Chapter 896 The choice of death


Yi Chen's right leg, which was broken due to kicking the door, was tied with an iron chain. He maintained a normal walking posture and formally entered the sealed hidden library.

Because the barrier of the door completely disappeared, the feeling that pulled Yi Chen increased several times.

Yichen was completely immersed in this feeling of death,

 He no longer pays attention to the situation behind him, whether it is the effect of the broken magic weapon on Jin's body and the book, or the interaction with the administrator.

As we walked, the ground began to tilt. The library was supposed to be level, but he was walking downhill in some way,

 Looking down, I saw that the floor that should have been covered with floor tiles had decayed and sunk.

The surrounding walls have also fallen off on a large scale. Judging from some metal fragments, there should be some kind of warning posted here.

 The bookshelf at the end has long since collapsed, and the books are scattered.

 The ground has also reached its deepest depression, with a vertical height difference of nearly 100 meters from the original horizontal plane of the library. Yi Chen also felt an inexplicable sense of suffocation, as if the air down here was extremely thin, which made him feel uncomfortable in his current living state.

Various old and broken books were scattered among the rotten mud pits or piles of sand, and Yi Chen rummaged through them one after another.

 "The Black and Gold Ribbon of Anubis"

 "Order of the Magistrate of Fengdu" *You need to go to Yincao in person to try to obtain this item

 《Ancient Coins of Styx》


This book all records treasures related to death, which also correspond to gods with the attributes of death, and even many death gods gathered together.

But Yi Chen did not waste too much time reading these books. He was still looking for induction, digging in the earth with his hands, trying to find what was hidden deep down.

 Until he dug into underground water... sea water to be exact! Although the amount is very small, only a shallow layer, it is certain that there is definitely something related to the Dead Sea gods here.

 Sure enough,

 A completely soaked book was found by Yi Chen. Many of the handwriting on the cover was no longer legible.

    ███'s Hanging Rope"

 The relevant records in the book were all damaged due to being soaked in water for a long time, and not a single word could be read clearly. But even so, Yi Chen knew very well that this thing was extremely important to him.


"Mr. Yi, have you found what you are looking for? We have been waiting for you for a long time, and we are ready to go out!"

Jin held the book that combined the Broken Sword and the evil **** Mi Buddha, and shouted Yi Chen's name loudly but received no response.

The administrator with the yellow talisman on his forehead also became interested in the combination of the book and the broken sword, and focused on Jin, but he suddenly felt something at this time.

 “Something’s not right, come with me.”

The zombie-like administrator walked in front, and Jin quickly followed.

As we go deeper, waves of uncomfortable lifeless energy continue to spread outward.

However, the ground they were walking on did not **** or sink. There was just a death fog filling the rows of bookshelves, and the sound of the tide could even be heard.

When the two of them reached the deepest point, a strange scene came into view.

Yi Chen actually took off his coat and made it into a hanging rope, hanging himself high in the air. He had obviously been hanging for a while, his entire eyeball was completely protruding, and his whole body exuded a strong aura of death.

However, it was precisely in this hanging state that he slowly stretched out his hand to search for something on the top of the deepest bookshelf. Yi Chen actually grabbed the "dead" books out of death.

 But these books were not what he wanted, and they were all thrown on the ground.

The administrator saw the problem, "Oh... the state between life and death~ It is very difficult to maintain it for a long time~"

He looked at Yi Chen, who was hanging in the air and was basically unconscious, and floated over quietly, intending to take this opportunity to touch the other person's body.

Suddenly there were thousands of dead people staring at him in the dark,

In a blink of an eye, he not only saw the appearance of all the dead, he even saw a completely sealed dark building built by the dead.

If the administrator continues to insist on touching them, these dead people may go berserk. Although he is not afraid, he will definitely cause damage to the library.

 Considering that he is not very free now, he can only retreat.

In the end, the hanging Yi Chen took out a soaked book from the dead room, and the clothes controlled by Huang Pi were immediately untied and put on again.

 “Cough cough cough!”

Yi Chen coughed violently as he fell to the ground, coughing up all kinds of sand, stone bricks, filth and even some broken limbs that contained death from his mouth. These are all side effects caused by previous exposure to different categories of death books.

"The living body is really inconvenient..." Yi Chen wiped the stains from the corner of his mouth and couldn't help complaining. Then he looked at the administrator who had followed him, "Can you get the treasure corresponding to this book?"

“I am just the administrator of this library, and I am a temporary worker. I am only responsible for ensuring that there will be no trouble here.

It is true that treasures become ineffective. If you can find the treasure corresponding to the book, you have to go to the front desk and ask. "


Yichen glanced at the book Jin held in his hand that exuded a strange evil aura, and then walked directly out the door.

The administrator's voice soon came from behind, "Hey! If you are interested in the corpse, you can come to me in Sanqingtian in the future... But I don't live with those gods.

 My true body is sealed in a very deep place. However, these gods have been retreating steadily recently, so they may have to find an excuse to release me.

 Hope there will be another chance to meet again in the future. "

Yi Chen nodded slightly and left the current passage.


  【Library Hall】

Lorian and Reagan have both selected books and submitted them, and they will be delivered to their doorsteps within 48 hours.

When they saw Yi Chen and Jin walking out of the far end passage, the staff in the library hall all put down their work because they could feel that the books that should have been sealed were now being brought out.

Lorian naturally noticed this uneasy atmosphere and looked at the two of them thoughtfully.

 “Mr. Yi seems to have had an unexpected gain.”

"Hmm... I found the book of death. Lorien, you should also have got something related to the moon, right?"


As a book with white mucus flowing and a foaming book were placed on the lending table, bang! A bolt of lightning actually penetrated the library and fell on the ordinary staff inside the counter.

A dark blue heron head mark appeared between the eyebrows, as if he was possessed by a descending body.

“No one has been to that library for a long time, but unexpectedly I borrowed two very special books.

Has this book related to Mi Buddha changed? According to the requirements, you need to go to Mishan Temple in person. It is extremely dangerous there. I think the administrator has informed you.

If you insist on borrowing it, we will handle the round-trip service to Mishan Temple for you to ensure that you are absolutely safe on the way to Mishan Temple and back.

 But if you can't come back, it has nothing to do with us. "

 “I’ll borrow this one.”

As soon as Jin handed over the book, her bracelet was immediately given the authority to call a special "taxi driver" at any time and ensure absolute safety during the ride.

 The staff then took the books from Paofa, “I didn’t expect that [He] would actually recruit believers.

 We can give you this rope directly.

  However, since the rope itself is rated as a "hazardous object", once exposed to the air, it may cause collective suicide at the city level. Currently, there are only five isolation zones in [City of Shells] that can completely envelop the aura emitted by this rope.

 You can only take out the rope and use it yourself within these five isolation areas.

 If you cause mass deaths, you will be held accountable. "

 “Well, how long will it take to give it to me?”

“Similar to other treasures, it will be delivered to your hotel within 48 hours.”


 (End of this chapter)

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