Durant's departure caught everyone off guard, but his decision changed many people's criticism of him.

After experiencing a runaway and failure, perhaps the league's top three small forwards also looked away.

In other words, instead of failing, it is better to choose a team that can make themselves happier.

After Durant left, the Warriors could not solve the future, but it was solved at once.

They soon renewed Klay Thompson with a one-year, five-year contract of 188 million.

Curry, Thompson, Green's core lineup is still there, they still have very good competitiveness in the west.

After that, the big fish in the free market also made their decision one after another.

Leonard joined the Los Angeles Lakers with a 4-year top salary contract.

After a rather enjoyable season in Toronto, Leonard was still thinking about Los Angeles and eventually chose to join the Lakers.

Cousins ​​and the Lakers reached a four-year 100 million contract, of which the fourth year is a player option.

The Warriors have no salary space to renew Cousins. Cousins' choice to join the Lakers and Leonard is also the best option for him.

Fortunately, Johnson said that "Magic" Johnson resigned before not getting a superstar within two years, and now they have won two in a single offseason.

After the big fish made decisions one after another, Irving finally made his decision after meeting with the teams.

He will sign a four-year contract with the Celtics, with a fourth year signing a contract for player options.

Kemba Walker and the 76ers signed a four-year 80 million contract.

Horford returned to the Eagles in 80 years.

The Nets and Yi Jianlian reached a two-year 20 million contract extension.


The Nets basically maintained the core lineup and only lost one Irving; the Warriors lost Durant, but the core of 73 wins in the past is almost still; the Celtics supplemented Irving's greatly increased strength; the 76ers supplemented Walker The strength increased, the Thunder team surged back to Durant; the Lakers signed two superstars to return to the championship, and the Rockets maintained the lineup.

The league has seven teams winning the championship, and there is not much difference between them.

It is no exaggeration to say that before the final start of the new season, no one can say that he won the championship.

Tang Tian is no longer the head coach, but he is optimistic about the prospects of the Nets.

The current line-up, Mitchell, Butler, George, Yi Jianlian, Jokic, benches include Sexton, Murray, Porter, Anthony, Mitchell Robinson, are still in several championship teams Take advantage of.

And unlike the original contract that Irving and Butler expired at the same time, two years later, Yi Jianlian expired with the Nets.

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With enough cap space to renew Mitchell, the Nets' future is bright.

The season continues, but Tang Tian has begun to enjoy his rich life.

The longer Tang Tang is, the more beautiful Tang Tang is.

Tang Tian did not hesitate, and directly exchanged a physical talent for his son with 2 honor points.

My son likes basketball, and he naturally gives his full support.

Before completing the sweeping task, he got 5 honor points, and counting the remaining one in front, there are 6 in total, which is enough for him to train his son.

Tang Tian did not coach, but this summer the league was not at all calm.

After encountering a gambling storm last year, Xiao Hua's credibility with fans and the board plummeted.

In the face of great pressure, Xiao Hua also announced that he had given up on renewing the contract with the alliance, which was temporarily held by Vice President Tatum.

Tatum has been the vice president of the alliance since the Stern period. During the Xiaohua period, he still has certain capabilities, but he is not enough to be a president. Everyone can see that this is a transition.

The time passed quickly, and the season passed. The Nets won 62 games and ranked second in the East. The Celtics, 76ers and Thunder were dismissed by three 4-3 scores, achieving three consecutive championships.

But the game was thrilling, and the Nets were lucky to win.

However, this is the process of ups and downs, but it attracted the attention of the fans.

No one wants to watch a season without suspense, everyone wants the suspense to be bigger.

The NBA's attention has returned, but Tatum's limited personal ability has also been exposed.

In the face of the lack of toughness of the referee union, the board of directors does not seem to have a say, and even the promotion of the tournament is poor.

The league urgently needed to find a new president. Xiao Hua hoped to return. When the board of directors of the league discussed this matter, Mavericks boss Cuban suddenly proposed a person.

Tang Tian.

Tang Tianzao is the league's signature, and he is still young. Of course, the most important thing is that his quality in the coaching career is worthy of recognition.

Without saying anything else, let's take the matter of renewing Butler, and earn him praise from many people.

When this question was first raised, many people thought it was a joke. After all, Tang Tian held a team with a market value of more than 3 billion US dollars.

Because once he becomes president, the Nets in his hands must be sold.

However, Xiao Hua's team is building momentum, and no one can beat him except Tang Tian.

After several meetings within the board of directors, they proposed a plan to hand over the Nets to Tang Tian's wife, Swift, but Swift was not allowed to participate in any management action of the team, which meant lying down to collect money.

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Tang Tian finally accepted the plan.

As soon as Tang Tian came out, all the moves of Xiao Hua were vanished. Compared with the popularity of the Alliance, Tang Tian could not be compared.

After becoming president, Tang Tian also focused on alliance reform.

The East and West teams were cancelled. The 1-16 teams entered the playoffs and were divided into groups A and B. Then they were eliminated according to the playoff mechanism. Finally, the group champions of groups A and B went to the finals.

Raise the referee's salary, incorporate the referee report into the referee's assessment, and set up a strict reward and punishment mechanism to improve the ability and fairness of sentencing.

Shorten the season, relax the penalties, and encourage physical confrontation ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ to improve the enjoyment of the game.

Continue to increase the super luxury tax and balance the strength of each team.


Tang Tian took a series of measures after taking office, but the fans have been hungry.

Although there were some turbulences, the fans' voices were completely heard. This is a reform based on the principle of supremacy of fans.

After a few years of turbulence, the league ’s viewing has improved significantly, and the Celtics, Rockets and Nets wins have also made the league full of competition.

This is the NBA everyone expects.


Time flies quickly, and in 2033, Tang Tian became the 13th year of president of the alliance.

In these 13 years, the NBA has achieved unprecedented development, not only in China, but also in the competitions around the world. It has also been greatly promoted, and it is likely to compete with football.

It was also this year that 18-year-old Tang Hao participated in the league draft.

Outstanding physical talent, soft shooting feel, and superb basketball IQ. Before joining the draft, he was known as the combination of Durant and Kobe. The template column wrote Michael Jordan's name.

In the end, he was selected as the No. 1 pick in the draft year and was taken away by the Nets.

At this time, the Nets are the league's fishhead. In the past, only Porter and Old Butler remained at the core. Tang Hao's joining is their hope for revival.

Also at the draft, a reporter interviewed Tang Tian, ​​the president of the league.

"Tang Hao was selected by the Nets. Will you return?"

"Yes, I'm thinking."

What excites the fans is that Tang Tian gave a positive answer.

Just a month later, Tang Tiangong retired as the president of the league and became the head coach of the Nets at the age of 59.

Fight the tiger brothers, fight the father and son soldiers.

The alliance has ushered in an unprecedented era.

(End of book)

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