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The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the ’70s

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Novel Summary

Tong Xuelu had the nickname Queen of Green Tea.

She was stunning in look, has a shapely body, and had a lot of suitors though she had never been in any serious relationships.

By the time she was done being a green tea and was about to be a nice person, her retribution had caught up to her!

She had transmigrated into a book. In the 70s where materialistic goods were rare and she was a poor soul who was the fake daughter of a wealthy family!

Per the story, she would be face slapped by the real daughter who was rebirthed, be married to an old man who had once been married, and finally die from domestic violence.

Tong XueLu: ……I’d rather continue to be a green tea.

Raise three bosses of the future and be a salted fish that all she had to do was to lay around and wait for things to be handed to her [checked]

Cheat her way into a government-ran restaurant and had good food every day. [checked]

Use her agility and wit to avoid being faceslapped by the real daughter. [checked]

As far as an excellent green tea was concerned, she would be able to handle any scripts handed to her and still end up the winner.


Wen Rugui, a physicist, was young, handsome and had his entire life ahead of him. He had, however, let his research distracted him from starting a family.

All of his bosses were eyeing him to become part of their family.

Until one day.

Wen Rugui brought a charming girl into his research facility and there were love in his eyes. “This is my fiancee. We are here to report our upcoming matrimony.”

His bosses: Shocked beyond words.

His female colleagues: All heart broken.

Tong XueLu: Sorry, all. My charm is but a passive skill.

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Short Title:GTCV70
Alternate Title:满级绿茶在年代文躺赢
Weekly Rank:#453
Monthly Rank:#130
All Time Rank:#1602
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Childcare, Clever Protagonist, Cute Children, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Heartwarming, Past Trauma, Poor to Rich, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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7 Comments on “The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the ’70s
  1. This is 10/10 material... just there’s a plot where Tong Xuelu goes out of character, like the author really bent backwards to create and Evil Gay 😑 like wtf they author even writes that he was shocked and caught off guard he just subconsciously pushed the thing flying at him away ! And the. Turns around and had Tong Xuelu turn into an angry Baboon and go you did it on purpose ! Like what the actual F*ck he doesn’t handle the aftermath well in the hospital but he’s just been assaulted false accused and slandered ! Yeah he acts two faced and sleazy but that’s what the authors good at writing characters and giving them life except the author made a mess of it because it’s just a show horned in plot contrivance wrapped up in like one chapter, not to mention that she is somehow a master detective at slander because it’s not even confirmed frankly he could just be like Wen Rufus or other main character who are career focused and celibate, I mean look at the Father of Xiao Jiu look at him and his wife he can clearly drop her like it’s nothing despite presumably liking her pure naivety, anyways it was just a small but annoying blip that the author tried to show horn into the story to move the plot along and I think it could actually have had some real potential whether you want to rewrite the whole scenario so he’s not some scumbag which so far his only wrongdoing is lying at the hospital when tong Xuelu said he pushed her away and had bad intentions not letting him explain and purposefully painting him in a bad light... honestly I’m starting to suspect she’s HOMOPHOBIC !!!! I’m just joking but seriously if she wasn’t homophobic or out of character then she must just want Fang Jinyuang to be forever alone, anyways I do think that all the plots feel a little contrived at first but they are usually interesting and well written it’s just this book could have ended in fifty chapters considering how long they are, plus there was actually an emotional like they got together the bad guys been sent away the end vibe going on but then the author kept prolonging everything, and while I think they’ve managed to do it well with the romance I think it’s still like OH every time we start a new plot or something so it’s just like here we go again milking it.... also there’s this whole thing where oh I’m not really close to the Su Famoly and it’s like well yeah because you never kept up the relationship and I’m not just talking about you all as adults I mean for your own sister who’s best friend was clearly Xiao Jiu ?! So much for you’ll still be able to see him and have play dates !! Clearly you got wrapped up in your own issues and forgot about it, not to mention they clearly didn’t seem keen on having their young master and successor hang out in another persons house let alone the gap between status though they ‘might’ not be looking down on the orphan Tong family 😒 anyways I think it’s probably just going on so long the authors having a thought time managing it, like your telling me Xiao Jiu wouldn’t want to send a New Years gift to his future wife??? I don’t believe it !!! he doesn’t have the emotional eq and genius mind of an adult for no reason he can clearly consider that they’ll grow apart without meeting and he can cry and beg all the time and he expects to see her I don’t believe he couldn’t realize they’re not taking him and then say if I don’t see her by XX I won’t continue learning or being sensible, you better keep your word. (Where the hell did I end up !? 🤦‍♂️ I was just going to leave a comment about a hastily slapped together plot point that was insulting to Tong Xuelu 🤦‍♂️If not us the readers ! Let alone all the other stuff 🙉)

  2. I needed to add in mor period and commas and use less they(also wtf is with auto correct on mtl I swear it’s literally ten times more active and it’s not even auto correcting spelling errors it’s just replacing actual normal words like shoe or swear with other shit, and then leaves other spelling errors completely alone!!?!!?!! Anyways I should’ve clarified who I was speaking about, the author, Tong Xuelu, other characters, etc. because it becomes confusing, I didn’t quite finish every sentence either so it is misleading what I actually meant, for example Xiang Peng (Pang) is ambitious and suspicious to Cuelu when he asks about Tong Zhenzhen and then later in the hospital he’s despicable because he lied to cover his butt after making a mistake, anyways he also had his good points and the author wrote a confusing narrative of he’s a bad guy wait he’s still a good guy oh no he’s just bad and then fuck him lets end his whole family ! The poor evil wretch, (wrongful) vigilante justice ! Okay the next thing is that I wanted to say that who’s she going to ask now ? Huh ?? I don’t think Xang Piang is going to be very forthcoming with news about his cousins cousins relation to Tong Zhenzhen, dang I forgot the thing I remembered that I wanted to write earlier... well whatever

  3. It's a good story,sweet and I like it how ml is a bit shy but cool when he sets his mind, to is a bit shameless but I like how he teases him.

  4. Yeah it makes a lot more sense about the state run restaurant when you start reading or if you know about 70’s era China, I thought it was going to be some weird AU where they’ve got so much plot armor they Main Character their way into getting a custom made iron rice bowl like some urban fantasy novel protagonist

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