Taohua Island in the East China Sea, this is an island near the island where the arsenal was built.

The Penglai faction developed this island. As the main altar of the Penglai faction in the East China Sea, the Penglai faction established a "branch school" here, where some disciples practice martial arts and learn some miscellaneous studies, such as accounting and management.

Zhao Qingyi spends most of the year "teaching" on Taohua Island. It is much more convenient to travel between Songjiang and Jiangning.

Zhao Qingyi looked at the letter sent by Wei Chen secretly, chuckled, and said, "Good job."

Jingchen said: "Miss, I can do this kind of thing too."

Zhao Qingyi looked at a few of them, waved his hand, and said, "Don't worry, don't sharpen your knife and chop wood by mistake."

Juechen handed over a document and said, "Miss, you can also look at the current structure. In fact, according to your idea, the manpower is still insufficient."

Zhao Qingyi took a look at the list, but it was no more than a name. It was the result that they had summoned former Nether Cultists scattered in the Western Regions in the past two years, and received their own disciples.

Zhao Qingyi closed the list of structures and said: "Now let's give priority to the layout of Fujian and Jiangnan. You have to give me the budget. Some people need money. You don't need to hide it from me. When we take the Cheng's site, we don't have to worry about running out of money. "

Jing Chen said: "Wouldn't the Huo family have a share in taking the Cheng family's territory? I feel aggrieved to think about it."

Zhao Qingyi sighed: "Uncle Shi, we now need a relatively stable Jiangnan rear. I will leave the affairs of the Intelligence Bureau to you first. Now Master Weichen has killed Cheng Bao and provoked Cheng Xiong and Cheng Niu to fight. Send some people to help him."

Zhao Qingyi thought to herself: This is also the emperor's "two peaches kill three scholars" and Zhao Tong's "stealing a man to find a backer" to help her. It's really the same in the world.

After Jing Chen and Wei Chen left, Zhao Qingyi was a little tired. After touching her lower abdomen, the steel-like woman's heart also filled with gentleness. This is the fourth year that she and Lu Xu have been married, and it has been two years since Shangguan Yao passed away. She decided to have a baby while she was busy. Human instinct still has the desire to multiply. Just like ordinary women, she would want to have a child with the one she loves.

Zhao Qingyi felt someone beside her, and when she woke up, she saw Lu Xu sitting beside her.

Lu Xu shook her hand and said, "Did the child trouble you again?"

"What do you mean? I don't know if I can be a man in the next life. You can be a woman. You will understand once you give birth to a child."

Lu Xu contemplated in extreme fear, swallowed, and said, "It's not that I don't want to suffer this hard work, but it's me...I can't like a man."

Zhao Qingyi smiled and said, "You are naturally happy when you become a girl."

Lu Xu took her hand and kissed, and coaxed: "My lady, I am dependent on you in everything, don't be so whimsical."

Zhao Qingyi stroked her belly and said, "Ji He, am I too ugly now? I have gained so much weight."

"Good-looking, even if you are a big fat man, you are also the best-looking fat man."

Zhao Qingyi also pretended to be pretentious when she was pregnant. After this time, she can't pretend to be pretentious. When asked about the audit at the end of the year, the couple spoke for a while.

Time passed quietly, and in March of the following year, Zhao Qingyi gave birth to a son. Lu Xu was very happy, but Zhao Qingyi was a bit lost.

She also thought that if she gave birth to a daughter, she would pass on her own inner martial arts, which is very suitable for women to practice.

It takes a lot of energy to pass on her kung fu. Ordinary girls need to practice since childhood. She also has a selfish side. She doesn't have so much energy to raise other people's daughters and even bother to pass on it.

Because of childbirth and confinement, only the surviving Ziyang real person did the sacrifices of the Penglai School.


In May, Zhao Qingyi was out of confinement, and I heard that Zhao Tong also gave birth to a son.

Although Cheng Xiong has a son, Jing Haihou is Cheng Bao after all. Cheng Bao's eldest son does not have royal blood. Cheng Niu tried his best to wait for the birth of Zhao Tonghuai's posthumous son in the pirate group to determine the marquis heir.

After Zhao Tong gave birth to a son, Cheng Xiong had nothing to say no matter how ambitious.

In order to be able to return to the capital, Princess Antai was willing to fulfill Zhao Tong. The deceased husband wrote a paper and sent it to the capital, and also wrote a private letter to the emperor and empress.

Princess Antai asked for a title for the son of Zhao Tong, and she wanted to return to the capital for "Rong Yang". After more than a month, the court issued a decree, and the son of Zhao Tong inherited the throne of the Marquis of Jinghai and entrusted Zhao Tong as Mrs. Zhenxiao. Princess Antai, who had suffered from the "dead husband", was taken back to Jingrong to raise her, and now there is no objection.

When Zhao Tong saw Princess Antai's Luan driving away from Jinghaihou's Mansion, he couldn't help but feel sad. She gave birth to a son, and the son also inherited the title. Princess Antai has no son, but she can finally return to the capital.

Princess Antai is still young. She is the daughter of the emperor. As long as the empress loves her, she can choose another husband and son for her soon. Even if it's not as good as the husband of other ladies, it's always better.

But she will eventually be tied to the position of Mrs. Zhenxiao and raise her son, the new Jing Haihou.

After Zhao Tong's son became Jinghaihou, Cheng Xiong and Cheng Niu assisted his mother, and assumed the power of Fujian admiral until Jinghaihou grew up. During the negotiations with the court at that time, the court granted Cheng a Marquis with an iron hat. It seems that there is nothing wrong with this.

However, Cheng Xiong has the status of being a superstar, and Cheng Niu believes that Jing Haihou’s true biological father is dissatisfied with Cheng Xiong for a long time. The two are in charge of power, there is no rule, and there are many contradictions.

Whenever he was sent to Mrs. Zhenxiao Zhao Tong to discuss politics, Zhao Tong certainly helped Cheng Niu, which made Cheng Xiong very popular.

The contradiction between the two became more and more serious, each was wooing troops, and the two camps fought openly and secretly, often due to the uneven distribution of spoils.

Shangguan Weichen took a few disciples into the Chengniu camp to promote and make a fortune. Shangguan Weichen was able to guerrilla, and he was the unit that launched the most battles against Cheng Xiong's lineage.

In fact, Cheng Niu wanted to kill Shangguan Weichen, but he was afraid of his martial arts or his backhands. If he didn't have the confidence to hit such a person, he would be dead, so he didn't do anything.

Two years later, Zhao Qingyi had already recovered from childbirth, and his son could be temporarily handed over to Xian Chen to help with him.

At this time, Huanyu Ocean Trading Company already had ten Western artillery boats, and they invested heavily in recruiting fishermen as sailors or training gunners along the coast of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

These powers were held in the hands of Lu Xu and Zhao Qingyi. Huo Tianfang was not without opinion, but they tacitly knew that the Huo family had indeed imprisoned the Nether King and secretly learned the martial arts of various schools, but neither of them revealed it.

Because of this incident, Zhao Qingyi completely changed her initial attitude. Huo Tianfang had talked to her, and her style of conversation had also changed, and she would never mention him as the main thing.

Huo Tianfang was short of breath because he was known the secret, and the Huo family could only get angry behind his back.

However, the Huo family has invested so much for the interests of overseas and unowned land overseas, and has not withdrawn from the ocean trading company.

In the same year, the Intelligence Bureau controlled by Zhao Qingyi provided a map of the garrison of the Fujian Offshore Marine Division. The Huanyu Ocean Trading Company had a fleet of ten Western artillery boats as the pioneers and 20 armed merchant ships as the vanguard of the fleet. Under the command of Zhao Jinshan and Antonio, they successively captured the islands where they were stationed and the ports of Quanzhou and Xiamen.

This cut off the connection between Fujian and the Southeast Big Island.

It turned out that because Cheng Niu was the only one of the three Cheng brothers who did not serve as a servant. In recent years, he has spent a lot of time travelling to and from the southeastern island. But this year, in order to compete with Cheng Xiong for rights in Fuzhou Jinghaihou's Mansion and Admiral's Mansion, he Did not go to the Southeast Big Island.

At this time, the two brothers were trapped on land, like a dragon trapped in the shallows.

The fleet of Huanyu Ocean Trading Company spent half a year on the offshore islands to integrate the descending army, and Cheng Xiong and Cheng Niu wrote about the "bandits" of the court. The court found out that it was the fleet of Huanyu Ocean Trading Company. They were extremely afraid of the re-emergence of such a powerful force in Jiangnan, and hoped that the two sides would suffer both defeats.

When the easterly wind changed in the early summer of the following year, Zhao Qingyi formulated a battle plan for the landing battle in Fujian, and Lu Xu and Zhao Jinshan led the navy to land.

Weichen reconciled inside and outside, and controlled the gunner of the fort at the appointed time. This caused the coast to be violently under the muzzle of Huanyu Navy, and the archer team collapsed under the deterrence of the naval guns.

The landing troops flocked to Fuzhou City. Half of the troops were descendants. These horses don't mind who will take the lead. They just need someone to take the lead and have food to eat.


The killing sound of Jinghai Hou's Mansion was soaring, and Zhao Tong hugged his three-year-old son and hid in the house panicked.

"Mother, can Sanshu beat the bad guys back?" Cheng En looked at his mother hopefully with a pair of innocent eyes.

Zhao Tong's eyes were wet, and he gently stroked the child, saying: "Mother is with you, don't be afraid. Your third uncle won't leave us alone."

Cheng En Ruannuo said: "The third uncle said he would take me out to play, and the third uncle would want a baby."

Zhao Tong nodded. In her life, there was really no hope, and only Cheng Niu was a man she would never have liked before.

She doesn't know whether she loves him or not, but without him, the world is so big that there is no place for her and her son.

Suddenly heard the sound of footsteps, the door of the house was pushed open, and Shangguan Weichen came in with a team of black guards.

Zhao Tong was taken aback: "Master Shangguan, you...what's the matter with you?"

The guards at the yard and at the gate did not report to her, and there were only four maids in the hall, and they were taken aback.

Shangguan Weichen said: "Mrs. Zhenxiao, Lord Hou, those who know practical things are brilliant. To save your lives, it is better to take the initiative to abandon the dark and cast light."

Zhao Tong's face was pale and said, "What did you say?! Where's Cheng Niu?"

Shangguan Weichen said: "The rebels have already invaded Fuzhou, and Master Cheng is holding on to other city gates. What's the point?"

Zhao Tong was very angry and said, "Shangguan Weichen, do you still need a face when you live to this age?"

Shangguan Weichen couldn't help laughing, and said, "It's just that everyone has their own ambitions. Why do you ask? If you want to ask, I can also ask you, do you still have a face?"

With that, Shangguan Weichen glanced at Cheng En.

Zhao Tong knew that he meant that she had committed adultery with Cheng Niu and gave birth to a child. Zhao Tong only felt extremely humiliated. But she was helpless.