The escape of Zhao Feng and Lu Jiang completely angered the Emperor Zhao Yi of the Jin Dynasty. Zhao Yi issued an edict that listed both the Zhao Feng family and the Lu family as anti-thief.

At the turn of the spring and summer of the following year, the southeast army went northward under the name of "the side of the Qing Dynasty" and fought against the south army in the Yangtze River. The victory of the southeast army ended, and Jiangnan fell into the hands of the Southeast Group.

In the third year, the Zhao Qingyi Group supported Zhao Feng to proclaim emperor in Jiangning, the country was named Zhonghua, the official unified Chinese calendar, the princess Zhao Qingyi was named the regent queen, and the emperor, who was sick and weak, handled important military and political affairs on behalf of the emperor.

As the south developed economy and overseas trade, Zhao Qingyi was not in a hurry to expedite the north, and used cannibalization to weaken the opponent. At this time, he experienced a four-year confrontation between the north and the south. In the autumn of the fourth year of the Chinese calendar, foreign nationals from the north went south to invade the capital, and the Great Jin fell.

Therefore, in the spring of the fifth year of the Chinese calendar, the Queen Regent launched the Northern Expedition in the name of "the same clan, the Chinese orthodox", to avenge the great Jin clan and the people of the compatriots. This time the Northern Expedition was more in line with the hearts of heaven and the people than the original "Princess side". Get the response of most scholars and martial arts scholars. Because Zhao Qingyi is only the regent queen now, and the emperor is the mascot of Zhao Feng, everyone should recognize him as orthodox, which is much easier to accept psychologically. He had originally suspected that he was not righteous, but at this time, all the people came to their hearts, and the throne was righteous.

The Southern Army used Western muskets and artillery to blow up the skilled cavalry of foreign tribesmen with bows and horses. After two years of vengeance in the Northern Expedition, the main cavalry of the foreign race was wiped out, and the remaining soldiers escaped.


The soothing and stable government affairs of the capital are also very trivial. Zhao Qingyi feels that the palace is troublesome, so he works in the original town’s government office.

Seven or eight clan families came to see him this day, and Zhao Qingyi met him in the lobby.

Zhao Qingyi didn't say to them not to please, and they didn't feel convinced, so they all bowed to her.

"Weichen Caomin sends greetings to the Queen Regent, the Queen Chitose Chitose Chitose Chitose."

Zhao Qingyi raised his hand and said, "Flat body."

"Thank the Queen Regent!"

Zhao Qingyi saw that the clothes of the clan members were not very luxurious, and asked: "I have left home since I was a child and I am a woman, so I don't know the clan members."

The first old man said: "Weichen originally attacked the title of the general of the auxiliary country. In terms of seniority, weichen is the oldest of the remaining clan in the north."

Zhao Qingyi said: "Ah, the barbarians are so vicious, did they even kill my Zhao family?"

The people present couldn't help but feel sad, some wiped their tears, some whimpered.

Everyone cried for a while, and thanked Zhao Qingyi again, saying "Thank the Queen Regent for revenge for her clan", "Taizu, Emperor Xuanzong, Your Majesty Quanxia knows that seeing the emperor and the Queen Regent are such heroes, you can also stare at you." Yunyun.

Zhao Qingyi secretly said: The old beast is a hero and a ghost, but he is a relatively qualified clay statue, so everyone can feel at ease if he is erected and used. If there is a better puppet than him, she shouldn't stand him up.

Zhao Qingyi warmly said with comfort: "It's all over. It's a blessing for you to survive the chaos. There are some new rules for the establishment of the dynasty between the father and the king in the south, but you are my Zhao family kin, and we are in China. The North Korea also recognizes it. It is up to the generals of the auxiliary country to redact the clan genealogy according to the rules, and the original title is still the title."

Da Jin was originally downgraded to the rank of attack. The highest of these people was the generals of the auxiliary country. Those princes and the like were all killed by foreigners.

The clan members at the scene couldn't help being overjoyed. It was better for them to maintain the title. During the period when foreigners looted and occupied the capital, they fell into the countryside and thought that they would live incognito for a lifetime.

The Southern Chinese Dynasty is now in power. Although they belong to the Zhao clan, some of the surviving officials of the original Dajin and the original foreign relatives have lost their identities. This means that their family will re-enter the upper class through the imperial examination or enlistment in the new dynasty. These clan relatives have the words of the regent queen, they are members of the upper-class Chinese society, and they are much luckier than others.

Everyone criticized the woman, but Zhao Qingyi, the Queen Regent, had a good day when she came back. They couldn't help being grateful to her one by one. I feel that some rumors in the past are not credible. The Queen Regent is a heroine with both civil and military skills, kind and kind, and a courteous corporal.

Nine out of ten times when the clan died, she did not feel distressed. This meant that the land could be re-measured. Before the new stage of land annexation entered the abyss, the industrial revolution and overseas development could shift the contradiction.

Zhao Qingyi didn't want to raise the idlers of the clan at all, but the most important thing in the court was balance.

Originally, I wanted the Zhao family to lose the status of the royal family. Unfortunately, who gave the Huo family such a criminal record? Even if she didn't avenge Shangguan Yao, she couldn't make clothes for them forever. The current members of the Zhao imperial family are nearly extinct, only these distant ones, and none of the children of the mascot of Zhao Feng were born to the He family.

No matter, who made her mother Yao Meixiang not have more brothers and sisters. The clan of the feudal dynasty was too weak, and the dynasty was bound to be unstable. If she didn't leave the Zhao family, she would make wedding dresses for the Lu family.

She still likes the two younger sisters Zhao Qingmei and Zhao Qingcheng, and the younger brother Zhao Yang is also very cute, because Zhao Feng treats the three wives, big and small now, fairly, and their relationship is more harmonious.

Fortunately, Zhao Yi's immediate branch of the royal family is dead. She can save time but not save. Seeing them die, the branch of Zhao Feng in the south will naturally become orthodox. Tens of thousands of rice worms of the high rank of the Zhao royal family died. This served as a banner for her Northern Expedition and used all the bones and scum of the Da Jin royal family.

The original owner should be satisfied.

In order to improperly help the demon, the official empress had no choice but to fight for it.


After Zhao Qingyi stabilized the north, Emperor Zhao Feng, the mascot, moved back with some officials who remained in Nanjing.

"The emperor, it's time to get up!" Empress Jiang called to Zhao Feng softly.

On the first night, Zhao Feng slept on the Dragon Bed of the Emperor's Palace in the Imperial Palace, sleeping like a dead pig.

Empress Jiang couldn't help shaking him again, and Zhao Feng opened his eyes in a daze, staring at a dignified and gentle face under the light, and was stunned for a while.

Empress Jiang said softly: "The emperor, it's time to get up. I just moved back from the capital, and I have to go to the morning court today."

Zhao Feng: "..."

Queen Jiang smiled and said: "The concubine knows that you can hand over the government to the regent queen. She is more capable than the emperor, but today, no matter what, you are going to go to court."

Zhao Feng sat up slowly, knocked on his head, all his memories were arranged in order, and then he said: "Queen, serve me to change clothes."

Queen Jiang nodded happily and told Gong E to come in.

After sending away the neatly dressed Zhao Feng to the morning dynasty, Empress Jiang was also satisfied, but he didn't care that the emperor Zhao Feng was just a mascot, and he confided when he saw his daughter.

Queen Jiang felt that there was nothing wrong with a person like Zhao Feng, just to live a happy life. She also understood that according to Zhao Feng's own ability, it was impossible to become the emperor at all. A queen regent made him a mascot and made her a queen. She has all the decentness that a queen should have, and the emperor places great emphasis on her. What's wrong with that? When she was not married to Zhao Feng, she was abused by her original fiancé and treated harshly by her elder brothers and sisters. She couldn't even think of this future.

Queen Jiang’s pro-daughter, the fourth princess Zhao Qingcheng and the second prince Zhao Yang, came to accompany her for breakfast. After breakfast, the concubine Hui Liu and the concubine Wang Clan brought the third princess Zhao Qingmei and the third prince Zhao Liao to greet her.

Time is like an arrow, the third princess Zhao Qingmei is already in time. She has a nice and slender appearance. The fourth princess Zhao Qingcheng is thirteen years old and also has a beautiful appearance.

Concubine Liu Hui was born in the dust and was sterilized a long time ago, but she is shrewd and has smooth communication. She also manages the affairs of the Queen Regent’s care for helping poor women. She also has a face. These years, she has lived more comfortably.

The concubine Wang was originally a merchant girl, and after getting married, she spent most of her time happier than concubines in other families. With her background, she could still be a concubine, and her daughter and son also became princesses and princes.

Now that Concubine Wang's son is so small, the military and political power is in the hands of the Queen Regent. She hasn't expected such a small child to defeat the powerful Queen Regent sister.

Queen Jiang said: "It's time for Mae Mae to pick a horse."

Zhao Qingmei blushed and said, "Queen, what are you talking about, I don't want to marry."

Concubine Liu Hui smiled and said: "Before people were in Nanjing (Jiangning was renamed Nanjing after the capital was moved), and your sister was in Beijing. Now everyone is gathered together. Let your sister help you see. What else do you have to say?"

Zhao Qingmei blessed the body and said: "I won't tell you anymore." Then, after turning around and ran away, Zhao Qingcheng also rushed to bless the body to the elders and chased after her sister.

Empress Jiang and the second concubine laughed, and discussed about the palace banquet. Just after moving their capital, many pro-official officials and the heroes of the Northern Expedition in Beijing will attend the palace banquet. This is not a trivial matter.


Zhao Feng looked at Manchao Shanhu long live, the first place on the left side of the throne was a red sandalwood chair. A beautiful young woman was wearing a purple gown with five-claw python, a golden crown on her head, and phoenix eyes. Zhao Feng didn't know whether it was illusion or true for a while.

When the northern chiefs marched southward for the second time, didn't they, like many clans, were captured by the northern chiefs and kept in cages?

His old bones were so choking that he and many clan families were used as prey by the chiefs and shot to death in the paddock. After waking up from the big dream, he is now the emperor, and the puppet emperor is better than that.

His daughter, who became an anti-thief after being married to Cheng Bao by the court, is still rebelling now, but this time she really succeeded in rebelling.

He thought about what happened to him and the He family in this life, and felt that his daughter must know something. Looking back on the self in my memory, he was indeed not a good father, he had no conscience and was extremely useless, lustful and afraid of his wife.

When the emperor ordered his unfavored concubine to be a princess and relatives, he didn't feel distressed, and he didn't dare to resist the decree for her. If he could give him a county prince, he would be stubborn.

Now think about it, it's all black history. If he doesn't listen to the great witch and has no use to her, then it is time for the great witch to liquidate him.

But after leaving the Great Witch, he had no better place to go. There are so many smart people in the world, as he is controlled by other smart people...

Thinking carefully.

Now let him pick up an emperor for nothing, she is very kind and tolerant. Even if he can really take charge of the government, he doesn't have the ability and energy to manage, and he will definitely not be able to beat those cunning courtiers who like to show their personalities. It is better to let the big witch to shock the courtiers.

He is a lovely mascot, and no one will hate him.

I am so wise and wise!


Zhao Qingyi has been the regent queen for twenty-five years, while gaining wealth through overseas trade and overseas development, training soldiers and horses according to the rhythm of easy first and then difficult, conquering the North and South.

In the past 25 years, there have been six marshals and more than 20 generals on the stage of the empire, and even more lieutenants and generals.

Because an asymmetrical war has gradually formed, although money is costly and reliant on logistics, the consumption of soldiers is not as large as in ancient times.

In her twelfth year as the regent queen, she has been cooperating with the tolerant Huo's conspiracy rebellion. She eventually sent generals from the Nether sect to quell the rebellion. Back then, she also poisoned her friend Huo Yanhuan, Huo Tianfang, to commit suicide. Several disciples of the Nether King who were over the past few years led the soldiers to punish the Huo family. In the eyes of some literary scholars, this was the Queen Regent punishing the hero, and Zhao Qingyi had to carry this pot on his back.

She had been trying to balance the court in the early years, and also wanted to leave the Huo family a way of life while pressing down the courtiers of the Nether sect who had always concealed their origins. But when the Huo family conspired to rebel and seize power, if they were not allowed to do it, her team would not be easy to lead, and she would have to kill chickens and police monkeys to stand up to the world. Like all feudal emperors, she could not lose power and let Juechen do those things.

This is also recorded in many undocumented histories. She, the Queen of Emperor Taizong, rarely killed a hero.

Domestic literati

The body is opposed to her women's control of the country, the emperor, and the killing and belligerence, but as long as they don't spread rumors and instigate, Zhao Qingyi will scold them.

Zhao Feng had been a puppet emperor for twenty-five years. He was old and weak. After Zhao Qingyi mastered the overall situation, he became emperor at the invitation of the ministers. At that time, she had developed some lands overseas, and she split these lands into plots of different sizes about the size of the province to the town, and entrusted the land to the king, the gong, the prince, the uncle, the son, and the man. Generals with military exploits in foreign surnames can grant fiefs below the public.

If the hereditary title is passed down to the second generation, the court will not allocate additional payment. The second generation of the jue must go to grant the title, feudal autonomy, trade with the sovereign mainland, and pay tribute every three years. However, the fief's army cannot exceed the standard. The national defense forces of the suzerain country have permanent garrison rights if necessary, and the entrusted princes are obliged to demarcate military bases. The princes must be conferred by the emperor. If the fief disagrees with the heir's position, the imperial court will send ministers to the fief to preside over the voting among the people of the fief. If the son of the former lord is more popular, let him inherit the title.

Zhao Qingyi knew that China's only way to gain a firm foothold on the newly developed land was to entrust and achieve decentralization. For example, the Western Zhou Dynasty was entrusted to obtain the foundation of the later generations of China. In the past, the frontier was very small, and the territory was expanded after the enfeoffment, and then the Qin reunified the Central Plains. The counter-example is the Datang Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty once occupied the territory of the Western Regions, but did not achieve effective control and cultural precipitation. With the decline of the Tang Dynasty, it lost its territory again. Only when civilization is rooted in one place can it be considered occupation.

Later, her Majesty’s two dozen grandchildren, granddaughters, grand-nephews, and nephews and granddaughters were all divided into fiefdoms, and some of the more advanced children in the collateral lineages were also assigned to some fiefdoms. The emperor's eldest son spent the past three years leading a fleet of ships to successfully go to the ocean. He went to America, which Spain had already discovered, and saw its vast fertile soil and minerals.

When she was happy, the map opened up and entrusted the boss to him. On that day, dozens of officials headed by the three divisions and three gongs knelt in the palace for a day, opposing the emperor's grandson to enfeoff the land. Many people suggested that the emperor's grandson should be the emperor's grandson because of the queen's longevity.

The empress believed that men should go out and make a foray. Men who were locked up in the capital would be reluctant to make progress. They would lose their minds if they were too drunk. Women who stay in Beijing for a long time can also plan carefully for the big family and deal with conflicts from all sides, just like a self-employed woman presides over the middle-aged gift, socializes with each family, manages the courtesy, and is steadily discouraged and organized.

So the queen wanted to pass on the throne to her beloved little granddaughter, because she was very clever, calm, and able to see the big picture.

The empress abdicated at the age of 88, and then lived with the imperial husband Prince Zhaowu for more than ten years because of their deep internal skills and longevity.

More than three hundred years later, the vicissitudes of life have been vicissitudes, and many small enfeoffed nations have officially separated. They still use Chinese as the official language. They must learn Chinese history in elementary and middle schools, or are members of the Chinese civilization.

The descendants of the old nobles of all foreign surnames, like the queens, will return to the middle earth to worship the Taizong empress on her birthday, because the enfeoffment of the empress is the orthodox source of their proud identity. Opposing Empress Taizong, then the title of their ancestors no longer exists.

Historians and descendants of the enfeoffment nobles all know that Zhao Feng, who carries the name of the founding emperor, is a mascot, and he worships Empress Taizong. The greatest achievement of Zhao Feng, the founding emperor, is to let the people below do it boldly.

Zhao Feng's reputation in history is still relatively good, and there are many deeds of his benevolent heroes who are able to save life-saving women in the official history. During his reign, he also "hosted" activities to release lowly women several times, and implemented a benevolent government to open female accounts for orphans who have no relatives. Taxes for orphans were halved. This is widely circulated.

So much so that the women and widows of the brothel loved to enshrine his tablet, which later evolved into a kind of folk belief like Guandi spread among women. But of course, the name cannot be written as the name of the founding emperor's temple.

During his birthday (the day of ascension, dark birthday), later generations of women also held many commemorative activities and exchanges and mutual assistance activities. The Qiqiao Festival is the Girl's Day (unmarried women). Festival (all women), these two festivals belong to women.


However, it is said that Shandong has become a sacred place for education in future generations. In addition to being the hometown of Kong Sheng, the Penglai School developed into the Penglai United University.

During the 60 years when Empress Taizong actually took power or had ascended the throne, public schools and universities were successively established:

The Penglai School of Benshan derives "Penglai Public School"-this is a boarding noble elementary school and middle school, but it is more difficult to get into than university. Six to seventy percent of the students enrolled are outstanding children of the great heroes of the North Korea and are originally the Penglai school. Outstanding children from disciples. There is a faint chain of contempt for the united university group, that is, the primary and secondary schools are from "Penglai Public School" and they despise that primary and secondary schools are not graduated from "Penglai Public School". Even most of the queen's grandchildren were sent in to study when they were in middle school. The children of the nobles who failed to enter the "public school" hope to be admitted to various universities with different requirements after the age of sixteen.

Some disciples and the imperial military combination established the "Royal Penglai Military Academy" in Baoding.

Penglai established the "Penglai Medical University" by virtue of Taoist medical classics.

Since many disciples shared the industries built by the Queen in the early days and had special business and accounting methods, the "Penglai Business School" was established.

The arsenal on Taohua Island in the East China Sea was later relocated, and here was changed to "Penglai Ship University"; an engineer was moved inland by the imperial court to form "Penglai University of Technology".

Crops such as potatoes and corn were also expanded by Penglai Farms. The Queen also dictated some methods of breeding hybrids, and the practical experiments were successful. Later, the "Penglai Agricultural University" was established.

Huanyu Ocean Trading Co., Ltd. was originally a cooperation of three companies. Later, Huanyu Ocean University was established. It has a deep relationship with the Penglai school. After a high vote on the school board of directors, it also applied to join the "Penglai United University" series.

The talents cultivated by these universities have also destroyed the monopoly power of the literati who had entered official positions. All literati have resigned, and the queen still has talents to dominate the world, so they dare not resign.

Later generations of Penglai various branch campuses all over the world, but Shandong Penglai is the location of the United University.

The people of the great powers and small countries in the later generations, nobles or common people, are proud of the "Peng School" alumni, and parents want their children to apply for admission to the "Peng School".

With this kind of result, Zhenren Ziyang should be proud to have taken a hand and he was so strong.

It is said that in troubled times, there are Taoist priests going down the mountain to save the world and the people, but no Taoist priest can achieve this scale. Zhenren Ziyang was the master of Empress Taizong and became the most famous Taoist priest in later generations.

Folk contests Wu Zetian and Yuan Tiangang predict that she will be the lord of the world.

The legend of wild history is like this:

Real person Ziyang traveled to Zhenguo Gongfu to show the pictures to the people in the mansion and saw the newly-born female Emperor Taizong. Real person Ziyang was surprised and said in disbelief, "This is the appearance of the emperor."

Looking at Zhen Guo Gong again, he was also taken out of "the face of Qianlong." Zhen Guo Gong was afraid to accept this daughter. He sent their mother and daughter to the nunnery, and Zhen Guo was secretly accepted as his disciple. The Empress Taizong grew up in Shuiyun'an, and when her mother died at the age of eleven, she left Shuiyun'an and went to Penglai to take over as the head.

Although the official history records that the master of the Emperor Taizong is Ziyang Zhenren, after she broke through the Jiugong Bagua formation in Sanxingdong, Ziyang Zhenren passed on to her the head of the No. 1 School of Xuanmen when she was only twelve years old.

No one knows the truth about the story about seeing the picture in childhood, but many TV dramas in later generations have performed it like this.

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