"I crossed?"

Tang Tian looked at the strange face in the toilet mirror. Although it was all yellow skin, it was completely different from what he remembered. Not only was he much younger, but he was also handsome.

He is a coach of the Chinese College Student Basketball League. With his outstanding ability, he led an unknown school to the finals. However, he finally encountered a black whistle and lost the championship. After the game, he ran to the food stalls to drink and relax Drunk and muddy, just woke up.

He squeezed his face, and a pain came. After confirming that it was not a dream, he walked out of the toilet.

There is a strong smell of Chinese medicine. After he went out, he soon found that he was in a traditional Chinese medicine store, and the store was still very large, but what surprised him was that there were many dark skins in the shuttle figures in the store. And white-skinned.

Is this coming abroad?

Tangtian took a deep breath. For people in their thirties, his mental capacity was still great.

He walked to the entrance of the store and looked around. After seeing the sign of Chinatown in the street, as well as the dress and communication accent, he realized that he had come to the United States.

As a fan of novels, he has already seen rotten things through rebirth, so it is much easier to accept them.

In his thirties, he was indifferent. He finally led the team to the final but was hacked. It seems that there is no worse life than this. It is not necessarily a bad thing to cross.

"Tang Tian, ​​why are you still here, Doctor Zhang called you to go in and help." Just then, a shout came from behind.

Tangtian turned back, and then saw a person who was almost dressed himself. The master of this body should be an apprentice in this Chinese medicine shop.

应 He answered, and went into the office with the apprentice.

In the office, a 60-year-old Chinese medicine practitioner was sitting squarely, taking care of a tall black man.

The tall man was back-to-door. Tang Tian didn't see his face for the first time when he went in. Now he followed the gaze of the old Chinese medicine doctor, and his expression flickered suddenly when he saw it.

T-mac? !!

坐在 While sitting opposite now, it was the Rockets legendary basketball star Tracy McGrady!

Hey, how could it appear in this place? !!

"You get down, I check." The old Chinese medicine doctor stood up.

Meddy's face was a little embarrassed. After listening to the old Chinese medicine, he stood up holding the table.

"Little Tang, Xiao Liu, help you to the bed."

Hearing the old Chinese medicine's greetings, Tang Tian held his excitement, held McGrady to the bedside, and then lifted his clothes.

Then there was a checkup. After the checkup, the old Chinese doctor kept shaking his head.

After Tracy McGrady returned to his seat, the old Chinese medicine doctor said a little helplessly: "If you came to me two years ago, I might be able to use acupuncture, but now, your back injury can no longer be cured, only Dependent. "

Hearing the words of the old Chinese medicine, Maddie's eyes lost a little more.

After saying a few words to leave, he was then taken out by the security guard.

Tang Tian's thoughts were flying fast at this time.

He had a passion for basketball and was familiar with the NBA. McGrady's back injury was caused by a collision with Treller in 2001. Later, he followed his entire career because of conservative treatment. Depending on the situation, this is at least several years after that Already.

At this moment, he noticed the calendar on the wall, the latest date is May 1, 2006.

No wonder, at this time, McGrady's back injury was indeed incurable. He remembered that McGrady missed most of the season for back injury in the 2005-06 season. After the season, he looked for doctors everywhere. It looks like this is one of his stops .

As a Chinese fan, Yao Mai's MM combination is the most affectionate. If he crosses earlier, he may remind McGrady, but now, he is completely powerless.

"Ding! The **** coach system is active!"

At this moment, a loud sound came from his mind.


He looked up in doubt, then felt a dazzle, he had appeared in a white space.

"this is……"

He was so aggressive that he could accept it, but what the **** was changing the scene in a second?

"This is the virtual space where the god-level coaching system is located." Just then, a voice echoed in the space.

"God-level coaching system?" Tang Tian was still a little stunned.

"The God-level coaching system is a system designed to make the host the strongest coach. The host can obtain honor points by completing the tasks issued by the host. UU reading books www.uukanshu.com honor points can be used to redeem in the system store. Goods. Goods can be used by the host itself or by others. When used for others, it will increase the favor between the user and the host. "

After listening to the explanation of this voice, Tang Tian soon realized that this is a necessary benefit for the traversal, cheat.

It seems that he is going to become the protagonist in the legend.

At this moment, a virtual shelf appeared in front of his eyes, and the shelf was filled with various virtual goods.

There are basketball skills such as corssover and fantasy dance steps, as well as physical qualities such as iron waist and iron bones, and even spiritual products such as charm and psychological qualities.

系统 This system store is really quite colorful.

Tangtian noticed that the prices of these products are marked below, and the unit of price is the honor point.

"After the system is activated, Host 3 Honor Points will be given away as startup funds."

With the prompt sound of the system, Tang Tian saw that the products priced at 1 ~ 3 honor points were all available for purchase.

He glanced, then shook his head. These things are virtual and cannot be turned into money directly. As for his figure, there will be no fantasy dance steps. As for the charm, the pick-up will still be rich until later Besides, it's iron waist or something, at least it can increase the fighting power on some beds.

He smiled helplessly, which seemed to be a little bit crooked.

But at this moment, his gaze turned back.

Iron back: The price is 2 honor points, which can treat the back injured by the impact. As long as it is not broken, it will be effective.

I have a steel back on top of the iron back. I want 3 points of honor. The one that is more exaggerated and broken can be cured.

Hey iron back, McGrady?

想法 A flash of thought flashed through his mind.

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