After finishing the whole book with these three words, the godfather's book finally came to an end.

Ashamed to say, I have written a book for more than 4 years. This is the first fine book of eggplant. My own level is generally improved. I rely on everyone's strong sense of genuineness and are willing to subscribe to support. I really want to thank everyone who subscribed to this book. Reader, you are my parents.

Looking back at this book, the beginning of the book is relatively routine, the best paragraph is written in the middle, and it ends with a bit of water. There are still some errors in the book. In general, this is a book with breakthroughs in the eyes of hardcores. Barely qualified books in the eyes of passersby.

However, after completing this book, the eggplant is not only a small gain, but also pays more attention to people and plot description. The next book should be more exciting.

Well, thanks to the readers who should be most grateful for the end, and then to the starting point platform.

In fact, I have been very grateful to the website. Life is very difficult now, and the garage is very stressful, but as I said in my book, I am lucky to be able to pursue a career that I am interested in and can support my family. Now, I hope everyone can be the same as me.

Then I thanked my editor-in-chief, Gray Grey, who became a best seller before the end of the book, and it was a regret that I had started writing a book for a few years. In fact, Gray Grey has always supported me, and I am beautiful and capable.

In the end, I would like to thank you for my hardcore. Although everyone has different personalities and lives, I really want to thank you for your support along the way.

Blue wind and snow, an elder brother, has been my leader since the Basket God. This way, no matter where I write or write any book, I have always been supportive, and now I am married, I hope he has a happy life.

I'm a pest, I'm a big pest, sorry for the pests, your 30 is even more added Haha! In fact, thank you very much. Although you are not smiling and you are basically diving, thank you.

Xingfeng Xiaoye, Xingfeng is the first owner of this book. I almost gave up this book because the first order was bad, and then the owner of Xingfeng gave me a lot of motivation. Thank you.

I do n’t want to change my name. Although you misspelled the name when you got your ID, I still think your language level is not 2333, so come and worship me as a teacher. I can improve your ability!

Hammer strike, fish wings, pirate mosquitoes, crickets, ant-riding elephants, Freesd, Green Mia, Rising Zerg, Pink Sun-Sharp Trumpet, Dripping Rain, Wings, Wings, Fztlsl, Shuangguo's Daydream, Capricorn Jay, Xi Liu Sui Feng, Tao 520 Qian, Twilight Star, Four Royals, Blocking Sinkhole, Mean Wind, Mu Yi, Aldridge, 5408, Cai Zhao ... ...

Many people, I will not repeat them one by one, many of you are my old hardcore, and many of them have not been added to the group, but I really thank everyone, for me, subscription is already The biggest support, you have given a lot of rewards, although never said hello, but it is **** haha!

(Forcing hardcore, no doubt!)

Oh by the way, QQ reading, I rarely go there, but occasionally I see a few IDs that are more familiar, disappeared, tears disappeared Li Yunhai, Qiushui Changkong, the taste of tears, annoyance, small fried meat ... a lot, Because there is no name displayed on the webpage, I can only familiarize myself with what I have seen on the client. Thank you everyone, although it is not a work in QQ, but thank you for supporting the genuine version.

The next book, the next book is still in the stomach, and probably will not come out until late August, when I will say hello in the group.

Oh right, the group number will be announced again at the end, 539855046. Entering the group requires fan value verification. Although not as active as the Great God Book Group, I am probably the most active author.

In the end, there seems to be nothing else to say. I wish everyone a happy day, good health, play less vibrato, go to bed early, exercise more, and find a boyfriend / girlfriend earlier.

That's all for now. See you in the next book. Going home on the weekends, picking up her girlfriend's ears in the bedroom, she screamed: "You tap! Insert too deeply!" Then I heard that my parents raised the TV's voice a lot ... ( The last paragraph of this book, I wish you every day happy and smiling.)