The morning sun reflects the surface of the sea, covering everything on the sea with a layer of gold.

On the left front is the island of Malta. Now the fort of the South China Empire has been established, and its stars and sea peaks are flying above the island of the former Paladin, making the whites feel uncomfortable.

This is the land of Christ!

The Dutch are not religious fanatics. On the surface, they believe in God and in their bones are Hermes (the **** of business in ancient Greece) and Zhao Gongming, but the fleet is mixed with a large number of Italians, the Holy Roman Empire, France, The white skins of Spain and Sweden are much more pious than the Dutch, and they yelled one after another, swearing at the heathens, if their words were like a knife, I am afraid that the South China fleet would have been devastated long ago. Hole out.

Now is not the time, just to defeat the infidels, to recover the island of Malta and return it to the embrace of Christ.

The huge fleet of white skins found the same huge fleet of the South China Empire near the southwest of the island of Malta. At this time, the Dutch fleet was in front, and it was Little Tromp who took the lead---his father was Old Special Romp, the former commander of the Dutch fleet, after the death of old Tromp, young Tromp ambitiously wanted to take over the command of the fleet and become admiral, but Druidel did a good job. Yes, Jr. Tromp has no chance to be in position, so he can only be a rear admiral.

He has always been dissatisfied with Druidel, thinking that Druidel is too conservative, so after seeing the infidel fleet, he may have overestimated his own strength, and without waiting for orders, he recklessly led his ten battleships to kill South China. The fleet, and his captains took his orders for granted!

This is a "normal" performance. Although the bravery and skill of the officers and soldiers on the Dutch fleet is admirable, their discipline clearly needs to be strengthened.

They rushed towards the South China Fleet without fear, making the Chinese feel incredible: "Are these white skins crazy?"

Despite my few enemies, the forwards of the South China Fleet still drove out of the battle line in the northwest direction meticulously, sailing out one after another, end to end, and none of the battleships acted arbitrarily.

The White Fleet opened fire first, and Little Tromp said excitedly: "Kill them, disperse their queue!"

"Kill the S heretics!" The white skins screamed, and then they were greeted by rounds of fire!

The South China Fleet is a battle line operation, while the ten white-skinned battleships are fighting in a scattered manner. They have to constantly load their cannons and fire, and they are very busy. The Chinese are filled with ammunition and fire when they see the enemy ship. Able to reload calmly.

There are two Dutch battleships above the battle line of the South China Fleet, and the other eight are below. Those two battleships are having great fun. The artillery fire of the South China Fleet is extremely fierce, and they are constantly being damaged. When they cannot withstand it, they Drove westward from the battle, the previous bravery was gone!

The remaining eight battleships were not much better. Although they also had a high rate of fire of one round per minute, they fought one after another. The South China Fleet could take a break after eating shells, but White Skin was overwhelmed.

Seeing artillery shells coming from the heathen battleship, the Dutch battleship collapsed on the wall, the firepower dropped sharply, and it was in a state of being beaten hard to fight back.

The red-eyed little Tromp directed the ship "Holland Province" towards the battle line of the South China Fleet. He gathered the crew and prepared to carry out the tactics of jumping gang, killing the enemy ship by capturing the enemy ship. win.

The Dutch were still very brave, and the other seven battleships all approached the battleships of the South China Fleet with the same concept.


As they approached, the South China battleship fired volleys of gunfire and roared small artillery, spraying the white skins that they wanted to jump over into the sea with spray guns.

The precise shooting of their rifled guns named the outcropping and appearance of the white skin!

There is a 1-pound cannon on the bulwark, which can be loaded by a single person, mainly against living targets.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" There was a boom after another when the South China Army ignited the tube to launch.

The South China Army can have as many tubes as there are comrades, and it is no exception on warships. Baipi does not have such weapons. Their individual equipment is as inferior as ever, only machetes and muskets. After all, there is no strong country. With financial backing, without countless investment, the Dutch were reluctant to bear it, and they were defeated.

No Dutch battleship can succeed with help, or even get beaten up.

Seeing that ten battleships were dispatched, they were beaten to the ground in a short period of time. Dutch Rear Admiral Cornelis Iverson couldn't help but cried out: "The Dutch is bleeding, I'm going to save him! "

He took his eight battleships and sent out, so that Druidel couldn't help but feel ashamed!

Little Tromp has always been rebellious, just now he had no orders to move, Druidel didn't want to save him at all, let him die under the fire of infidels.

But Cornelis Iverson participated in the war like this. This time the 32 Dutch battleships have already dispatched 20, and the remaining 12 under Druidel's personal command, what should we do?

Then everyone has to go together!

Twenty Dutch battleships rushed over in a mess, the South China Fleet still maintained the battle line steadily, and each battleship exerted a powerful attack power!

The "Black Warrior" Siresma of the forward flagship, the second-class battleship "Sultan", stood on the open deck, and his men added endless power.

People were superstitious at the time and believed that Siresma, the "Black Warrior" under the emperor's command, was invincible, and he could defeat any enemy.

Therefore, the gunners of the "Sudan" were enthusiastic and fired fiercely and fiercely. Not to mention that ordinary Dutch ships could not resist the artillery of the "Sudan", even the second-tier battleship commanded by Cornelis Iverson." The Elephant was also unable to parry Seeing that the sailors on the ship were beaten up and down, Cornelis Iverson couldn't help being shocked!

Don't talk about him, Druidel's battleship "Seven Provinces", the flagship of the Dutch, encountered the "Sultan" and couldn't eat it.

But seeing the artillery fire covering the "Seven Provinces", the Dutch roared and wanted to rise, but they were all knocked down by the cannonballs!

The two large ships stood in a stalemate for five minutes, each fired five rounds of guns and then separated. The "Sudan" steadily moved forward, while the "Seven Provinces" sailed crookedly, seemingly beaten up.

More than the "Sudan" is powerful. The other two chiefs of the forward fleet, Cheng Yuzao, "Dhaka" and Zhao Tianjing, "Suez", both burst out terrifying power, and the white-skinned battleships who encountered them all complained.

Seeing that the situation is not good, Druidel ordered to retreat, and he howled: "Retreat, retreat, retreat!"

The previously arrogant Dutch fleet retreated westward, but two battleships were left behind!

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