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The Legendary Life of an American Superhero

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The story begins with Lake.

Lake, male, female lover, the biggest dream is to draw his own kingdom of God from that damn plug-in.

Heroine A hot woman with the ability to modify reality! !

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:LLOAS
Alternate Title:某美漫的傳奇人生
Weekly Rank:#247
Monthly Rank:#199
All Time Rank:#767
Tags:Adopted Children, Adopted Protagonist, Child Abuse, Childhood Love, Cold Protagonist, Discrimination, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Lack of Common Sense, Lottery System, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Nationalism, Pokemon, Racism, Rape, Sexual Abuse, System, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Edgy king wanna be without strength? Forgotten system? Stupid unknown past, suddenly he knew Hermione, Grangers and Ross were neighbor, what about US and UK man? Different country. Ancient One and Wanda secret deal? Stupid mysterious deal. Please next time you write something like this make it so we knew his past, his women from the beginning, not suddenly met Hermione, Sief?? Have FBI, Generals, etc as friend? Wtf man, this is just a wish fulfilment story. Use system when things are boring.

  2. Need to know his past? What? Go around and use another child plug in MC? Go read more books, not all stories need to use child MCs.

  3. fs701 he true. cruxio002 you dumbass. like always!!!. Chinese writers have always destroyed fan-fiction. Racism. nationalist. fvckyou of communism.

  4. hahahaha a bit "racist" ? " After all, Nick Fury’s skin color is dark. As we all know, his brain capacity is relatively small. Therefore, in order not to allow evil to defeat justice, nor to allow whites to defeat blacks, Nick Fury’s version of Hydra is Weakened.   Lake is not dark-skinned.    Yellow, wisdom first.   White, unlike the bottom happy white, Lake belongs to the elite white.    Natural. "

  5. like always!!!. Chinese writers have always destroyed fan-fiction. Racism. nationalist. fvckyou of communism. im very disappointed.

  6. I don't understand why he does not utilized the advantage of the lottery system. I even forgot he had a system, why give him a system if he will not use it anyway? The plot is just whatever written bullshit and mixed it together. If he does not have a system I would tolerate this kind of novel because it is somewhat good, but heck no, it irks me so much if the MC does not use his advantage (system) and somehow not died yet. This is unbelievably waste.

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