Zhao Qingyi looked at the flowers and gifts from the manager, and the man opposite showed his most charming smile.

"Don't you open it and take a look?"

Zhao Qingyi looked at the box and said, "A bracelet?"

Allen said, "You can count it!"

Zhao Qingyi said: "Then I'll guess again, a custom-made Perkin bracelet with more fleshy words engraved on it."


Zhao Qingyi said, opening, he shrugged and said: "You guessed it well, I wanted to give you a little surprise."

He finally stopped saying exactly the same lines, and Zhao Qingyi let out a sigh of relief.

"I will put it on for you?" His smile and eyes were teasing.

Perhaps Zhao Qingyi should describe his good looks, good figure and taste in clothes, as well as his education and annual income, in order to set off the thumping heart of the little woman who is favored by the overbearing president. However, Zhao Liumang, who had refused once, and had done many tasks in an unbelievable manner, who had always loved to collapse other people's creations, couldn't notice his extraordinary charm.

"Why are you giving this to me?"

Allen stared at her for a while, then he smiled suddenly and said, "Don't you understand?"

Zhao Qingyi said: "I work with Micheal. I have a good job performance. You don't need to reward me directly. Besides, if you want to reward, the bonus is just fine."

Allen said, "Michelle, don't you really understand, do I like you?"

Zhao Qingyi said, "Don't you have a girlfriend? I've heard that she is very good. You have been together for five years."

The man lowered his eyes, paused for a while, looked up and said: "I think I like you better, I want to try with you. Shouldn't women fight for it? If we are happy together, you will be the winner."

Zhao Qingyi raised her eyebrows, then hehe, then hehe.

The man showed his handsome and charming smile and said, "Happiness is achieved by oneself, isn't it?"

Zhao Qingyi splashed water on his face when he heard this high-sounding word that made her a third party in his memory. At this time, he held his cheek and looked at him with a smile and said, "Actually...I still don't say..."

"Why not? It's good to be honest, like I like you, I'll tell you."

Zhao Qingyi sighed: "Since you are so frank, I'm going straight. Allen, do you have any misunderstandings about yourself?"


Zhao Qingyi sighed and said: "You are thirty-four years old. Although you are well maintained, you are indeed a few years older than me. There are many young girls who like the half-old Xu Gong's uncle, but since they are all uncles, they are stable. Gentle and reliable is the charm of the uncle that women can’t resist. Don’t laugh so evil, especially greasy, which is really catching guests. As a woman, I have to say one more thing, if an uncle with a girlfriend makes an offer Guns, don’t need to be packaged as love, and those who have the same needs will naturally agree. If you are facing a simple girl who is full of expectations for love, this is called fraud. A man with a girlfriend who wants to cheat is not very kind, and he has to rely on it. Scams to solve physical needs are even less kind. This is a kind of disparity between ability and desire. What men are most taboo against is this. There is no limit to the sea, and the shore is back. I heard that your girlfriend has a good job, a good family and loves you very much. , Cherish it. Otherwise, no good woman will be your turn in the end."

Allen took a deep breath and then took a deep breath. Seeing her clenched fists, calming his mind, he smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Zhao Qingyi smiled softly and said: "It doesn't matter, I want to eat anyway, this restaurant is good."

Allen got up and said, "I have something else to do, let's say goodbye."

Zhao Qingyi said: "I ordered the food, it's going to be served, are you the boss, don't you want me to ask, AA?"

Allen chuckled and told the waiter to settle his account.


Zhao Qingyi was cutting the steak, and suddenly a young and handsome man walked in front of him. Zhao Qingyi saw his face, and the fork in his hand fell on the table.

"It's you?"

He smiled and said: "It's me. You still have such a venomous tongue."

Zhao Qingyi stood up: "What's the matter, why are you here?"

He tidied his clothes, took out his business card and handed it to him. Zhao Qingyi took a look, and it was printed: [Professor Jin Ze, Institute of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, XX University]

"Are you interested in trying my new medicine?"

Zhao Qingyi stepped back: "No, thank you."


Zhao Qingyi was sitting in Jinze's car, and seeing him in a good mood, his beautiful hands easily controlled the steering wheel. He was a real handsome modern human.

Kanazawa took her to a park, and the two got out of the car and walked around.

Zhao Qingyi then asked him about cause and effect.

Kanazawa said: "You don't have to suspect that all this is fake, you have indeed come back. It's like returning to the original tense when you went to do the task. You come back to this time, don't ask the original decoration team to complete it. Have you fulfilled your wish?"

Zhao Qingyi asked: "I want to ask you, are you human?"

Kanazawa said: "We are human, and we are not ordinary people anymore."


Kanazawa said: "It turns out that we are all human beings, but we were selected. I became a soul eater and possessed the power of soul transfer. You became a manager to complete the task of changing lives. After so much, we His soul is much stronger than human beings. Obsessive people seek a ray of life through fair transactions. The main road is fifty, and the sky is forty-nine, to escape a ray of vitality. If you want to change your fate against the sky, you have to pay a price."

Zhao Qingyi asked: "I have also been a **** stick, but I still don't quite understand."

"The first line of life against the sky is the way we walk, whether forced or voluntary. When you become a manager, when your self-awareness fades, your soul becomes its energy, and your body becomes Its container, it can also taste what it's like to be a person, instead of sticking to the avenue, it's just a group of procedures."

Zhao Qingyi was dumbfounded: "This kind of... Tao is still a rule, can it be refined too?"

"I don't know if it is'fine'. But like a computer program or a system program, it needs a hardware container. In fact, what is a human being is also the body and the soul. Your body is hardware, and your soul is A program energy body composed according to a certain structure. It’s just that the “program energy” is larger and mysterious, and the “program energy body” of the human soul is smaller. But when you are the “original program” of the “hardware container”, you don’t When you are happy, it can't help you."

"Then what if I don't come back?"

"Your soul exists in the illusion, because the soul's "program chaos" is going to die. The only advantage is that the process of dying will not be too painful. Because you have everything in the illusion, status, wealth, beauty... I have never seen it That’s how the young manager died, and the soul energy was absorbed by it. Because it needs to “legally” obtain more soul energy from higher-level creatures to maintain the “self-consciousness”, otherwise it is just one kind, in modern words. Say, the objective'Tao.' In fact, thousands of living beings have also emerged from nothing, giving birth to spiritual consciousness and growing flesh. The heavens and the earth are different, and it is just one of all things."

Zhao Qingyi was silent for a while, and said, "I read less, don't lie to me."

Kanazawa said: "We are grasshoppers on a rope. What did I lie to you for? However, I want to thank you for not forgetting to complete the contract and return to the body, so that I can be reborn as a person. After a long time'system', I I still feel that being a human being is more enjoyable."

Zhao Qingyi asked again: "What's going on now? This time is not right."

Kanazawa smiled and said, "Don’t you understand? For the “Tao” of the first line of life, the world is multi-dimensional, and time can also go out of a straight line. Through this Taoist rule, the soul can not only cross multi-dimensional planes, I can also go back in time."

"Can you travel through the future?"

"The plane of the task is obsessed with people. If you want to change your own destiny, can you change it in the future?"

"What about our own future?"

"Don't try to travel to the future time and space of your own plane."

Zhao Qingyi wondered: "Why?"

Kanazawa said: "We are only souls crossing, because the'future us' surpasses the'now us', and the'future us' generally will not allow the'now us' to destroy the path of the'future us'.'Future us' 'We are stronger than'the present us' in terms of the capabilities of all parties. Suppose we pass through to a point in time in the future. According to the rules of time and space, there is only one self, and the strong will swallow the weak."

Zhao Qingyi was stunned for a while, and said: "So when I come back this time, I'swallowed up' the original me?"

Kanazawa thought for a while and said, "You have to look at it from a different angle. You just go around the corner, you have her memory, you include her."

"For the ‘future me’, the ‘present me’ has also existed and was included by her."

"You go to penetrate the future. From the'now you' to the'future you', the memory for a period of time is blank. The'now you' has not experienced those. The'now you' does not fully contain the'future You'. For our existence, the rule is to see which is the'transmitting subject', so you are just the'now you', and the future you are just'she'. In case you suddenly want to penetrate the future, do this The subject of the matter is the'present you' instead of'she'. When the'present you' as the subject of action crosses over to that time to be'swallowed up', the foundation of'her' is gone. Time is moving forward Go, but'changing destiny' is aimed at what has happened. The future of the mission plane is for us to create rather than penetrate. To penetrate our own future is against our own "Tao"."

Zhao Qingyi said: "It seems that I understand a little bit. But I really want to know what it will look like hundreds of years from now."

Kanazawa smiled and said, "In the future, I will see if there are more cutting-edge time and space planes. If you have a commission, then you can go and see it? There should be a certain similarity."

Zhao Qingyi looked at him curiously, and then asked, "How did you become a human being? Is it a deprivation?"

"I didn't take the house, I just chose the body of a newly deceased baby to become a human being. Because the baby's body is about to die, I have to give some energy beyond human beings. We are the contract partners who have successfully passed the customs. You are here, I only I can come back to this world of planes to be a human being. I start with a baby, and my life is complete, and I can also integrate into your plane. I can only go back to the past and start with a baby. When you come back, I will be the same generation as you."

Zhao Qingyi said, "Where is the Shangqing?"

Kanazawa said: "This is more complicated. In fact, under the great avenue, all things reinforce each other or each have their own specialties. Master's race is advanced and has powerful energy, but it is inferior to us in terms of crossing planes and time, just like human beings are the dominant race of the earth, but if When it comes to drilling a tunnel the size of an ant nest, ants are much stronger than humans."

Zhao Qingyi understood this, nodded, and asked, "So he can't come to us at will?"

Kanazawa said: "You want to break the plane barrier with him with your deity, but now you can't. Even if his deity can come, he is a high-level race. As the saying goes, there is a difference between immortals and places, and you can't be together.

Zhao Qingyi felt sour and asked, "Did he know that after I come back, we can't be together?"

Kanazawa said: "We improve ourselves with practice and merit, and there may be opportunities in the future."

"How to improve, how to get opportunities?"

Kanazawa explained: "We have completed the contract with it and obtained its way, before we can retreat. Now we have the ability to penetrate the plane of time and space in the form of energy bodies. We only need to meet the right one. If you are obsessed with people, you can start work. Let me make an analogy. We can do the same thing. We used to be a small project group under a large monopoly group. Now we started our own business and opened a small studio. Maybe in the future you The cultivation base has improved, and you and him are no longer two races that are forbidden to unite, and you can be together."

Zhao Qingyi said: "I got this Tao, why don't I know?"

The Jinze chair was on the railing and smiled: "When you eat, you feel full and happy. Then do you know which cell it is, how it connects and conveys the feeling of fullness to you, and how does it turn into pleasure? "

"Nervous system!"

"Then why does the nervous system operate according to such a ‘Tao’?"

Zhao Qingyi frowned and shook his head.

Kanazawa laughed and said, "So, you follow and own many things in this world, but you can’t tell why they exist, and you can’t violate them. You can’t control your stomach to only absorb nutrients and not toxins. You don’t Through external force, you cannot control what enzymes your body secretes, cannot control the aging of your cells, cannot control yourself to defy psychological laws, or even you cannot decide whether you naturally like men or women. But it exists in this world, exists in Among you as an individual,'existence' is the first nature of every kind of'dao' or'law'."

Zhao Qingyi was stunned for a while. The rogue with deformed reflex arc looked at him for a long while and asked, "Do you like men or women?"

Jin Ze turned around, looked at the blue sky and white clouds, and hummed several times.

Zhao Qingyi punched his shoulder with a fist, and said with a smile, "From now on, we will be good sisters. Your money is my money, and my money is still mine, but your man is still your man, I don’t. Will offend."

"Zhao, Qing, Yi!!"

Zhao Qingyi chuckled, "When can I go to see him again?"

Kanazawa let out a rough breath before saying, "You should believe that he has the ability to find a place where you can go. I think he still remembers the original appointment. I tell you that you should be more down-to-earth when facing tasks in the future."

That is, I don't know where and when we will meet, and who will each other be.

Zhao Qingyi held the bar with her hand, Ren Jiangfeng blew her black hair, and took a deep breath.

She finally came back, she won't be swallowed by that powerful law, but her steel-like heart was filled with bitterness.

Life is like this, life is like this.

Fate to life and death, who knows who knows?

Only see——

The breeze is slow, the white clouds are faint, the road ahead is long, and the sea of ​​people is vast.

The world is long, the green hills remain unchanged, and the green water flows long.

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The article "The hero has fourteen vests" will be updated, and it should be changed to "Attack Traveler [Quick Pass]".

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I personally like an open ending. I didn’t write that the male and female masters live happily together and become the masters of heaven and earth, and then the masters of heaven and earth all go to have children and raise buns. This is too specific and not very good.

Heroes, the green hills will not change, the green water will flow forever.