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This is a world where a king is the most powerful.

Being a king make you can travel through the world and choose the strongest people in the sub-worlds as retinues

As long as countries are established in different dimension spaces, they can integrate their resources, land, civilization, and cultivation system into their own king’s world to expand their territories and accelerate the process of civilization.

Qin Yi soon discovered that these dimensions were familiars to him from his previous life.

in Naruto s world, the integration of ninja civilization, the whole people are ninja. into bleach world, conquer the world, expand the world map let the world evolve into a shinigami civilization.

Is this just finished? No, everything is just beginning!

Dragon Ball, journey to the west, Marvels, Pirates, all the sub-worlds, is the nourishment of the King’s world civilization!

The first subject he met was Gandalf

The first world is Naruto’s.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:KOW
Alternate Title:国王世界
Weekly Rank:#9376
Monthly Rank:#3218
All Time Rank:#2428
Tags:Bloodlines, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harsh Training, Humanoid Protagonist, Hunters, Inheritance, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Multiple Transported Individuals, Naruto, One Piece, Reincarnated in Another World, Ruthless Protagonist, Special Abilities, Sword Wielder, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong, World Travel, Younger Sisters,
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14 Comments on “The King of The Worlds
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  1. Tinggalkan jejak volume 8 chapter 2,sejauh ini ceritanya bagus cuman pas mulai volume 7 pertengahan samapai ke volume 8,ceritanya udah gak focus menjelajahi dan menaklukkan dunia lagi,jadi kesannya agak terburu-buru, Ceritanya bercerita tentang manusia bumi transmigrasi ke mahluk yang disebut raja dengan kemampuan memiliki dunia dan menaklukkan dunia lain,cheat MC nya itu pengetahuan tentang dunia yang ditaklukkan itu dunia film jadi dia punya keunggulan

  2. Kekurangan nya itu MC nya punya warga yang kuat tapi dia masih aja kadang kadang masuk dunia sendirian dan pas punya wilayah baru buka gerbang dan jadi kuat sendiri terus buka gerbang biar warganya masuk dunia,kan bisa sama sama masuk Ama warganya dan tumbuh kuat sama sama misal kalau ada musuh udah gampang ngelawan daripada sendirian,agak bego pemikiran MC nya

  3. Novela recomendada, muy buena novela y crecimiento de MC empieza con sindrome de emperador y tonto de pensamiento, pero conforme avanza la historia crece mentalmente y espiritualmente, muy buen desarrollo de personajes secundarios e historias, casi nada de nacionalismo o racismo, lastima de los pocos capitulos de la novela, seria una buena novela de 2000 capitulos :c PDT: Algunos capitulos estan cortados a la mitad o partes faltantes, aqui estan los capitulos completos: https://www.ahdsez.com/xs/10321/

  4. it is good expect for the difficult name and his unreasonable politics, he is a fool in politics like come on killing a country leader lol..and if not for plot armor and that unreasonable eating where chakra increase thats bullshit

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