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The Legendary Life of an American Superhero

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The story begins with Lake.

Lake, male, female lover, the biggest dream is to draw his own kingdom of God from that damn plug-in.

Heroine A hot woman with the ability to modify reality! !

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Short Title:LLOAS
Alternate Title:某美漫的传奇人生
Weekly Rank:#1229
Monthly Rank:#1436
All Time Rank:#919
Tags:Adopted Children, Adopted Protagonist, Antihero Protagonist, Based on a Movie, Child Abuse, Childhood Love, Cold Protagonist, Discrimination, Evil Protagonist, Fan-fiction, God Protagonist, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Lottery System, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Modern Day, Nationalism, Racism, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Strong to Stronger, System, Vampires, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Penguin brand lottery system! How horrible! It's not the the first time I run into such system. Before I already thought author was an a**hole for introducing such a system. But later I found out that penguin brand gaming company actually exist in China. So the author is a victim too.

  2. This MC is too far gone to even remotely be able to play his part without insane plot armor. These novels are starting to build up a case of racial profiling against the authors. Murder for pride or “face”, killing without reason other than angry, non stop self complimenting about his views on everything from women to patriotism, constant racist comments…. This guys pride is to the point that he can do anything just shy of assassinating a politician’s child on camera. Oh wait… he did that. I made it to that point and I’m done… I like novels like this wether it’s dimensional travel to other stories or in this case it’s all one world. The MC just ruins the entire story. At some point in time someone needs to edit the “nationalism” out of its extreme racism into a more enjoyable story.

  3. I was saying this for a while, we should add a "unnecessary evil" tag for mc who kill randomly for no reason at all, or for really stupid and forced reasons.

  4. I think OP means unnecessary evil in the case that it was pointless and leads to no benefit for the protagonist. Typical villains you see in CN are evil because they pursue treasure, certain goals, etc. even cults in these novels who sacrificed people are evil but not unnecessary because they typically gain power or something else in return.

  5. in real world people like him are the worst type that are living delusional life of "i am the best, i am the only one who is important." and would take lifes of others for their own profit.

  6. the character is lazy, stubborn, egoistic, chauvinist(not patriotic way), and super mega racist. i read till 453 and there is no mention of wakanda, most of the African American are described as useless worms that are bad for society. he is ruthless to anyone and shows himself as smart though he is actually not, only reason for him being protagonist is because his life was arranged by author who is totally racist. novel good, but racism is annoying

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