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The Greatest Performer on the Football Field

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Mourinho: “Sun Wu? Oh, he touches the ball every time on the field is very beautiful, he is the greatest performer on the football field…”

Reporter: “But Jose, if I remember correctly, you once rated him as a fake fall performer…”

Guardiola: “Sun Wu? He is a realist. Every time he takes the ball on the court, he has a clear purpose. He doesn’t care about the ornamental value of football at all. Yes, I don’t like him.”

Reporter: “However, Josep, you once evaluated him as a master pass artist who can be tied with Harvey…”

Sun Wu: “Fake fall? Performance? Art? These tags are secondary. I just pursue honor and like victory.”

Friendly reminder: This book does not involve the national team.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:GPFF
Alternate Title:绿茵表演家
Author:Gusty wind
Weekly Rank:#2519
Monthly Rank:#3784
All Time Rank:#3202
Tags:Businessmen, Charismatic Protagonist, Childhood Love, Childhood Sweethearts, Clever Protagonist, Couple Growth, Familiars, Football, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Personality Changes, Quick Transmigration, Shameless Protagonist, Soccer, System, System Administrator, Younger Love Interests,
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  1. He want to transfer to a team that doesn't restrict his coaching??? Dude,you can organise when in football. Don't think you're superior to other just because you can coaching

  2. The fucker has england and germany dual nationalities what kind of stupid player wilk leave this two nationalities to join china where there is no hope of ever winning the world cup or even the asian.. tbat is just stupid ass patriotism that can never happen unless you have been forced by gun

  3. Can't even understand shit.. he has a system bt it's a trash, and mainly where is the novice gift that system told him.. and many confusions.. it's really bad

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