is different, but the current Taoism is actively integrating into Yunchuan's deity, so that Yunchuan's cultivation strength is still rising.

Now, the breath on Yunchuan is not inferior to the previous scourge disaster star, or even the same, because the previous breath of the ten thousand ways on the scourge disaster star is no longer, and the breath of all the Tao in the universe has been Mutual exclusion, and continued to flood into Yunchuan.

"You, you are being promoted to dominate! You have borrowed my opportunity to be promoted to dominate!"

Ten days passed, Yuntian's imprisonment for the fascinating disaster star and the dark will dissipated, and he was completely freed by the ambiguity disaster star, and was so furious that the huge confusing disaster star rushed towards Yunchuan.

"Dark will, have you not recognized the status quo yet?"

With a sigh, Yunchuan sighed with remembrance and emotion, took a step forward, and reached out to shoot at this bright red star.


A palm print, translucent front and back, appeared directly on the Ghost Strange Star, making the weird twisted face that appeared on the Ghost Strange Star screamed. He can see that Yunchuan's cultivation has now been promoted to the master And because of the golden scroll, his control of this cosmic doctrine has completely disappeared, and all the doctrines are under Yunchuan's control.

It is precisely because of this that the battle has shown this kind of one-sided ending.

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