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Thousands of races coexist, swords and magic complement each other, human races, sea races, elves, dwarves, orcs… vie to be the first to bloom the light of civilization and write an epic tragedy!

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Haiyue’s new book is here, please take good care of the seedlings!

Friends who are short of books, please move to “Journey to the Heavens”, “Holy Roman Empire”, “Road to the Mediterranean Hegemony”

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Short Title:TK
Alternate Title:国王
Author:new sea moon 1
Weekly Rank:#36
Monthly Rank:#60
All Time Rank:#5814
Tags:Dwarfs, Elves, European Ambience, Kingdom Building, Knights, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Orcs, Pets, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sword And Magic, Transmigration, Wars Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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  1. Tag action , system , apocalyse novel indo app fizzo Judul : Ordinary Person in the Middle of Chaos( Reality & Virtual) Author : zxxkil / zxx_kil Genre : Fantasi , CountDown Apocalypse , System , Game, Action , Hewan Mutan , Pedang , PetPartner , Soul Sl*ve , Sedikit Dew*sa Aplikasi : Fizzo Note : Slow Plot : pemuda biasa hanya sebagai kurir online menemukan tempat seperti miniatur monas dan disebut, nah , kekuatan didapatkan untuk countdown hitungan mundur yg dianggap sebagai apocalypse atau kiamat,lanjutan silakan baca di fizzo

  2. A good funny novel and above all very refreshing in these times of saturation, I hope the quality remains the same in the future

  3. I am already in 150 not only it did not play any role after he absorb 5 soul except getting good at archery, the rest how he is in debt, or how he manage territory or other irrevelant bla bla bla. There is no cheat play at all. Magician or god or other fantasy subtance seem like a filler. This is more like medival poltical novel with little magic. And that magic of this novel world is low level magic world, evn mortal soilder can kill fasle god clone. There is too little fantasy element

  4. Go fizzo ada di fizzo Judul : Ordinary Person in the Middle of Chaos( Reality & Virtual) Genre : Fantasi , CountDown Apocalypse , System , Game , Action , Hewan Mutan , Pedang , PetPartner , Soul Sl*ve , Sedikit Dew*sa Note : Slow Plot. Apk : fizzo

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