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The Group Pet Sister Became the Petite Bag of the Powerful Minister

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【1V1, Shuangjie, Explosive Pet】

Song Zhao was reborn in ancient times and became the much-loved little daughter-in-law of the Great General of Zhen Guo.

It was the script of the group pet lying down and winning, but Song Zhao knew that in a few years, this dynasty would perish, and everyone would be left without bones.

Looking at the down-and-out boy who was being bullied in the corner, he thought that he was the treasonous tyrant who would overthrow the dynasty in the future and commit no evil.

For the sake of world peace, she decided not to do it again and again——

Shark him!

For the first time, Song Zhao looked at the young boy who was brutally beaten by the group, and planned to take the opportunity to give him a fatal blow, but was startled by the wild cat, and ran away his bully for him.

Little boy: Why does she help me, does she like me?

The second time, Song Zhao encountered a young boy who had lost too much blood and fainted. He wanted to drag him into a lake to drown, but he took the ginseng pills in his pocket and hanged him back.

Little boy: No one has ever cared so much about me, she is a fairy.

The third time, Song Zhao took out a dagger and rubbed it secretly towards him, but accidentally stepped on his foot and killed the poisonous snake behind him.

The little boy’s ears turned red: It turns out that Ah Zhao could work hard for him.

The assassination failed, Song Zhao changed his routine and took out a candy to coax him, “The world is still very beautiful, you have to be a good person~”

The little boy grabbed the corner of the little girl’s clothes and nodded.

Be a good person for you, and slaughter the city for your madness.


Later, the living King of Hell in the capital, Siyu [yù], was cold-blooded and cruel, killing people without blinking an eye.

Everyone said that Si Yu had no heart and no one could make him bow his head.

Until that year, when the rebel army attacked the country, Si Yu came in a mysterious ice armor and brought thousands of troops, all the city towers collapsed under his feet.

He put the treasure seal on his hands and knelt down on one knee, “Azhao, please call me husband, I will give you this ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains and the whole of me in the palm of your hand.”

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Alternate Title:团宠妹妹成了权臣的小娇包
Author:south wind
Weekly Rank:#1088
Monthly Rank:#1322
All Time Rank:#2301
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Rebirth,
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  1. Llegó al 2do cap y ya odie al hermano, aunque sea mejor después ya no quiero leer su parte de la historia, creo q pasaré sus partes xs xD

  2. Did anyone know the tittle of a novel same story as 80 little pet fubao from I remember the Yu family is a fisherman Thier village is very poor it's difficult to go town and there's a old temple which the ml become the apprentice by the old master in temple Thier village is the first to usher a tourism

  3. I guess it's Fields of Gold....... If you are interested in 60s,70s,80s novels u can visit wattpad. It has large number of these novels. search type(sixtie, seventies.....)

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