And now, after Yunchuan and everyone's efforts, the will on the stricken star will not be able to be promoted to the dark **** in this dark age, but even if he is half-step dominated, once his promotion is complete, By then Yunchuan and others will not have the slightest resistance.

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

The Lord of the Forgotten River, the Lord of the Other Shore, and the Lord of the Ghosts suddenly changed their faces, bursting with unreserved power, and even burned the flames of flames around him, letting them see it at a glance. Like the gods.

With the burning of this flame, the breath and power of the three lords who existed in the surrounding area also rose up, and they could temporarily withstand the majestic pressure of the whole faint star.

However, although the power of the three masters of the Forgotten River is burning at this moment and extremely arrogant, anyone can feel that the vitality of these three gods is flowing at a very fast speed. .

Before half-step dominating the realm, even the existence of the peak of God's realm can only burn its own vitality, otherwise it cannot be resisted at all.


After the existence of the three gods' realm came to the Shenhai of Yunchuan in an instant, immediately afterwards, a majestic force blasted out, wrapping all the martial arts who came here one by one, time and space. Strength swept through the changes, leaving many martial arts one by one in the changes, returning to the two worlds of the heavenly world and the dark world.

Up to now, the dark will that dominates the realm of half-steps has emerged. This is no longer a war that these martial arts institutes can intervene in. Even if the realm of the realm of God exists, there is no certainty.


The dark magic eyes transformed by the dark will shoot out a magic light, which will continuously evaporate the sea of ​​gods in Yunchuan, and it will also keep the flames of the Lord of Forgetting River, the Lord of the Other Shore, and the Lord of the Heavenly Ghosts constantly. Off.

"Half-step domination, is this half the power of **** ..."

The **** flames burned up and down the Lord Ghost's week, and sent the last batch of martial arts out of this already disturbed scourge. He shot at the scourge of the scourge, and the next moment he grinned and couldn't hold it anymore. Extinguished, the body made of bones crashed and scattered.

The Lord of the Forgotten River snorted, a little blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, and his body was shaking, while the other side of the other side ’s sea of ​​flowers, at this moment, the beautiful and beautiful flower of the other side withered directly. The two were also shot, but they were In vain.

Yunchuan's face also changed, and he also shot and attacked the entire Ghost Star, trying to prevent the dark will of Ghost Star from being promoted to a half-step dominion, but he couldn't do it at all. All the forces attacked were completely rebounded back.

Previously, they had goals, but now, the entire Strange Catastrophe has become the source of this darkness, and its will has been awakened.

And Yunchuan also felt the power of a half-step dominance, which is almost an all-round suppression, and in all aspects, far more than a few people.

"A group of humble but weak worms. Your struggle is doomed to no avail. Let me destroy you one by one and turn them into my nutrients!"

The trembling tremor came from the buzzing star, and Yunchuan and others changed their faces, tearing the space, and quickly launched the blaze star.

Immediately afterwards, I can clearly see that the illusive star, a bright red star, shivered at this moment, and the five features appeared in distortion, just like a huge human face. With endless forest cold and evil, several people rushed towards Yunchuan.

In the place where the stunned star face transformed by the stunned star, the starry sky was dim directly, and the big stars collapsed and destroyed directly at this moment, and they had no vitality.

Darkness swept across the universe again.

Yunchuan and others fled back. Yunchuan's Shenhai just resisted the darkness swept away by the entire confusing disaster star, and then was torn again the next moment. Yunchuan could clearly feel that the entire universe, which The contained doctrines have been transformed with the dark will sweeping over the fainting disaster star, and all the mighty powers and supernatural powers have lost their effect at this moment and have been transformed into dark doctrines. .

This kind of situation has the greatest influence on the martial arts under the demigod or under the demigod. The existence under the demigod or under the demigod at this moment finds out that the Tao that he has comprehended cannot be exhibited at all. Few true gods exist, including old-fashioned true gods such as Arakawa, and the difficulty of performing magical attacks on their own path is many times more difficult than before.

With the fall of each big star, the world collapsed. Under the cover of the weird giant face transformed by the fascinating disaster star, the darkness that had previously swept away disappeared again and swept again, and the darkness formed a huge one. The embryos are constantly expanding, and one by one, these monsters are constantly born from these embryos, forming one by one, so that the previously disappeared monsters start to be born again.

The entire universe has lost any vitality because of this drastic change, the darkness that swept through all the world, all the world collapsed under the spread of the fascinating stars, and the big stars are falling, leaving only Tian Xuan. The two worlds of the world and the Umbra, because of the early layout of the existence of the gods such as Yunchuan and the martial arts of many worlds, have all gathered in the Umbrella and Tianxuan worlds, and this can only temporarily resist them. The dark erosion that swept again.

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

In the entire universe, almost all starlights are dim, although the forces of Yunchuan, Lord of Forgetting, Lord of the Other Side, and Lord of Heavenly Ghosts barely support, letting the two worlds of Umbra and Celestial World. It has not been extinct by the dark erosion, but it is already like a candlelight in the sky, and it will collapse directly in the next moment.

However, even Yunchuan's original Taoism, in the face of this dark Taoism that has been promoted to half-step domination, has a sense of indifference. It seems that the Dark Taoism has replaced all Taoism in this universe. It is average.

This is just the dark will to confuse the scourge of the scourge, only to be promoted to a half step of dominance. From the situation encountered by Yunchuan right now, once the other party's true promotion to the dominance, there is no doubt Yes, even if Yunchuan and others are in the existence of God, they can't resist the attack of such dark principles.

The dominating realm, dominating everything, is the most terrifying aspect of this realm, and even the will of the entire universe is centered on the existence of the dominating realm. Although the present fascinating disaster star is still on it

"Just half-step master, I still have a chance!"

Yunchuan roared, his voice was deafening, and the source of the vines, which were transformed by the carrier, burst out at this moment, mixed with extremely mighty power, toward the dark giant face transformed by the faint star. go with.

However, at the moment, the original path that has always been unfavorable has lost the previous tyrannical effect, and the dark path on the stunned star has become the rule of half-step domination, even the entire universe. All of them shuddered for this reason, and Yunchuan's origins, despite being powerful, could not compete with the will of the entire universe without being dominated.

If the entire universe is likened to a human body, the dark will and the scourge of the scourge are equivalent to a malignant tumor on the human body. By now, the dark will has been promoted to a half-step dominance, which is also equivalent to this malignancy. The tumor has completely broken out and even assimilated those intact cells in the human body.

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

Yunchuan and others did not miss the attack, and once again felt the incomparable terror attack again, one by one, the upper and lower bones rattled, and were hit again.

"Hehe, the praying arm is the car, after all, the praying arm is the car, the little cockroaches actually make me have to be silent, intending the process of my promotion to the real dominated realm. However, in this universe, all the little insects have been wiped out, It was also an unexpected joy. After my resuscitation, all these things will not hinder me. At that time, I will become the true master of darkness! "

The twisted and weird person transformed by the stunned catastrophe stared on his face. With his opening, all the dark forces in the entire universe gathered together as much as possible, and Yunchuan and others who had been hit hard again were to be brought back. Annihilation, assimilation.


But in that entire universe, the boundless darkness is about to pour into a few moments of God's Lord, and suddenly, from the sky far away, there is a bright light.

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