Tang Tian didn't speak for the first time.

This kind of thing is really bad.

Butler does have a better relationship with him and pays more for the team.

But from the moment he was general manager, he knew that no one could escape this.

"Case, you don't need to take me into account." Tang Tian said.

When Jones heard Tang Tian say this, he also knew his choice.

"Call Jimmy, I'll talk to him." Tang Tian continued, and he also needed to talk to Butler.

Jones stood up and replied, then left the manor.

"Can't you both?" When Jones left, Swift came over and asked.

He had previously poured coffee for the two, and he has been standing a short distance since then. He basically heard what they were chatting.

Tang Tian smiled bitterly.

"In fact, I think that the four top salary plus a group of base salary can also be played. They are still young and can play a game for a long time." Swift said.

Tang Tian smiled and nodded.

In fact, this is not impossible. The four 30 million whites are only 120 million, and there are 10 basic salaries, or it is not necessary to play the safe basic salary. The rookie and high-capacity players can pay tens of millions of luxury taxes.

"Then why didn't you tell Case just now?" Swift asked.

"Is there a difference between the Nets and the Warriors?" Tang Tian said with a smile.

Swift froze for a moment, but didn't quite understand what Tang Tian meant.

Tang Tian didn't say anything, and smiled at the head of Moss Swift: "Well, what do you want this to do, go and play with Suger."

After speaking, Tang Tian took Swift upstairs.

The next day, Tang Tian entertained Butler at the manor. After lunch, the two sat in the lawn and chatted.

"Jimmy, why do you play basketball?" Tang Tian asked.

"Interest, and money," Butler said for a moment.

Tang Tian nodded.

Being able to enjoy doing things you are interested in and making money is already a very happy thing.

Although Butler had a not-so-good childhood, at least he is doing very well now.

"Have you ever thought about honor?" Tang Tian continued.

"Honor? Coach, I got a lot of honor following you." Butler said with a smile.

Tang Tian smiled after listening. Indeed, since the Cavaliers period, Butler has also won 5 championships with him.

"Do you want to be Pippen or Jordan?" Tang Tian asked.

"Coach, do you want to ask me if I want to renew the contract with the team?" Butler heard Tang Tian asked so much and guessed what he wanted to say.

Tang Tian smiled bitterly, and they knew each other for so long.

"I'm willing. I know the team is having difficulty renewing the contract now, and I can choose to reduce salary if needed." Butler said.

Tang Tian heard this for a moment, but Butler seemed to know each other, and Yi Jianlian had said that at the beginning.

Yeah, like Yi Jianlian, he has been a player with him for a long time.

"Jimmy." Tang Tian looked at Butler.

"You have the ability, but you have no chance to show, you should go to a team that can give you enough firepower to prove your own strength and get 25 + 5 + 5 data." Tang Tian said.

Butler from knighthood

--0 --- 0 --- small--say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line--

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-0--0 --- small--say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

It hasn't been a big boss at the beginning, and it has become a triple boss when it comes to the Nets, which is actually a little unfair to him.

"No, coach, I don't need it. The ability is not based on statistics. I would rather stay in a team that can make me more comfortable." To Tang Tian's surprise, Butler's answer was positive.

Tang Tian froze.

Like when Yi Jianlian told him that he could renew his contract.

He punched his fist.

"I see." Finally, he got up and patted Butler on the shoulder.


"Don, are you leaving Jimmy to give up Carey?" Jones rushed to his estate after knowing Tang Tian's decision.

Tang Tian nodded.

"But then Carey will definitely go to Boston, we ..."

Tang Tian reached out and stopped him from continuing.

"Every sentiment of the alliance is finally lost to business, and then people always say that this is a business alliance, I don't want to be like others." Tang Tian continued.

Jones stopped talking.

"I know what you want to say. This idea may be too simple, but I just want to do it."

"Okay, I know." Jones nodded. He had been with Tang Tian for so long, knowing that Tang Tian was the kind of master who would not change if he decided, no matter how much it wouldn't help.

"Don't do that, Case. Think about the combination of Carey and Donovan. Their height is not enough to defend or is not the best. Donovan's passing performance improved significantly last season, and being a combo guard is not. Impossible, after all, the concepts of point guard and shooting guard are very vague, aren't they? "Tang Tian smiled and patted Jones' shoulder.

Jones nodded.

Tang Tian is not without reason. If you let Butler out of Mitchell, it must be that Mitchell is only 1 meter tall ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ Although the defense is good, it is easy to be targeted, plus a Owen, Frank might have had a headache.

After sending away Jones, Tang Tian didn't care about the team anymore.

Owen and Yi Jianlian have their own Jones to deal with, and he is not convenient to come out and interfere.

On July 1, the door to the free agent market opened.

Durant, Irving, Butler, Cousins, Leonard, Thompson, Kemba Walker, Al Horford ...

This year's free agent market is definitely the hottest in recent years.

The first signing of oj last year was the Nets, and this year is no exception.

In the first moment after the door to the free agent market opened, Butler and the Nets reached a contract with a starting salary of 28 million and a five-year, 170 million contract extension.

This contract is 17 million less than the maximum salary contract he can get.

After Butler successfully renewed his contract, Irving and the Nets had a disagreement on the issue of renewal. Irving's team hoped to get a maximum salary instead of a salary cut, and each team began to chase Irving.

Owen started meeting with the teams, and he left the Nets to countdown.

The other teams in the league saw a sigh of relief here. Like the Warriors, if the Nets retained Irving, it would be a mountain they would never cross.

However, the story of Irving is still inconclusive, but the Warriors are the first to fry the pan.

The team's failure to impact the championship year after year, coupled with the explosion of future salary structure.

Durant made the same decision as James. He announced that he would return to Oklahoma City and join Westbrook.

This decision shook the entire league again.

No one expected that Durant signed 1 + 1 for the Warriors to choose a salary cut, but left the Warriors!