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Above the main hall, Wang Chong's body is tall and straight, even if he faces the three sons who are enshrined by a group of royals and surrounded by the emperor, he has no fear.


Since the picture has been poorly seen, Sanzi Xuan has also admitted that Wang Chong naturally does not need to cover up.



What about the imperial power?


What is the status of fame?


For Wang Chong, he never cares about it from beginning to end. He respects the imperial power because the imperial power and his goal are the same, and they are moving in the same direction. They are all for the benefit of the world and the mountains and rivers.


However, the imperial power is inhuman, and people like San Zixuan, who have the power to ascend the throne and the imperial power, run back and have something to fear.


Fame! Lilu! Does Sanzi Xuan really think that these things can bind him?


"you you you!"


Under the Great Hall, the three sons of Xuanqiu trembled, and the seven baboons smoked. He was the emperor and the orthodox of the Li Tang royal family!


Below the emperor, everyone is an ant. As a prince, he received an education from a young age. The military order is like a mountain. There is no joke. The emperor wants to do whatever he wants. Now a small court official dares to be unscrupulous in front of him. It’s just that!



"Globe! You are a chaotic thief, even dare to be so disobedient in front of you! Really thought that I can't kill you?"


"You resist the purpose of disrespect, rebellious rebellion, and today declare your guilt! Sentence to your king's family for a crime of rebellion, not just you, today everyone in the king's family is going to die!"


Sanzi Xuanqi was trembling, his face was blue and his face was very incomparable. At this moment, he was not just out of anger.


It was the deepest scar in his heart and the most taboo thing in his heart. Aroused the murder in his heart!


"Come on! Kill the thief!"


That moment, rumbling, like a thunder, the voice of the emperor sounded through the palace, spread throughout the capital.


At the time, the Jingshi vibrates, the southeast and northwest, countless streets and alleys, and the teahouses are looking at Wang Chong.


On the other side, not far from the palace gate, Song Wang and Zhang Qiu and Qiong, who had not gone far, were shocked. The two looked at each other and turned their heads to look at the direction of the palace. Both of them changed their faces.



Inside the palace, with the sizzling sizzling of the three sons, the tense atmosphere in the hall suddenly rose several levels.


Even Wang Chong, standing above the main hall, instantly changed his face.


Regardless of whether Sanzi Xuan is faint or incompetent, at least in name, he is indeed the emperor of Datang!


There is no joke!


Based on these words, regardless of the follow-up of this matter, Wang Chong and the entire Wang family will be in a state of extreme danger!


The king is always a king, and he still has supreme power. No matter what Wang Chong does, he can't change it.


If today's matter cannot be properly resolved, I am afraid that Datang will have no foreign king!




However, in the hall, a famous Emperor Longwei, the royal family enshrine, with the order of Sanzi Xuan immediately murdered to Wang Chong, a suffocating suffocating like a landslide and tsunami, burst out and surging.


In the face of such an attack, Wang Chong has no luck.



"The beast, shot!"


In the midst of a thousand miles, in the face of this unprecedented terrorist crisis, Wang Chong looked dignified and suddenly screamed out.




Wang Chong’s voice just fell, and it sounded like a human being, and the roar of the beast and the beast suddenly sounded in everyone’s mind.




However, a blink of an eye, Wang Chong's voice just fell, in an instant, an unprecedented unprecedented, so that the heavens and the earth are eclipsed by the spirit of the storm, overwhelming, from the bursting of Wang Chong's arms, shrouded the entire hall!


Wang Chong experienced the northwestern battle and absorbed all the spiritual power of the big priest. He has already become terrible, at least ten times as strong as the same level.


This majestic spirit is enough for Wang Chong to laugh at the vast majority of the world's strong.


However, such a powerful mental power, compared with the beast in the nucleus of his life, is immediately like a firefly in the moon, becoming bleak and eclipsed!



In the Battle of the Northwest, the beasts devour at least the mental power of the seven or eight hundred thousand eateries, and in the follow-up wars, more swallows, such a huge spiritual power, and now the beasts are powerful beyond the imagination of the people. .


The reason why Wang Chong dared to "drink" the glass of poisonous wine relied on the strength of the beast.


- Wang Chong did not drink poisonous wine at all. All things, including the illusion of standing in the same place, are all masterpieces of the beast.


When everyone's attention is concentrated on Wang Chong, this gives the beast a chance to be awkward!


The gap between heaven and earth is such that the beast is enough to play a huge role in this chaotic Taiji Temple.




The earth roared, and when the beasts tried their best to display them, the invisible and invisible spiritual power even turned into something that could be seen with a string of meat. Everyone tried to resist, but it was like a banyan tree. Not an opponent.


- They have been branded by the beasts in their minds. Where can they resist?



Just in the blink of an eye, the shadow floats and shrouds.




I only heard a burst of screaming screaming, and I was attacking the sky and went to Wang Chong to attack the sky. Most of the time, I suddenly changed direction and rushed to other people beside me.


The elbow was changed, and the strongest one, the Emperor Dragon, was suddenly attacked and suddenly became confused.




Seeing this scene, Sanzi Xuan was so angry that he made a violent drink.




A roar, a emptiness vibrate, his body swayed, and when others were controlled by the beasts, they came straight out and went toward Wang Chong at an alarming rate.




At the same time as he rushed out, the emptiness of the sky, a thrilling dragon, erupted from his body.


In Wang Chong's gaze, the golden light of the three sons is blazing, the golden yellow suffocating, the vastness of his body, into a golden dragon in his body, and Sanzi Xuan is in the center.



Against the backdrop of the dragon, Sanzi Xuan's whole person looks like a prisoner, and the momentum is huge.


Shocking Dragons!


Although Sanzixuan does not learn without surgery, he is faint and incompetent, but after all, he is a royal family. He accepts the most orthodox education of the royal family. Although he cannot compare with the power of the Holy Emperor, Sanzi Xuan is not the kind of nothing. A general generation.


"go to hell!"


The three sons of Xuan palm shot, the rolling suffocating overwhelming, immediately turned into a million torrents, leaning toward Wang Chong.


Seeing this scene, Wang Chong couldn't help but blink, and felt a strong crisis in his heart.


Sanzi Xuan’s martial arts experience and combat skills include all martial arts, and it is absolutely different from the Holy Emperor, but the body is, after all, the Holy Emperor, filled with the enormous power of the Holy Emperor.


It was like a three-year-old child with a long gun in his hand. He might have no strength. He couldn’t be fired at all, but as long as the gun was in his hands, he could still exert a great threat.



The situation of Sanzixuan at this time is very similar to this.


"Da Luo Xian Gong!"


In the twinkling of an eye, Wang Chong glanced at him and quickly rushed to the extreme. The shocking roar of Wang Chong was shining behind the golden light. The golden buildings were majestic and sturdy, and quickly appeared behind Wang Chong.




The madness of the sky fell, this time Wang Chong’s Da Luo Xian Gong did not play the role of the sea, melting the role of all things. The devastating madness of the sky swept down and instantly shattered the thirty-three days after Wang Chong’s body.


The suffocating spirit of the Holy Emperor is too strong, and the energy nature of suffocating is far more than that of Wang Chong.


When the influx of suffocating gas, Wang Chong felt that the energy was burning like a flame, and the ability of Da Luo Xian Gong could not be supported.


This is the first time that Wang Chong has been unable to absorb the conversion energy since he learned Da Luo Xian Gong.





Wang Chong's reaction was very fast. At the moment of the thirty-three days of splitting, he quickly applied the technique of Shadow Magic, and with the impact of the helium, the small gap that oscillated, quickly pulled out.


This time reflects the gap between the experience of Sanzi Xuan and Wang Chong.


If it is the real Emperor's shot, Wang Chong will never have any chance, but Sanzi Xuankong has a strong tyrannical strength, but he has not been able to seize this opportunity and is deadly to Wang Chong.


However, despite this, the horrible power of the Holy Emperor still caused a great impact on Wang Chong.




Wang Chong only moved more than ten feet and was still hit by the edge of the suffocating air. He hit the wall of the Taiji Temple and slipped off the wall.


The three sons are insignificant, but the strength of the three sons is still not comparable to Wang Chong.


Just a blow, with a small terrain, Sanzi Xuan still succeeded in getting Wang Chong injured.


Not only that, but when Wang Chong was injured, the shouting and killing sounds in the hall suddenly became much quieter.



Although influenced and controlled by the beasts, there are still some determined celestial emperors and royals who are enshrined, and after a brief loss, they get rid of the control of the beasts.




Their eyes were cold, and they quickly locked in Wang Chong not far away. No matter who is in front of you, even if it is an alien king who is admired by everyone, as long as the Holy Emperor orders, everyone will not hesitate to kill the past.


For the emperor and the offering, obeying the command is the value of his existence.




And everything is far more than that, just in the moment when Wang Chong and Sanzi Xuan played against each other, the earth roared, and the intensive footsteps came from all directions like the tide.


I don’t know how many Jinwuwei and the banned army, and heard the screams from the three sons of Xuanxuan, gathered from various places in the palace, the huge momentum is very incomparable, one circle, two circles, three circles... If you look at the temple at this time, your eyes will be overlooked, and you will find countless Jinwuwei, Yulinjun, and Yulinjun.


I felt that the outside of the temple was densely packed and more and more banned. At this moment, Wang Chong was also heavy in his heart and his face was pale.