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The Great Ming Dynasty Dominate Overseas

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Reverse the era of Western navigation!

is the era of great nautical dominance in the east! It’s our great era!

The Western powers and powerful ships and guns broke the eastern gate?

No, the fleet that covers the sea in the east has become a nightmare for the west!

The battleship of the sailing period! A few kilometers of battle on the battle line! Wealth, beauty and land! Come on!

Once, the despair of Admiral Guan on Humen Fort was a pain in the heart of every Chinese!

Today, let Admiral William of the London Battery look at the densely packed gunboats at the mouth of the Thames River, and let out an extremely painful cry: “NO!”

Go back to the end of the Ming Dynasty, become the son of the great pirate Yan Siqi, Yan Changwu, and send the West into hell with a large fleet!

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Short Title:GMDDO
Alternate Title:大明之雄霸海外
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Monthly Rank:#3578
All Time Rank:#2897
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Army Building, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Colonization, Discrimination, Empire Building, Firearms, Fleet Battles, Gods, Harem, History, Imperial Harem, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Nationalism, Pirates, Racism, Religions, Strong Female Lead, Strong subordinates, Trade, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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62 Comments on “The Great Ming Dynasty Dominate Overseas
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  1. The author is really shameless, no the Chinese as a whole are shameless.......if they had such great strength than why did they never conquer or suppress Japan just like what they did to Korea.........no the bastards attacked Japan not once but twice but they failed miserably......and the author here says shamelessly that the Shogunate feared the Chinese........if the shogunate had feared the Chinese than they would not have refused to bend knee to the Chinese throne and pay taxes......they would not have faced a massive armada and an army that was three times their size.......so obviously the author has the same disease as other Chinese that is bragging shamelessly.

  2. Well… the shogunate did fear the Chinese, during the Tang Dynasty and in the Ming aswell as Japan at the time was decentralised and was in a period of civil war, and China had a OP navy in 1424 but after the death of a specific Ming Emperor, all navigations were halted as it was draining a lot of money from the imperial court.

  3. This is ridiculous......China is not Ming and Ming is not China.......the MC said that he doesn't dare to raise his banners against Ming, so is he willing to let his handle in the hands of Ming........was it not in the history many times when several contemporary states existed......if he doesn't openly defies the Ming even than the Ming emperor will suppress him afterall no one will want a possible fire in their backyard.......so the only way before MC is to stand against Ming.

  4. The MC is a true patriot........even though the MC is a Chinese and at that time there was not even a concept of China but he will never shoot the first bullet even when the Ming is coming to kill him.......HAHAHAHAHAHA.......

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