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The Great Talisman

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Ask the vast earth, where to let my human race!

He had never thought that he would come to the world of prehistoric mythology, and he would never have thought that the Human Race would be so embarrassed by the Primordial Clan! Until he saw ten suns in the sky and shot an arrow at the sun!

That year, he thought it was just a seed, but who knew it was the whole world.

ps: Yang Sanyang passed through, and found that he was holding a bow in his hand, ten suns floating in the sky… There was another person holding a big clock and looking at him angrily. Friends: Do you want to shoot out? Wait online… (This is a story of a human race struggling to survive in a wild world)

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TGT
Alternate Title:太上执符
Author:Ninth Destiny
Weekly Rank:#5759
Monthly Rank:#3819
All Time Rank:#4960
Tags:Magic Formations,
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2 Comments on “The Great Talisman
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  1. At first I loved this novel... But later always dan yun daiyi yang triangle bullshit this story...slow growth is understandable but this bullshit trialgle story are drag enough..

  2. Author's experimentation history. It mixes mythology related to a primitive land with cultural fragments of later mystical China. Basically he creates talismans as a "primitive" man. Secondary characters are virtually null. Stupid beasts that sprout from the ground to die. I think that there is a village not to know the scenario was very poorly explained.

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