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The Invincible World From Douluo

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Novel Summary

“Among Douluo, know Ah Yin, establish the religion, destroy Qianxun, and be invincible!”

“During the fight, save Yunyun, collect the different fires, destroy the soul emperor, and preach and be the ancestor”

“While traveling to the west, the Heavenly Palace, the Broken Spirit Mountain, the Emperor Zhantian, sentient beings worship me!”

“Among the white snakes, save Xiaobai, Slayer State Master, and destroy the Snake Mother. Five hundred years later, I will punish Xu Xuan!”

“Among the super gods, save Kesha, destroy Huaye, teach the goddess to cultivate immortals!”

Starting from Douluo, fox demon, martial arts, master, fairy sword, lotus lantern, white snake origin, super god, Dou Po, Journey to the West, Conferred God… the heavens and all realms are all adorable (surrendered) in that golden road At the foot of the figure.

“Crush the ant, energy +0.0001, experience +0.0001, supernatural powers are infinite, and can be upgraded to the heavens and the earth!”

“Kill the colorful magic spider, energy +1, experience +1, supernatural power spider web, you can upgrade the sky and earth web!”

“Kill the ground squirrel, energy +10, experience +10, magical power drill hole, can be upgraded to the golden light!”

“Kill the ghost tiger, energy +100, experience +100, supernatural power shadow clone, can be upgraded with one gas and three clear!”

The heavens and all realms, I am invincible, from heaven to earth, omnipotent!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TIWFD
Alternate Title:从斗罗开始之万界无敌
Author:The Suckling Pig
Weekly Rank:#534
Monthly Rank:#403
All Time Rank:#1563
Tags:Douluo Dalu, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Half-human Protagonist, Level System, Lucky Protagonist, Martial Spirits, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System,
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  1. So u r the kind of fool like Edward stark from GOT u would let ur sister who is to become the next ceo of the biggest company of ur country marry a farmer would be able to do that if yes then I pray no woman ever have u as a brother or father in their life

  2. A random survey: does reading machine translated novels affect your grammar and lexicon? Please honest answer. I am curious. My grammatical knowledge and lexicon seems to be getting worst.

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