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The Joy of Her Two Worlds [Rebirth]

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Hard-mouthed, soft-hearted, arrogant and arrogant lady x cold and stubborn scholar!
Ten years after Jiang Chi had a crush on Qin Sishao, he forced Qin Sishao to marry her.
Two years later, Jiang Chi handed over the divorce agreement. Qin Sishao didn’t say a word or sign it with any hesitation. That night, she packed up and left.
Jiang Chi regretted it, she didn’t want to divorce at all, but whenever Qin Sishao asked why she divorced? She didn’t leave, but Qin Sishao didn’t.
After being reborn, Jiang Chi felt that Qin Sishao’s icy stone, whoever wants it, can’t cover her up, anyway, she won’t like her anymore.
Soon after school started, Qin Sishao asked Jiang Chi, “Are you going to do homework with me this week?”
Jiang Chi thought, do I look like someone who can do homework? To the mouth is: “Yes, where? What time will we meet?”
Later, Qin Sishao asked again, “Will you go to the same university as me?”
Jiang Chi lost his temper completely at that moment, and replied softly, “Yes.”
Later, Qin Sishao asked Jiang Chi with a pair of clean cat eyes, “Are you going to marry me?”
Jiang Chi blushed and said fiercely, “Of course.”
Qin Sishao grew up in a patriarchal family. In order to leave that family, she studied diligently and restrained herself.
At the age of fifteen, Qin Sishao met a girl named Jiang Chi.
Because of one person, she fell in love with the city she just wanted to get away from.
But they are too young at the age of fifteen…
When he became an adult, Qin Sishao went to many countries, but he never found the person he wanted to meet.
See you in ten years, Jiang Chi forced Qin Sishao to get married, Qin Sishao was happy, she agreed.
Two years later, Jiang Chi wanted to divorce, Qin Sishao was sad, she agreed.
Never thought that Jiang Chi died.
A diary that Jiang Chi had written for ten years was delivered to Qin Sishao.

Content tags: rebirth, sweet text, growth, campus, modern, mutual attack
Search keywords: protagonist: Jiang Chi, Qin Sishao ┃ supporting role: Zhao Changning ┃ others:

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Short Title:TJHTW
Alternate Title:她两世的欢喜[重生]
Author:Ye Anbao
Weekly Rank:#6681
Monthly Rank:#8334
All Time Rank:#9592
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. Is this going to show everything up until the rebirth in the first life? As of chapter 10, I don't see anything about rebirth so far. Kind of confused.

  2. I wanted to ask about an novel where the female lead transmigrated into a novel and j to young child named Bai zi whose father adopted the Novel female lead and his father and brother dote on her not on Bai zi so after transmigration she cut ties with them and lives with her grandfather . It is based on the 80s or 90s i think

  3. I know there will always be jealousy moments in this type of plot. Just wanna ask, does that took long or not? I know I'm being weird but I really can't stand jealousy moments, to the point that it causes extreme misunderstanding between the MC and FL, resulting to drama😂

  4. The book is called 同居后我把她吓哭了 by the same author of this book but the summary seems like it has been rewritten? but i saw that the MC and FL are still named Ji Yaoguang and Wei Mingxiang so yeah you can just take a look at it to see if am right or wrong

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