The New York fans' carnival lasted a whole day, but their carnival was far from over.

At the award ceremony held shortly after, George overwhelmed Durant and Curry and was elected to the 20182019 regular season mvp.

In other words, George is the second player to win the double mvp after Yao Ming.

Also under His Majesty Tang Tian, ​​this honor is truly valuable.

At the same time, Wade announced his retirement, and with him retired the Ginobili of the Spurs, coupled with Nowitzki, who retired before. Many youths who belonged to basketball ended.

"Nba hasn't paid as much attention to me."

Many people have expressed this view after this series of events.

Tang Tian retired, former stars retired, coupled with the small ball era and referee penalties, they really don't feel that much about NBA.

Fans' views are changing, but nba remains the same.

The footsteps of the new season soon came quietly.

The two teams that played in the Finals last season are under tremendous pressure in the summer.

The Warriors Thompson has expired, Green has one year left, and Durant's 11 contract is also expired. One accident is disintegration.

The Nets are also under pressure to renew Owen, Butler and Yi Jianlian.

The league ’s super salary cap has finally begun to balance the strength of each team while putting pressure on the teams to renew their contracts.

Unless hundreds of millions of extravagance taxes are paid, it will be difficult for the Big Four super teams to sustain themselves.

Tang Tian has been with his family in the manor after winning the championship. The coach's job was thrown to Frank. The management was left to Jones. The company also had professional managers who took care of it. He began to enjoy the life of a real boss.

However, both Frank and Jones will report to him the progress of the team.

This year's draft is a small year. The team only selected a combo guard Col Anthony at the end of the first round. The rest of the preparations will be made after the free agent market opens.

Jones also came to Tang Tian's manor after the draft.

Wade retires, Stoudemire can't use it, and then counts Irving, Butler, Yi Jianlian, and Bamort on expiring contracts, now on the team's roster.

Point guards: Murray, Sexton

Shooting guard: Mitchell

Small forwards: George, Porter

Power forward: Anthony

Centers: Jokic, Mitchell Robinson

Eight people, the total salary is about 80 million.

The league's salary cap for the new season has not been announced, but it is expected to be $ 108 million and the luxury tax is expected to be 123 million.

In other words, the Nets are only $ 28 million from the salary cap and 41 million from the luxury tax trigger line.

"We can't renew Kyrie and Jimmy at the same time." The first sentence Jones said when he sat down was the purpose of his coming to Tang Tian.

Irving and Butler have different performances, but with their ability, they will definitely get the maximum salary in the free market after jumping out of the player option this summer. The Nets need to renew their contract with at least 60 million space. In other words, In other words, if two people renew the contract at the same time, the total salary of the Nets' 10 players will reach 140 million, which has already triggered a super luxury tax.

Not to mention the renewal of Yi Jianlian, and the addition of the other four teams on the roster, the Nets have to pay at least a billion luxury tax.

So Jones must find Tang Tian.

& nb

--0 --- 0 --- small--say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line--

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-0--0 --- small--say --- this is a gorgeous dividing line ---

sp; Tang Tian nodded after listening.

In fact, he had already anticipated this situation, and aside from Yi Jianlian's question, Irving and Butler hadn't figured out who would go and who would stay.

"Tell me what you think." Tang Tian was not anxious, took a sip of coffee and looked at Jones.

"I can only talk about the pros and cons." Jones thought for a moment.

Tang Tian nodded and motioned him to continue.

"Let's talk about Jimmy first. His defense is very important to us. It is almost indispensable. His front line with George is the key to our ability to compete against the Warriors and the 76ers, and he can play the second and third positions. The fifth and fourth positions are also very versatile. "

Tang Tian nodded, this is indeed the characteristic of Butler, if it was not for the existence of George, he would almost certainly renew the contract.

"But his shortcomings are his short height and the presence of George. Especially Mitchell needs a place to grow."

Jones didn't say any more here, looked up at Tang Tian.

"Talk about Carey." Tang Tian nodded, and Jones basically said what he could think of.

"Kerry's situation is not the same. Kerry's offensive ability has not been said. He is super-giant, but although his defense is improving, he can still be easily targeted by opponents. In theory, he is very important. , But less important than Jimmy. "

Tang Tian nodded after listening. Irving is indeed not as versatile as Butler, but his scoring explosiveness is also important to the Nets. Of course, Butler is indeed more important than the team.

Seems to have the answer.

"So this is your suggestion?" Tang Tian looked to Jones ~ ~ Jones hesitated and shook his head.

Tang Tian looked at him doubtfully.

"There are two points off the court." Jones went on.

Tang Tian motioned him to continue.

"In the beginning we paid a lot of chips to get Carey and Jimmy was signed as a free agent, so in terms of return on investment, we were a bit loss to let Carey so free." Jones said.

Tang Tian shook his head, signalling that it didn't matter.

"One more thing, if we let Carey go, he is likely to go to Boston."

Jones went on to make Tang Tian's expression pause. After thinking about it, he nodded.

When considering the team's own lineup, they also need to fully consider their opponents.

Walker's contract with the Celtics expires this summer, and renewals are likely to happen.

But once Irving enters the free agent market, they will definitely give Irving a priority.

Walker is good enough, but Irving is definitely better than him.

And if Irving finally signs the Celtics, he adds Shanghai Ward, and smart, young men such as Smart, Brown, Tatum, Zhou Qi, the Nets may really have trouble.

But letting Butler go, it would be impossible for the 76ers or the Celtics, or even the Rockets and the Warriors in the Western Conference, to sign him.

The advice Jones gave seemed to be their best answer.

"There is one that is also off-court. I know that Jimmy played for the Cavaliers and was the team when the Nets had the most difficult time. As far as I know, he also hopes to eventually renew the Nets , Emotionally ... "

Jones paused when he said that, which is why he didn't continue to say anything before.

Emotionally, Butler is obviously a better choice than Irving.

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