Zhao Qingyi woke up again and returned to the eternal void again. She eagerly searched for Shangqing, but she did not see him either.

It has finally turned into a system that appears as a young man.

"What about him?"

Young Pian Pian's system took a deep look at her, and said, "He has gone back, and he asked me to tell you that I don't forget my original intention, do you understand?"

Zhao Qingyi frowned: "He left after saying such a sentence? Where are you going back? Go back to be an old god?"

The system boy said: "Master is an old man, how can I guess..."

Zhao Qingyi had to speak again, and suddenly the sky turned around. Before falling into the darkness, she saw the extremely concerned face of the System Boy.


"What's the matter!" Zhao Qingyi woke up so suddenly, she was in a resplendent palace, but not the palace where she was the queen of the last world.

The aura here is rich and rich, and the fairy wind bursts, making her feel comfortable.

Isn't this the palace of the emperor? The spiritual gathering array is placed in the palace, which is the most spiritual place in the palace.

Although the emperor does not often live in the palace, the only ones who dare to fall asleep here are the emperor and Shangqing.

When Zhao Qingyi saw her hands and clothes, she couldn't help being taken aback, she was really His Majesty the Emperor, the sanctified Goddess Qingyi!

She proficiently used the method and took out a large mirror from the space, and realized that she was not like the peerless style that can be found in the world.

Why am I back?

Zhao Qingyi stepped out of the bedroom in a daze, and saw the mists and mists of the Heavenly Palace Immortal Mansion, the shining rays of the sky, and the auspicious colored birds flying in the palace garden in front of the palace.

Zhao Qingyi approached the edge of the pond, and the koi leaped happily in the spirit pond.

"See Your Majesty!"

Zhao Qingyi turned his head and saw a handsome and indescribable man paying her respects. He raised his head, as if this fairy mansion was not as good as his. Zhao Qingyi couldn't help being frightened by his charm, and was shocked.

"Ah, it's Xuanqing, you... why are you here?"

Xuanqing smiled softly, looked at her idiotically, lowered her head, and said, "I know that your majesty is back today, so I want to be the first to see your majesty."

Zhao Qingyi's bones were inexplicably crisp by him, but after the crisp, it was an indescribable weirdness.

Zhao Qingyi asked, "Where is Qinglian?"

Xuan Qing bowed his head and sighed, and said, "We have already left. Your Majesty, don't ask, I will be sad."

Zhao Qingyi was surprised: "Heli?! Did you finally choose Yinyue Heavenly Girl?!"

Xuan Qing was about to speak, when a silver rainbow flashed across the sky, a beautiful figure of peerless coldness fell in front of her, and he said with his hand: "See Your Majesty the Emperor of Heaven, His Majesty's imperial imperialism, longevity!"

Zhao Qingyi hurriedly said, "Goddess, don't be polite."

"Thank your majesty."

Zhao Qingyi said: "You are the last couple to come to the end, no matter what, as long as it is voluntary, I will bless..."

The Yinyue heavenly woman said with a serious face: "Your Majesty, I and Xuanqing have already reconciled, and are different from before. Does your Majesty not believe me?"

"What? Good..."

Heavenly Maiden Yinyue said sincerely: "Xuanqing loves Your Majesty, and I can only understand her heart after walking around. How can I hinder a lover? Hasn't your Majesty already decree to accept Xuanqing as Donggong Tianfu?"

"What are you talking about? He is my brother-in-law!"

"Sister!" Suddenly a stunning beauty in white clothes who looked like her seven-pointedly appeared, looking at her sincerely, and said: "Sister, please don't mind. Me and Xuanqing made a mistake at the beginning. I am just your substitute. I am. Don't blame him, it's all a trick of fate. When we are together, we don't want to hinder you anymore."

Zhao Qingyi's eyes widened, and seeing Xuanqing idiotically looking at her, and about to walk towards her, his two wives actually smiled with sincere blessings.

"My God!" Zhao Qingyi turned into a golden rainbow and walked away.

She landed in the familiar Pan Taoyuan, where the peach blossoms were in full bloom, flying red and dancing, and the flowers were so beautiful.

Standing in the forest is a slender figure that is elegant and untainted with fireworks, with a shawl with long hair like ink, and the blossoming green lotus on his white fairy robe makes people feel refreshed at first sight.

He turned around, revealing that familiar face, Zhao Qingyi couldn't help being stunned.

He lifted his thin lips lightly: "Madam, come to my arms."

He raised his beautiful hand to her, Zhao Qingyi hurried over happily, and he kissed her deeply as soon as he hugged her.

Zhao Qingyi felt that it should be said not to come, so he pushed him away, he frowned slightly, and said, "Madam, I am not angry with you. You are the emperor of heaven, the sixth courtyard of the Sangong and the Sixth Court, the righteousness and justice, take it. The two heavenly husbands in the East and West Palaces are also conducive to the stability of the heavenly court. From now on, I will get along well with Xuan Qing and Li Lie."

Zhao Qingyi looked at the face that a normal woman couldn't refuse, and was dumbfounded. He wanted to kiss again. Zhao Qingyi forced herself to be sober and restrained and pushed him away.

"Shangqing, what are you talking about? What's the matter with Guan Lilie?"

Shangqing said: "He died and lived for you. King Feng begs your Majesty to take some credit for the Feng Clan's merits."

Zhao Qingyi almost sprayed blood, holding his arm, and said: "I won't. What am I doing with so many husbands?"

Shangqing said: "I can really accept it, all for the unity and stability of heaven."

Zhao Qingyi said: "Prostitution means prostitution. What kind of unity and stability is used as a fig leaf? Isn't this just a rhetoric for stallions..."

Shangqing said, "What did you say?"

Zhao Qingyi re-examined him, he still had a beautiful smile, as if seducing a woman in the mortal world.

"Shangqing, the road to practice is long, do you remember what you told me?"

"Now, don't talk about those things, I just want to love you well, and I want you to love me too."

Shangqing wanted to come to hug her again, and Zhao Qingyi felt her hair horrified inexplicably.

Zhao Qingyi pushed him away and turned into a flying rainbow, not knowing where to go.

In the end, she landed on the great barren mountain and wanted to visit the goddess Jin Yi. The two nieces who were cultivating here came to greet her. When Zhao Qingyi saw them, her mood calmed down a little bit, but suddenly she realized that their eyes were gradually red hot when she saw them.

Zhao Qingyi immediately fled and returned to the heavenly court. The immortals and gods were very obedient to her.

She went back to her bedroom and opened the door to enter. She saw Shangqing sitting on the bed with light gauze, her long hair fluttering, and her eyes looking at her with bewitching charm.

Zhao Qingyi turned his head and left, Shangqing Shifaxian stood in front of her and said, "Madam, what's the matter with you?"

Zhao Qingyi said: "It's you, what's the matter with you?"

Shangqing said: "I haven't done anything, I have always loved you so much, don't you know that? Don't go..."

Zhao Qingyi looked at the hand extended towards her, she waved it away hurriedly, and when she stepped out of the hall, she saw another stunning male immortal standing in front of the hall, it was Xuanqing.

Xuan Qing said: "Your Majesty, where are you going, let me accompany you."


Zhao Qingyi was about to leave, when she suddenly saw many old friends appearing, and she was surrounded by layers.

"Your Majesty, where are you going?"

"Your Majesty, Heaven needs you!"

"I will swear my allegiance to your majesty!"

"Madam, why are you leaving?"

Zhao Qingyi watched them block their way, and she couldn't turn into a flying rainbow. She couldn't help but anxiously shouted, "Go away! Go away!"

They knelt down as if submissively and looked at her with reverence, but the suppression couldn't dissipate.

Shang Qing and Xuan Qing came over to hold her, Zhao Qingyi dodged and avoided.


"His Majesty!"

Zhao Qingyi broke out in a cold sweat, looking at all this, the Lingtai became clearer again, and said: "Who are you anyway?!"

"I am Shangqing, your husband."

"I'm Xuanqing."

"I am Li Lie."

"I am Yuanshi."

"I am the turtle spirit."

"I am Jin Ling."

"I am Yang Chan."


They introduced themselves sincerely. Zhao Qingyi took a deep breath and said: "You are you, but I am not your majesty. I am not the goddess of Qingyi. I don't have such a noble natural gods blood and sage cultivation. I am a mortal Zhao Qingyi. Please go away!"

"His Majesty!"

"Your Majesty, don't!"

"Your Majesty, you are your Majesty, you are the master of this world! Everything in the world is subject to your feet."

Zhao Qingyi shook his head and said, "No, I don't need everything to surrender under my feet. Although I am 38 feet, I am not that big and can't step on that big place. I am not the emperor, I am just a Manager, I have fulfilled my mission and I want to go home! Please press the contract and let me go home!"

Everything in front of me seemed to be frozen, whether people or scenery. Finally, I saw everything began to crack, the cracks became denser and denser, and everything turned into golden dust.

When these golden dust disappear into the air, there is endless chaos all around. Zhao Qingyi couldn't touch the top, couldn't touch the ground, and fluttered, making her flustered.

A purple light shot towards her, and there was no trace again. She was looking left and right, suddenly feeling that her body was falling.


Zhao Qingyi sat up with a carp, her head still a little dizzy, she rubbed her head, opened her eyes, and saw a very simple room.

Looking at the curtains, cabinets, sheets and bedding, it seemed like a long, long time passed, and it seemed as if it was yesterday.

Zhao Qingyi pinched herself abruptly, and there was a great pain. She was too hard, so the pain was also very real, she almost broke down in tears.

"I'm back? I'm back?"

But why did she stay in the house she rented in the city where she worked instead of in the hospital? Didn't she faint in the hospital?

She remembered this very clearly after thousands of years, and she did not dare to forget.

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang, and when she saw that Mr. Zhang was written in her name, she couldn't help but secretly said: He still has a face to call!

But she wondered if everyone is a company, will there be any official business.

She picked it up: "Hi, hello, Allen, what's the matter?"

There was a low man's voice on the phone: "Michelle, I just want to hear your voice. Don't forget, I will pick you up for dinner at 11 o'clock."

Zhao Qingyi was stunned for a second, because of this tone, she had heard this sentence.

Zhao Qingyi agreed, and the other party hung up the phone. Zhao Qingyi faced the phone and saw the date.

April 29, 2018! Isn't this the day the **** asked her?

She hasn't bought a house this day! She bought a house in August, had a renovation accident in October, and fainted in a disturbance in December.

Is she really back? How come back to this time? Is there a problem?

Zhao Qingyi lifted the quilt and got out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. There was a pretty woman inside, clearly visible, even the fine pores, and a tiny mole on the bridge of her nose.

It's really me!

Zhao Qingyi squeezed her face, making it flushed, and her teeth cracking in pain.

Feeling anxious, she went to the toilet, and produced a convenient voice that was not so beautiful and only private.

Zhao Qingyi put on his pants after finishing the convenience, and thought to himself: Is it so real, is it real? She came back from the journey, there will be no more problems, right?

After washing, she changed into a black chiffon dress, and simply drew eyeshadow and eyebrows to see if it was too early.

She went downstairs at 11 o'clock. Allen was already waiting downstairs in the Mercedes. He got out of the car and opened the door for her.

After Zhao Qingyi got in the car, his dressing vaguely matched his memory. She just came back, and it was Saturday again, and she didn't know what to do, so she went to see if everything in her memory would keep happening.

She thought again: Where has Shangqing gone, if she really returns to her time and space, will she never see him again? Can't meet him again?

Looking at the busy traffic outside the window, Zhao Qingyi actually had a sadness of raising her head at a 38-degree angle.

"Michelle, the French food in that restaurant is really good. Actually, I have always wanted to eat with you, but the previous project is busy."

When Zhao Qingyi heard the same line, he couldn't help but laugh, and said: "It's good to have a lot of friendship among colleagues."

"Friendship?" Allen gave her a stunned look before saying, "Michelle, I'm making an appointment with you."

The planning and consulting company she works for has better internal communication. Even at the level of Allen, she and her subordinates are called each other in English.

Zhao Qingyi laughed and waited to see if everything was the same.

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