Zhao Qingyi finally stepped into the familiar and unfamiliar Jinghai Houfu in this life.

She is the coach and does not need to personally wipe out the remnants of the enemy on the front line. The front-line generals use direct line generals such as Lu Zhao, Zhao Jinshan, Yu Hong, and Jing Chen, as well as Liu Hong, who was a descendant general in the seas of Fujian, and Lin Wen who is a guerrilla. And Lin Hua brothers.

Huo Tianfang also brought people from the Jiangnan Group to the war, but the Huo family had already hurt the vitality and was no longer the main force.

Shangguan Weichen or Wei Chen led his subordinates to welcome Zhao Qingyi into the lobby of Jinghaihou's mansion. Zhao Qingyi looked at the seat in the center of the door. The original owner wanted to sit firmly.

Zhao Qingyi stepped forward, flicking the sleeves and hem of the men's clothing and sitting down. When she looked around, she recalled many things about the original owner until Shangguan Weichen called her.

Zhao Qingyi smiled slightly and said, "Uncle Master has worked hard, so please sit down."

Wei Chen thanked him, and he didn't sit down sternly. Zhao Qingyi asked about the civil officials in Fuzhou.

Wei Chen said: "The governor of Fujian is timid and fearful. He has never dared to fight against Jinghaihou, but he is still somewhat capable. The lower Daotai and Futai were all appointed by the imperial court from other places, but when they arrived at the county magistrate, There are many "Cheng Xuan" personnel."

Zhao Qingyi nodded and said: "I will post a post on my behalf, and I will host a banquet in Jinghai Hou Mansion to entertain the hundred officials of Fujian in the day after tomorrow."

"Yes, miss."

"Where is Zhao Tong?"


Zhao Tong and Cheng En were placed under house arrest in the backyard. She didn't know if the rebels would kill her, and she was in panic all day long.

There was a loud noise outside the house. She thought it was the rebels who were coming to kill their mother and son. In the end, Shangguan Weichen and others crowded into the inner hall with a menswear beauty.

After many years, the two had already changed from a girl to a young woman, and they had also given birth to a child, but Zhao Tong still recognized her for the first time.

"It's you! Zhao Qingyi, why are you?"

Zhao Qingyi looked at the son at her feet and knew that he was Cheng Niu's son. Cheng Niu gave her a gift back then, but regardless of her personal perceptions, after playing politics, the lives and deaths of some people are not determined by personal likes and dislikes.

Zhao Qingyi said indifferently: "I was originally me. It feels uncomfortable to marry into Jinghai Houfu, right? When being bullied, you will feel innocent. No one understands this feeling better than me."

Zhao Tong said: "What do you want? Are you going to kill me? You hate me that way?"

Zhao Qingyi said: "I should ask you, why do you hate me so much. How did you do when I first returned to the town government office? Don't talk about young and ignorant, or a child. Why are you young and ignorant? Do you want to pay the price for other children?"

Zhao Tong said, "Just because I said you stole things and broke the vase? Are you going to kill so many people?"

Zhao Qingyi said: "No, fighting is not a personal grievance. This is called rebellion. As the Dajin clan, the Cheng brothers are in trouble. Dad let our sisters meet inside and outside, and serve for the stability of the Huaxia Jiangshan Society."

At this time, it was too hard for her to carry this earth-shattering thing by herself. A woman was criticized too much by the people of the world. It is better for the scumbag to carry it back.

Zhao Tong said, "What are you talking about?"

Zhao Qingyi said: "Nothing. If you want to survive, just be obedient, don't swear, don't question, don't talk nonsense. I tell you, you and your son can live only if you are valuable to me."

Zhao Tong listened to her and would not kill her, he was relieved, after all, people are afraid of death.


On the third day during the day, the fighting near Fuzhou stopped. Zhao Qingyi personally inspected the soldiers and soldiers in the war and the uprising, and pulled out the property of Jinghaihou Mansion to reward the three armies.

Many soldiers in the uprising also knew the true identity of Zhao Qingyi. She was the head of the Penglai School. After King Lu, the daughter of Zhao Feng, the prince of Zhenguo, she held the Cheng's rebellion on behalf of Tianping.

It is difficult for women to be convincing, but as long as they are not emperor, female generals are not difficult to be convincing. In history, there was also a female general Qin Liangyu in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

At least at this time, the descending army and officials in Fujian knew that she was a clan, and they felt much more at ease. They had a psychological soft landing spot to deal with the new victors on this land for safety or benefit.

Zhao Qingyi dressed in men's clothes and brought her husband Lu Xu to a banquet for local officials in Jinghai Hou Mansion. Zhao Tong also attended the banquet.

The next day, Fujian officials presented an urgent memorial to Beijing for a joint eight hundred li.


Zhao Feng was accompanying Mrs. Jiang to inspect his newly opened dyeing workshop. His family opened a weaving workshop. So Xing opened the dyeing workshop together, forming a one-stop service in the textile industry.

A team of small yellow gates rushed to the dyeing workshop with the steward of the town and government office, and took the sacred image to proclaim him into the palace. The steward brought all his Duke's python robes, and went directly into the palace under the service of Mrs. Jiang. .

When he arrived at the imperial study room, the **** hurriedly reported, Zhao Feng cautiously entered the hall, and saw his in-laws, Lu Jiang, also waiting, with a solemn expression on his face. In addition to him, the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Officials, the Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites, and the King Fu and King Gui, who are in charge of the clan residence, are also there. The two kings are the younger brothers of the first emperors.

After Zhao Feng flattened his body with a big gift to the emperor, Emperor Zhao Yi looked at him like penetrating eyes. Zhao Feng faintly felt that it was not good, so he wanted to look at his in-laws, but he didn't dare.

Finally, Zhao Yi said: "Duke Zhen Guo, do you know why I called you into the palace?"

Zhao Feng wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, "But...what did the minister do wrong? Someone joined the minister?"

Zhao Yi laughed, but the laughter made the hearts of the people present more and more terrified, and Zhao Feng felt that his whole body was collapsed.

Zhao Yi said, "Why? You are a hero of the Great Jin Dynasty, and a good son and grandson of the Emperor Taizu, and a father who bears humiliation. Who will join you? The court should give you a big reward."

Zhao Feng finally had no spine and soft feet, and he knelt down, feeling a little bit embarrassed. The officials were puzzled when they saw it, and Lu Jiang was sweating coldly on his forehead. But without the emperor speaking, Lu Jiang didn't know the details, so he didn't dare to talk nonsense.

Zhao Feng said: "The emperor, where the minister can afford it, the minister knows that the minister is an incompetent dude, and it is embarrassing to the Dajin clan."

Zhao Yi shook his head and said, "No, everyone is blind-eyed, and I am blind-eyed. You are very capable."

Zhao Feng fell on the ground with a vibrato and said: "The emperor, if the minister does something wrong, the minister can correct it. But the minister is really dull, please let the emperor express it."

Zhao Yi watched Zhao Feng lay down on the ground with his **** pouted high. If there was a modern person here, he would feel that his **** was pouted like Song Jiang played by Li Xuejian, an old drama player.

Obviously he was very submissive to the emperor, but it made the audience feel like gritted teeth. It was the TV audience who gritted the teeth of Song Jiang, who played the old opera bones, and the emperor, who gritted his teeth to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Yi picked up a memorial, and said: "This is an eight hundred li expedited performance jointly performed by dozens of officials from the following patrol mansion in Fujian. Please take a look and talk about it."

The **** didn't dare to gasp and took the memorial from the emperor, and then handed it to Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng accepted the memorial with a sigh, and opened it after thanking him.

At the beginning, he was still looking well, suddenly his eyes widened, and the eyeballs seemed to fall off from the eye sockets in the next second. The more he looked down, the colder his sweat broke, until he knelt on the ground and shivered, like sifting chaff.

Zhao Yi said: "Duke Zhenguo, you really worked hard for the great Jin Jiangshan, and you also gave birth to two good daughters. It's no wonder that you would voluntarily offer your daughters as a dowry at the beginning, and you will have a far-reaching vision."

Zhao Feng suddenly rolled his eyes and fell back, knocking the back of his head on the ground, causing a muffled noise.


Zhao Feng is really dizzy, this is the conclusion of the imperial physician after the diagnosis. The emperor ordered him to be temporarily placed in the side hall. He woke up in the evening, but did not open his eyes.

Zhao Feng's heart was full of blood and tears, this time the Great Witch was really going to kill him.

What Zhen Guo Gongfu's daughter Li Yingwai smashed the Cheng rebels and rescued the Li people for Dajin. The Great Witch had said that she was not a member of the Xingyue Sect and belonged to the Penglai School, but he never knew that the Great Witch was still the head of the Penglai School. I am afraid that the Lu Family knew a little bit more clearly. She likes to walk on the rivers and lakes, he doesn't care, but how can she raise her own soldiers, still a force that can defeat most of the Fujian Navy and the three land generals who are naturalized by pirates.

It is a capital crime for the clan king to raise private soldiers secretly!

He wants to say, can it work with him not having half a coin?

But no one would believe him. Even if someone believed, if the Great Witch was offended, he would die terribly miserable, and he might as well be hanged.

Lu Jiang came to see him when he was in tears while hiding in the bed, but he was also very sad and asked what was going on.

Zhao Feng grabbed his hand and said, "My father-in-law, you have to believe me, it's none of my business! Can you write to son-in-law and let son-in-law persuade my daughter, she won't listen to me, but I will listen to the son-in-law."

Lu Jiang sighed: "At this time, I cannot protect myself. Your daughter is my daughter-in-law, her husband's maiden family, she is familiar with each other, not necessarily. I just heard that their business is quite big. I'm in Beijing, really. I don’t know if they dare to do this. The only way to do this is to write to them, since the Cheng family is gone, it’s better to remove the armour and return to the field."

Zhao Feng felt that this was a way, and suddenly thought of the contents of the memorial, and said weakly: "She...she wants to be...an official."

Lu Jiang hadn't read the memorial. In fact, he was only one step earlier than Zhao Feng. He only heard about the war in the Southeast, and he hadn't talked about seeking an official.

"Who? Ji He wants to be an official?"

Zhao Feng shook his head and said, "No, it's my daughter Qingyi."

Lu Jiang said: "If she can really hand over smoothly, I think the court can give her a high-ranking title. She is a clan girl, and she really wants to be a princess for the promotion."

Zhao Feng said: "I don't want to be a princess. She wants to be the'Southeast Chief Governor,' in charge of the military and administration, and like Cheng Bao, she has the right to appoint and transfer officials in the southeast."

Lu Jiang was startled, and suddenly fainted.

"My father-in-law, what's the matter with you?" Zhao Feng couldn't wake him up, muttering: "I thought my father-in-law was better than me, so I couldn't stand the stimulation."


After taking over Fujian, the Zhao Qingyi Group also steadily operated in Fujian, and with the cooperation of the army generals, it gradually took over the marine protection fee business.

The imperial court and the Zhao Qingyi Group conducted a long-term negotiation process. The Zhao Qingyi Group pretends to be the same thing on the surface, but in fact it doesn't cooperate at all. The following year, a new military commander from the imperial court arrived in Fujian and wanted to pick peaches, but they were ignored. They were also robbed by "water bandits" and they were taken to the island without any news.

After the officials sent by the imperial court to pick peaches were robbed by "water bandits," the imperial court sent people to appease Zhao Qingyi as "Princess Pingnan" and asked her to return to Beijing.

Unexpectedly, I heard that the remnants of pirates on the southeastern islands have come again. She used her busy military affairs as an excuse to go to sea for war. She has not been on the mainland for more than half a year.

Talking back and forth like this, it dragged on for three or four years. Three or four years later, the Zhao Qingyi Group operated more deeply in the southeast area, and also opened up trade in Jiangnan, the East China Sea, and overseas, with sufficient military expenditure.

They are more arrogant than Cheng's.

The imperial court raised troops for many days and decided to send troops south to counter the rebellion. The emperor ordered Jin Yisi to arrest Lord Zhen Guo and Lu Jiang and chop off their heads.


Zhao Feng and Lu Jiang had been taken out of the prison by a group of people, and they rushed eastward. After Tianjin Wei got on the boat, they felt unreal.

Until he got on the big boat at sea, Zhao Feng heard three "daddy" sounds, the voices of Zhao Qingmei, Zhao Qingcheng and his youngest son Zhao Yang.

When Zhao Feng saw Madam Jiang, Aunt Wang, and Aunt Liu were all there, it's just that they were no longer around.

Lu Jiang also saw his wife and children, and couldn't help feeling sad. The family of the emperor of the Zhao family, the ancestor of the Lu Taishi posthumous posthumous "Wenzheng", is now suspected of rebelling to be beheaded by the emperor.

Suddenly a man who looked at his skin like forty years old and looked like fifty years old approached and said, "Master Lu, you are already safe, why are you crying?"

Lu Jiang said: "Dare to ask you who is it?"

The man smiled and said: "Shangguan Juechen, it was the young lady who sent us to take you south to live a good life."

Zhao Feng recognized Juechen. Hearing what he said, he suddenly cried out and said, "I thought she wanted me to die this time!"

Juechen smiled and said: "In the past few years, your medicine hasn't been cut off? Miss is still reluctant to die."

Lu Jiang said: "I remember someone was taking us to beheaded, and the people in the capital wanted to watch us beheaded, and we were taken out in a daze."

Juechen smiled and said: "Don't worry, the people will not be disappointed. The people will still watch the beheading scene."

Lu Jiang said: "Why? Is there anyone else beheading with us?"

Juechen and the others found the secret room where King Nether was imprisoned and rescued people. At this time, it was equally difficult to save people from the prison. This is also the result of the Intelligence Bureau infiltrating the capital for many years and clearing the way for money.

Juechen smiled and said: "No. Zhen Guogong's surname is Zhao, this Zhao orphan, who has been in exchange for his son since ancient times."

When Lu Jiang heard this, he was surprised: "Isn't it a burden to the innocent?"

"No, we have verified it in various ways, and we are definitely a wicked person."

Lu Jiang breathed a sigh of relief. He had a life, but the Lu family's name was completely ruined. Seeing the vast sea, his heart was also lost.

Suddenly Zhao Feng asked: "Where is Tuoer?"

Zhao Qingyi's people will do their best to arrange for several years, just to transfer the two hostages held by the court when things come. But Zhao Qingyi's people are not interested in transferring Zhao Tuo. She does not kill him or save him. She was too lazy to kill Zhao Tong. After taking advantage of it, Zhao Tong changed her name to live the lives of ordinary people. The so-called ordinary people have to pay taxes, and they have to consider major food issues.

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