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The Grey Wizard of Hogwarts

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“I’ve gone through a lot of hardships and hardships to sit in the bright classrooms of Hogwarts.”

Anton’s eyes were blurred, as if he recalled something bad.

“So, Dean Snape, how could I go to Forbidden Forest to kill spiders in the middle of the night? This is a groundless accusation!”

Anton grabbed the collar of the magic robe tightly to avoid revealing the blood-stained shirt inside, and said loudly, “I’m innocent!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TGWH
Alternate Title:霍格沃茨之灰巫师
Author:sleep well
Weekly Rank:#84
Monthly Rank:#134
All Time Rank:#5316
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harry Potter, Shameless Protagonist,
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29 Comments on “The Grey Wizard of Hogwarts
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  1. Sigh another garbage I have come across only one good (great) HP or probably any Western Fanfiction written by a Chinese writer P S it's was something like grandson of Grindelwald or something

  2. The advantage of this novel is the original characters are not stupid. Mc thinks he can control everything. Finally got a slap in the face from Voldemort and Dumbledore to show that Mc was wrong. They're smart.

  3. Also maybe you read too many poisonous chinese novel's recently it made you numb to the point average novels feels like trashy novel. Try to detox yourself by reading good Japanese or Korean novels and manga/manhua

  4. Lol. Hahahahahaha aku benar-benar tertawa terbahak-bahak membaca komrntarmu. Kamu benar sekali, terlalu sering membaca novel beracun china membuat kita jadi sekarat. Bagiku novel yang kualitasnya rata-rata adalah sampah bagiku sebelumnya. Setelah aku hiatus membaca novel selama sebulan dan membaca kembali novel kualitas rata-rata, ternyata tidak seburuk itu loh.

  5. el MC tiene que vencer a grindelwald y a dumbledore y luego conquistar el mundo magico de ESTADOS UNIDOS, EUROPA, RUSIA Y CHINA. no debe inclinarse ante china el debe gobernar todo el mundo magico a traves de lucha y sangre para que nadie cuestione su autoridad y promover el desarrollo del mundo magico y preparar un ejercito de magos y artistas marciales magicos como templarios para gobernar otros mundos por lo cual es esencial investigar magia de ESPACIO-TIEMPO

  6. Estás promocionando el fanfic o espantando lectores? Jajajajaj tus dos comentarios hicieron que dudara mucho en leerlo, finalmente después de unos días sin encontrar que leer decidí darle la oportunidad ignorando lo que escribiste, oye eres muy malo

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