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Thousands of races coexist, swords and magic complement each other, human races, sea races, elves, dwarves, orcs… vie to be the first to bloom the light of civilization and write an epic tragedy!

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Short Title:TK
Alternate Title:国王
Author:new sea moon 1
Weekly Rank:#865
Monthly Rank:#688
All Time Rank:#1968
Tags:Army Building, Arranged Marriage, Dragon Riders, Dwarfs, Elves, European Ambience, Harem, Kingdom Building, Knights, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Orcs, Pets, Politics, Pregnancy, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sword And Magic, Transmigration, Wars, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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  1. Review. It is a solid 4/5 to me. Reading through Hudson's journey from puny second-son of a knight, basically a spare. To becoming one of the biggest noble of the Alpha Kingdom is a good read. He reached the ceiling of status when he became the Duke. Anyway, this novel had the business, economy, kingdom-building, and warfare if you are looking for that. The main character defining trait is too cautious lile "Protect the Patriarch" Novel. But never forget who is the author, it is New sea moon, the one who wrote "Holy Roman Empire" etc. As you could expect, it has the best nation-to-nation or states interaction, international politics but since this fantasy medieval, it has local politics too. MC is ambitious but cautious to a fault but he is a brilliant commander, attaining the title Marshal. Anyway, it is fine kingdom read, I feel emotional reading the final chapters on Chinese raw sites, it's quite journey, really. The politics is the highest point of this. But plot-wise its kinda ok. It is low-fantasy with typical Fantasy elements. I don't know if people will like it since it is rare to like New Sea Moon novel if you are not interested to political games.

  2. SPOILER SPOILER STOP READ The ending is kinda unsatisfactory to be honest. Hudson reached his peak strength and started to let go secular world affairs. While strong, it does not mean his loved ones too. In 300 years, many of his sons died of old age not reaching his level of cultivation, the same for his main wife but his mistress is with him. Many of his friends died too, as Hudson is the only person at the moment to reach the 4th level Sanctuary, but Maxim & Bear Stearns are still with because those guys have very long lifespans. The title of novel made me expect him becoming a King but in the end, he didn't became a king. But in fairness, it is kinda worthless to become one. But he did became a Principality. So I guess technically, he still did became a king or prince, haha. Anhwah

  3. Does anyone know of novel in which protagonist makes his troops stronger by experiments and travels to a world with greek gods and is mistaken by Hades as his son

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