"The Heroine's Route Is Wrong [Quick Pass]" Author: Yue Xia Qingling


She fulfilled her obsession with people and saw all the misfortunes of the hard-failed women of all ages. To change her destiny, she first stood up spiritually and became her own queen.

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The original partner of the champion man (completed)

The Revenge of the Little Widow in the Country (Completed)

Ugly girls in the fairy world are more troublesome (completed)

The ungrateful rescued girl (completed)

The cold girl of the Republic of China is famous in the world (completed, this unit is long, the brain is free, readers will consider their receptive ability, and carefully consider subscribing to this unit)

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The transferred daughter of Houmen (completed)

Educated youth from rural areas enter the city (completed)

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Cannon fodder prince’s favorite concubine (completed. Currently the longest, the process and ending are not mainstream, readers may subscribe as needed)

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The ugly daughter of ugly father and ugly mother (completed)

Bai Fumi, who killed the stallion (completed)

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A woman in the dust in a labor camp (completed)

The ruined and rebellious princess (completed)


1. The author has stepped into the "fat circle" with one foot and does not drink "Ginseng Rooster Soup".

2. The free three-view guidance is declined. The author has given up treatment. Angels should not save the author and waste charitable resources.

3. Kindly remind that this article has a lot of realism, not for the sake of beauty and beauty, friends who are not used to it, click the X in the upper right corner in time.

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Inventory of outstanding works of Hyundai Romance in 2018

A brief review of the work: vip pushes the medal

Zhao Qingyi accidentally became a task manager who claimed to be a "bad woman whitewashing system". She rewrote the lives of many characters who were not enough in her life. She didn't follow the route of attacking men, and got rid of the original circle of characters, but she did not lose her human touch. A woman doesn't need to care whether she is the protagonist or supporting role in other people's lives, but to become a better herself. Heroic beauty, women don't have to wait for a hero who doesn't know if they will come, they can also become a hero whose light surpasses men. Because beautiful women love heroes, son of Shijia also loves heroines.

This article is composed of units. The heroine gradually grows up. Although it is a fast-moving story, the character is full of character. The work adheres to the author's humor, interlocking, and echoing from the beginning to the end, the plot breaks through the conventional routine, the climax is repeated, and the pattern is getting bigger. It is a fascinating and worthy of quick-through essay.

Modern Pan Jinlian

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