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The Journey Starts From the Fairy Tail

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The computer exploded and Zifeng, who had died, suddenly awakened. . . Originally a child of the universe, through the power of the Mystic King Temple, he crossed to the fairy tail, and since then began Fei Lu’s life in the second dimension. .

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Short Title:TJSFFT
Alternate Title:穿越从妖精的尾巴开始
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Tags:Anti-social Protagonist, Cheat, Dragon Slayers, Evil Protagonist, Fairies, Fan-fiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Naive Protagonist, Naruto, OP MC, System, Weak to Strong,
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59 Comments on “The Journey Starts From the Fairy Tail
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  1. I hate this kind of MC. Clearly he knows when acknologia will appear. If he works a little harder, he can have power to fight acknologia. But he is too busy jacking off and chasing skirt! It pisses me off! 😡😡😡

  2. I don't understand this MC. He has God level gun skills. So it's natural to forge a gun artifact. But he forged a multiple setting daito from regions, which does not include the gun setting at all. Now he's fussing over mastering other weapons. On top of all this, his main profession is magician. Wtf! Is it just me, or is the MC's development direction all over the place??!

  3. Hi can i know who is Granty in fairy tail and if possible the other characters in fairy tail too? Checked the wiki but couldn't find them. (Haven't watched fairy tail yet)

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