"Actually, my existence, the reason why I was swallowed up by Yun Tian, ​​a horrible horror of ghosts returned to the century before the Dark Age, just as it was. For Yun Tian at the time, this is a past memory , But to me, it is like changing history, changing this time node! "

In Yunchuan's mind, the reason why he would be born again appeared in a scene that had not appeared in the dark era a hundred years ago. He had a complete and extremely clear context, but he got the golden scroll. After that, it made all these things completely different.

From that twisted space, all kinds of majestic and magnificent existences exuded an immensely magnificent existence, one by one, leaping from distant history to the future, colliding with this dark legion, and carrying out this final battle, despite the fullness of the dark legion There are dozens of demons in existence, but at the moment, in the case of the sum of all the gods in many worlds in history, it is not enough. The first contact, it fell below.

One by one, the darkness is shattered and perished. Although the dark will on the Strange Star is roaring and angry, it still has no effect. In this war, the dark army is continuously weakening, dying, and being destroyed. One by one.

"Yunchuan, this is what you forced me to do. This is what you forced me to do. My will, was originally born to fulfill the supreme dark domination, but you did not let my avatar be fully successful. I I wanted to devour you all to achieve the **** of darkness, but you forced me !!! ''

The voice of that holy devil's giant baby revealed strong unwillingness and anger. This hand in Yunchuan's eyes has made his greatest support. The Dark Legion has completely failed. The previous innocence has destroyed the dark legions of the world, but Can't resist this revenge that spans time.

In this case, as long as the time continues, the existence of these demons will be annihilated one by one and eventually cease to exist.

However, after the roar of this holy devil baby, the entire stunned disaster star at this moment sent out a horrible roaring trembling sound, and the magic pits corresponding to the Lords of the Dark Legion directly cracked and cracked. Come.

The fragmentation of these magic pits has caused the entire star-studded disaster star to undergo earth-shaking changes. Almost all the magic objects bred in the magic pits have been exploded at the moment the magic pits were broken and turned into The most quintessential magic is directly integrated into this scourge.


The sudden change in this scene happened almost suddenly, and the entire monsters on the stunned star have been completely destroyed, so that Yunchuan did not respond, but after the destruction of these monsters, including puppets and other long time Tianjiao's heroes, who shot ahead of time, lost their goals one by one and began to dissipate.

Their birth was originally due to various conditions, and the dark legion that was shot against the scourge of the stunned star was born over a distant time. The dark legion and all the monsters have now disappeared. Naturally, these existences have not continued Reasons to survive.

One by one, the martial arts bodies were soft and fell to the ground. Their bodies, those from their ancestors, and their ancestors' branding, were directly destroyed. All the previous ones can be said to be those who had passed away. The last trace left by them, the last one, after which all their imprints will disappear in this universe.

This biggest backhand completely destroyed the dark legions that had previously destroyed every world.

However, Yunchuan's face was dignified, and his eyes were staring at the holy giant baby. At the moment when the holy giant baby roared, the body of this huge black giant baby became extremely unstable. When I got up, the next moment, it collapsed directly, and also turned into a bunch of magical energies, and merged into the confusing stars.

"The dark will of the stunned star wants to forcibly recover!"

The look of the Lord of the Forgotten Rivers and others changed. At this moment, everyone can feel it clearly. Although all the monsters have been disintegrated one by one on the Strange Star, but this whole Strange Star However, the power is constantly rising rapidly at a very fast speed, constantly violent.

It seems that this whole stunned catastrophe is beginning to recover completely from the previous silence, exuding a wave of life.

This change is no stranger to them. Right now, this fascinating disaster star is transforming from a planet into an incomparably huge super life. Once this transformation is completed, it is just as inferred by Yunchuan and others. It is very likely that the other party will be directly promoted to the legendary realm of dark domination.

"He was not promoted to the dominion of darkness."

Yunchuan squinted his eyes, and the ocean of divine power transformed by the power of the soul directly skyrocketed at this moment, directly protecting all the martial arts present there, slowly speaking.

"Yes, Yunchuan, you succeeded. You destroyed my avatar, destroyed my heritage, and prevented me from entering the realm of darkness. However, even the half-dominant realm of destruction would be more than enough to overthrow you. Ah, then, as long as I have accumulated countless years again, darkness will still make a comeback, and that time, I will truly enter the realm of domination! "

There was a rumbling sound on the whole stunned star, and the whole stunned star's breath suddenly skyrocketed at this moment. The terror was spreading, and it even turned into a huge one. Dark vortex, countless dark vortex under the interweaving, it forms a huge dark magic eye.

These huge dark demonic eyes glanced downward, and many martial arts were glanced at by this dark demonic eyes, and the soul of the whole person collapsed silently and silently.

Even Yunchuan, after being glanced at by the eyes of this dark demon eye, the whole person is as if struck by lightning, and the Shenhai Divine Power is constantly evaporating and boiling.

This is a trembling power. Even though Yunchuan's cultivation is now a strength, it already belongs to the top water in God's homeland, but in the face of this power, there is still a sense of irresistibility and invincibility. It is a difference at the level of life.

After all, the stunned star is the root of all darkness in the universe. Under this root, it also creates its extremely horrifying power. Previously, it was even able to rely on this horror to step in and advance directly to the master of darkness. Realm.

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