Chapter 897 Hotel Stress Disorder

The trip to the library ended, but who knew that Jin Lung Tianzun was still waiting outside.

“Did it take a long time? Did any of you bring out the book...Does this smell like a Buddha?”

Tianzun learned the ownership of the books on Jin's body in one breath, "I think I should have warned you when you came to the library. That guy is not a good person. Just make your own decision.

How many of you are there? What did you choose? "

The Heavenly Lord has taken care of you along the way, and these rewards can also be checked through the authority, so there is no need to hide them.

The treasure Reagan chose was quite special. It was the painting "Sleeping" created by John Everett Millais, a painter from Avalon - the hometown of the hero.

 In fact, he did not choose this treasure himself, but Miss Faye accidentally saw the painting printed on the book when she went out to read a book independently.

Even if it is just a printed image printed between the pages of a book, just looking at it makes Fay relax and want to fall asleep.

Her idea is very simple. Reagan is too tired on weekdays and has even been doing brain calculations without sleep in recent times. Even if he can clear his thinking cache at any time, he will inevitably accumulate fatigue slowly.

If such a painting can be hung in the resting place or taken with you, Faye can remind Reagan to take a good rest when necessary, and the two of them can return to the feeling of sleeping together.

 Just one look at the paintings can bring about the ultimate sleep and perfect soul rest.

“Well, it’s a very good decision.” Jin Lung Tianzun also gave a high evaluation, thinking that this thing is very suitable for Reagan.

Lorian's choice of things is naturally related to the moon. It is called "Moon Phase Stone" and is something produced in the Seventh Heaven.

 According to the description in the books, the moon **** who lives above collected the waning moons of many worlds and condensed the stones when dealing with some ruined worlds.

From the description, it is obviously a good thing, but more people seem to want to use it to find ‘descendants’ with moon attributes.

Even in a world as vast as the main material plane, individuals who can respond to the phases of the moon are very rare.

 Tianzun didn’t say much, and then looked at Yi Chen.

“You went to the library to borrow books, and you got your physical body back? It seems like you gained a lot. I can’t even directly check what you chose.”

Yi Chen could see that the other party was curious, so he said directly, "Rope."

"No wonder! It turns out to be a forbidden object of original sin... The higher-ups are actually willing to give you such a dangerous thing. However, it is understandable that the malicious threat has made them fully compromise."

 “Forbidden objects of original sin?”

“There are many kinds of evil gods born. Some people are born with evil nature, while others are not.

Those geniuses who could have become gods normally, or even helped the entire plane, went astray during their growth and committed original sin, leading them to embark on a special path that was not recorded in their destiny.

Those items that induce them to commit original sin, change their destiny, ultimately lead to the birth of evil gods, and even affect the trend of the entire plane are called [original sin forbidden items].

These things are either worn by the evil gods, or they are obtained by us and kept.

 The rope you choose is an important medium for the Dead Sea Evil God you worship when he hanged himself, allowing him to embark on a completely different path as an evil god.

If it weren't for the fact that the end is near, and if it weren't for the fact that you are that person's only believer, it would be impossible for the higher-ups to give you such a dangerous thing directly. "

 “Hang yourself? Didn’t you drown?”

“The body is hung, the soul is drowned, completely dead... It seems that you have not completely penetrated into the dead sea. This time, try to meet that existence through the medium.

If you can get that person to come forward to help, you may be able to delay the destruction of the world for a while.

Of course, it would be best if Yi Chen could completely inherit the other party's mantle. That person's situation is very unstable. By then, the evil has not affected our area, but the Dead Sea suddenly flooded us, which would be really troublesome. "

 “Well, there are a few more questions.”

“The person delivering the goods to your door will explain it more clearly about the rope issue.”

“It’s not the rope, but the administrator Jin and I met today when we were borrowing the Evil God’s books…”

Although Yi Chen ignored that person on the surface, he still valued him in his heart. The other person only relied on a doll to descend and was also suppressed by the facial talisman, but the aura he exuded was still terrifying.

As Yi Chen described it, Jin Lung Tianzun's expression became ugly.

“Impossible! How could [Thoth] cross the divine realm and invite the sealed evil **** of our [Ultimate Bliss and Sanqingtian] to manage the library?

That guy is an evil creature that we finally suppressed.

 Wait... Unless the guy died and a ray of spirit slipped out from the tomb and followed the lead to the [Scale of Life and Death]. Or rather, what little tricks are those guys above doing during my absence? "

 “Evil thing? Evil god?”

“This guy is an early evil god... He has existed almost since the creation of God’s Domain. He is the ancestor of zombies and other evil things, and his name is [Hou Qing].

That guy's corpse curse was quite terrifying, and many worlds were transformed into zombie worlds because of it.

He didn’t do anything to you, did he? "

 “It’s okay, I just want to touch our bodies frequently.”

"Did you touch him? If you really touched him, you have to go to Sanqingtian with me now, and I will personally remove the corpse poison for you."

“I sensed the danger and didn’t let him touch me.”

"That's good~ have less contact with that guy... The group of guys above are really getting more and more chaotic. During my absence from Sanqingtian, they actually did this kind of thing.

It is estimated that before long, this group of people will try to let evil gods like [Hou Qing] go to the front line to suppress evil spirits. "

Yi Chen did not think about the matters between these gods. In Yi Chen's opinion, for such a person related to the corpse, he could introduce an acquaintance to him.

 At this point,

The series of events triggered by "Searching for William" has almost come to an end. Even if it is not satisfactory, there are still some questions that have not yet been solved, but at least everyone is in a good state now.

Just when Yi Chen breathed a sigh of relief, he was ready to go back and have a good rest before thinking about William's affairs.

Who knows?

 When the four of them walked to the [Yundian Hotel], which was specially designed to accommodate foreign recruits, a feeling of discomfort from the depths of their souls instantly arose.

Even though I know that the hotel in front of me is completely harmless, I still feel very uncomfortable. My body is resisting staying in a building with "hotel properties" like this.

 It was the first time for Kim and Reagan to come here. After going to the last non-god counter to check in, they went back to their rooms in silence, which shows how big the impact of the [disaster] was.

If the opponent hadn't let go of a horse intentionally, the four of them might have been completely wiped out.

Back in the guest room that was filled with the smell of death, Yi Chen, who was showered under the cold water, had no intention of resting. Even though his body was very tired, his spirit was completely unwilling to fall asleep.

  Took out the video tape with the smiling face on it, as well as the spare projector that Reagan had built in advance, and connected it to the hotel TV.


With the transition of colorful stripes, several regular fonts popped up on the TV screen.

I’m so sorry! Smiley Face Theater is undergoing internal maintenance and sanitation cleaning, please wait for the relevant notice of subsequent performances≯

Yichen directly pulled out a chair and sat in front of the TV, doing nothing but blinking.

 One hour…two hours…eight hours.

 Finally a sound came from the TV,

 “Forget it~Katherine, move the board away.”

Soon, octopus tentacles penetrated into several corners of the TV screen, and the white panel with correct fonts was moved away, revealing William sitting in the office, eating instant noodles and reading a book.

“Hey~ Mr. Yi, really... don’t be so hasty! I haven’t even thought about what lines I’m going to use to fool you so that you don’t associate the [Manager] with me.

 But you are too smart, and even after thinking about it, I can’t find the right words to say.

 Ask, I will try my best to answer you...but please believe me, I am definitely on your side. "

Yi Chen did not ask directly, but made a request.

 “Let me come in and talk to you.”

William looked embarrassed, "It's better to say goodbye! I'm very afraid of being beheaded. It's too scary."

 Seeing that Yi Chen was silent in front of the TV, William finally chose to compromise, "Wait a moment..."

The brightness of the TV suddenly changed slightly,

The chair Yi Chen was sitting on instantly evolved into an audience chair in the theater. The skull of the theater was instantly buckled on Yi Chen's head, and his consciousness was pulled into the space of the video tape...

 (End of this chapter)