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"Three for one?" Han Xiao was shocked.


The empire seems to be really bloody, and in terms of quantity, it is indeed very sincere.


Cosmic civilization has the technology to make the treasures of the universe, coupled with years of accumulation, the foundation is very strong.



Beckrodi touched the table and a virtual screen popped up in front of Han Xiao.


“This is an exchange list provided by the Empire, and you can choose from three.”


Han Xiao glanced at it, and his heart was clear. The cosmic treasure above the list is not the entire family of the empire.


After thinking about it, he asked: "If I want other cosmic treasures of the empire?"


"If you want to exchange the treasures of the universe other than the list, there is no one-for-one treatment. Some of the strategic-level cosmic treasures that are more important to the empire are impossible to exchange with you. You have to understand... except this. In addition, if you have the requirements of custom universe treasures, you can also ask the empire, this needs to be reviewed." Bekerodi said.


This is what I expected... Han Xiao nodded.


If you think about it, you know that the empire is said to be a three-for-one treatment. It is certainly not without restrictions. It is impossible to exchange evolutionary blocks with its own strategic-grade cosmic treasures.



Most of them are willing to exchange and exchange, and most of them are cosmic treasures that are applied to individuals and do not help the whole civilization as a whole.


The importance of the treasures of the universe depends on the specific role. In Han Xiao’s view, this thing is the same as the magic weapon. The top level is some unsolvable cosmic wonders, such as time and space amber. Man-made cosmic treasures are varied, such as Austin's Secret Temple, Beoni's Fire Core, Glorious High-Dimensional Apocalypse Transmitter, Ethereal Scepter, and so on, depending on their effects.


The evolutionary block is the core technology of the evolutionary civilization and the power of the family. The technology has long been lost, and it is equipped with a series of application technologies.


Now that the legacy of the gods is revealed, many advanced civilizations have obtained these technical materials, which means that whoever gets the evolutionary block can inherit some of the core technologies of a quasi-cosmic civilization, which is completely exclusive and significant.


Han Xiao Shen Shen, once again carefully browsed the exchange list, secretly analyzed the pros and cons.



In the previous world tree war, the three civilizations took out a large inventory of cosmic treasures to provide the super a-class of the universe, and many cosmic treasures on the list showed their effects.


The big ones are the magical equipment and mechanical arming, most of which are single combat equipment, armor, near-far weapons, special devices, etc., and there is also a complete set of "the gods" Thorne to create a complete golden suit. The fifth place in the legendary works of Enbai.


The small part is a special-purpose cosmic treasure. Han Xiao’s predecessors have basically understood it. For example, a thing called a shadow lantern, the wick is the source energy fragment of the shadow dimension. The “light” emitted is the shadow, which has many special effects. The main effect is The ability to open the dimension portal, transform the region into a dangerous shadow dimension, change the existence of things in the region, and let the strange shadow creatures continue to come.


Another example is the key to destruction. This is one of the representative technologies of the Red Empire. It can be mass-produced. Even ordinary people can use it. The effect is to call out the firepower of various groups of the Empire.



This requires the cooperation of the Imperial Army. Most of the Imperial Legion are equipped with the means of destruction. Once the key to destruction is activated, a special energy storage space will be temporarily opened, and channels will be formed outside the guns of these group forces for several seconds. During the period of several minutes, the group army will get a signal and immediately launch the guns and volleys. All the energy emitted will be transferred to the secondary dimension of this temporary development.


The key to destruction can open the channel at the other end, release the gun volley at the position, and use a powerful firepower to carry out a dead-horn attack. The coverage is very wide, enough to clean everything in the area, and the instantaneous explosive power is more than the original solitude. High...but because it is an indiscriminate attack, it is basically used in the Jedi counterattack or with less enemies.


Compared to the high-dimensional apocalypse transmitter, the key to destruction is not so flexible. It will be limited by space-stabilized anchors, time-space magic, and solace-free loops. It may fail, but it has its own advantages, that is, portability and quantity. Production, no use threshold.



As long as it will operate, mortals can use it, but it is not for sale. Only when special tasks are performed, the empire will be distributed in batches.


Unexpectedly, the general super-a class will also be killed by the horrible firepower of the smashing key. In the expedition history, the empire used this technology to kill a number of original ones, leaving its bones dead. However, with the development of space technology in various civilizations, the key to destruction is now somewhat outdated, and everyone will guard against the empire.


In addition to these, there are a lot of things, such as the golden mechanical drawings left by super a-level mechanics, the magic forged drawings left by the magician, and so on.


There are a lot of things in the empire, and I want to exchange the evolutionary squares with the treasures of the universe that I can't use.


As for the things that the empire did not study and understand, naturally it will not be put into the list. Han Xiao is trying to miss it. Unfortunately, people do not give opportunities.



"How, is there a decision?" Waiting patiently for a while, Beccordy asked.


"Hey..." Han Xiao sank for a few seconds and shook his head. "Sometimes suddenly, I haven't thought about it yet. I can't answer you now, let me think about it for a while."


"Well, yes." Beckrodi nodded and his tone sank. "I believe that after careful consideration, you can make a wise choice, don't let down the empire's sincerity, and hope that you can make a decision before the world shines. ""


"decide as things go."


Han Xiao’s first compliment, then stood up and followed the other’s secretary out of the room.


Leaving the government building and going to the small base where you store the mechanical troops, you are thinking about the pros and cons along the way.


The first is the interest. If you hand over the evolutionary block, you can exchange three cosmic treasures. According to the list, you should exchange the cosmic treasures for combat. Of course, there are some uses, but use a strategic treasure for three. The equipment used for fighting, Han Xiao always felt a little worse.



Just like at the end of the twentieth century, there are technical materials for the future development of the Internet, and the profit margin is vast, but the information is changed for several fighters... The metaphor may not be appropriate, but the feeling for him is almost like this. .


It’s best to give it away... Unfortunately, it’s just thinking about it.


There are also additional benefits, that is, the Black Star Legion will no longer stand on the cusp of the wind. Sorokin’s infinite consortium is not expected to continue to engage in matters, nor will it have to worry about a sudden attack by the glory and the imaginary spirit, which will lead to long-term stability and development... The previous grudges are not counted among them.


Han Xiao also analyzed it when he lost the evolutionary block and had any influence on himself.


The evolutionary block is a unique strategic treasure. Although it has no combat power, the effect can be reflected in all aspects of the development of the camp. If it is handed over to the empire, the Black Star Legion will lose this special product, and the attraction to players and other characters will inevitably decline. Like today's silver shadow, it will not be so enthusiastic to him.



Now that there is a shining world as the foundation, the interest consortium born from the square is gradually stable, but the business of the evolutionary block is still an important pillar of the Legion's finance.


Handing over the box is equivalent to transferring the terrorist profit of the Evolution Totem to the empire... The expansion of the Black Star Legion and maintaining its current size requires constant consumption of massive funds. Without the totem trading, there will be a large wave of cash flow, leading to the Legion. The shrinking scale will not slow down the pace of expansion, which is an inevitable result.


Although due to the covenant, the use of evolutionary blocks also takes into account the meaning of the empire, but the ownership is still its own, once lost ownership, the meaning is different.


This means that other forces do not need to find a cooperation with the Black Star Corps. They can get the evolutionary block service directly when they find the empire, and they are kicked out of the game. This has a more or less impact on the various businesses of the Legion, and the resulting financial losses are not limited to the Totem Transaction itself.


Moreover, in the future, if you want to evolve the service of the square, you have to exchange it from the empire with contribution or money.



At the same time, without the uniqueness of the evolutionary block, the influence of the Black Star Legion's camp will also decline... Even if your reputation is no longer able to fight, you can't give the benefits that others want, and the number of people who buy it will naturally decrease.


To sum up, it is to surrender the evolutionary block and the difficulty of the Black Star Legion to continue to grow will be doubled.


Han Xiao is not sure whether the empire has any deep meaning to limit the continued growth of the Black Star Legion. Does it feel that his legion has developed to this point? It is enough to use it - it is reasonable to say that it is not possible, but the mind of the superior is always difficult to speculate. .


The arsenal is an example of laissez-faire. Although glory does not regret it, if it comes again, they may not want the power of the squad to expand to such a level, and it is not easy to control.


But if you reject the empire's proposal, you will have trouble.



From the words of Bekerodi, Han Xiao smelled a different subtext... The Empire is eager to get the evolutionary block, is there already a public totem sale right? Otherwise why wait until now.


After the opening of the world, countless forces will inevitably impact the empire. If the right to sell is sold at this time, and the massive profits will be obtained, the pressure on the empire will plummet, and the control of the shining world will become unbreakable, not afraid of foreigners. The impact... It’s hard to say that Han Xiao’s hands don’t have enough intelligence to decide what the empire is all about.


If this is the case, then refusing the proposal is to disrupt the strategic deployment of the empire.


On behalf of the empire, Beckrodi showed "sincerity", politeness and sincerity, but in fact it was a persecution in disguise. Once rejected, some empire executives may feel that I am not ignorant, and therefore dissatisfied.


Handa technicians believe that if they refuse to turn over the evolutionary block, the empire will not give up easily, and 80% will take an unknown follow-up.


It is impossible to **** allies, but small means must be one set.



"I really gave me a problem..."


Han Xiao sighed and was hard to choose.


When the evolutionary totem was born, he knew that there would be trouble in the future, but the empire helped to withstand the pressure and supported it for twenty years. This trouble finally found itself.


"I have to think about it. I will contact Ulan Riel in a few days and explore the tone." Han Xiao secretly said.




Not long after Han Xiao left, a figure walked into the conference room of Becorrodi, it was Gao De.


After more than ten years, Gaode accumulated enough experience in service and was recalled by the Empire. It was officially and focused on the potential of the same direct line of natural disasters.


The birth of the super-a class is full of uncertain factors. Even if it is a cosmic civilization, it cannot be mass-produced. Therefore, it is basically a means of spreading the net and cultivating a batch of direct natural disasters.


Due to the huge talent base and advanced training methods, the conversion rate is not zero, and the output interval is not fixed. The dark Employed Clottey is the direct super-a level cultivated by the Empire.



At this time, Gao De wore a special Imperial military uniform without a military title. His body was thin and his appearance was no different from that of more than ten years ago.


"You are coming, sit." Bergrody saw him and nodded slightly.


Gao De sat in the position where Han Xiao had just sat, and smiled softly. "How is it?"


"Unclear, the black star promises the best and can save a lot of trouble."


"With such a good condition, I don't think he will refuse. The black star is a smart person, and the smart person knows the current affairs." Gao De laughed and said nothing.


"It is difficult to say that according to the black star character model of the analysis of the soul of the soul, he is a typical profit-seeker. Three substitutions may not be able to impress him. The probability of rejection is 63%." Beccordy shook his head and turned his head. Not to mention him, in short, no matter what he promised, he will eventually need your ability to analyze the principles of evolutionary energy."


"Oh, listen at any time." Gao De smiled.



"I know that your abilities have never been seen before, but how much do you have to grasp the principle of evolutionary blocks with abilities? Don't say that you can't do it at the end."


"Now is zero. When it comes to super-a, there is a 70-80% confidence."


"So when can you get to super a level?" asked Bergrody.


Gao De laughed and said nothing.


Upon seeing it, Beckrodi knew that there was no answer to this question and shook his head. "In short, you have a good number in your heart. Remember, as long as you can analyze the mystery of the evolutionary block, you will make a great contribution to the empire. This is for you. The promotion will be of great help, and the head of the family will pay more attention to you."


He firmly supported the evolution of the box and turned over. Sorokin, who could only rely on private transactions, exerted pressure on the Black Star Corps. Because of the cooperation between the Black Star Legion and the Budding Consortium, it did not produce much effect until Gao De entered his sight. Beckrodi saw new hope.


As a direct potential superpower trained by the empire, Gao De has been swayed by various empire factions in the past ten years. The most closely related is the hardliner of Becorrodi, who made political investments in him early. Put on the faction brand.


After a pause, Beccordi’s words turned:


"This piece is put aside and talk about the chaos secrets you mentioned. This is the material revealed by the alien gods. This primitive power is very dangerous. If it can't be the host, even the natural disaster level will be If you die, your idea is not too risky?"


"No risk."


Beckrodi frowned. "Do you know that your abilities can control the secrets of chaos at the level of the Scourge?"


"Yes, this will allow me to reach super a level faster and grow faster." Gao Dehe smiled.


"Hey, you'd better be sure." Bekerodi said: "Chaotic secrets are the material of the different gods. This one does not flow into the hands of the empire. You get this information from other forces, and you pay. Give the empire, this is very good... There will be other forces to steal the secret of chaos, and the empire will intervene. I have already reported your application, and finally the empire will give you the secret of chaos, still Review."


"Not bad." Gao De smiled.