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In previous life, I was just a mediocre guy, and accomplished nothing.

After reincarnation, I seize the opportunity of being a legend of the times. In this life, I am the protagonist in Tianxuan World, a great master of martial arts and a founder of making elixirs. What? You want to compete with me in weapon and equipment refining? Then, you should know the Craft God is my disciple…

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Short Title:TLR
Original Title:超神卷轴
Author:Lonely Traveller
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Martial Arts, Wuxia
Weekly Rank:#952
Monthly Rank:#655
All Time Rank:#634
Tags:Alchemy, Artifact Crafting, Artifacts, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Martial Spirits, Reincarnation, Special Abilities,

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